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For people who are looking for a viable home business, the Traveling Vineyard fills the bill. Founded in 2001, the company provides a way for people to sell their wine via home tasting parties. The project has become very successful as just about everyone enjoys a glass of wine now and then, and the product from The Traveling Vineyard has a 98 percent acceptance and satisfaction rate.

There are 21 varieties of wines in three categories of red, white and sweet fizzy wines. The prices range from $14 to $25 per bottle each. The company also markets their brand of openers, chillers and decanters. People are usually enthusiastic about the concept because not only can they taste some very good wine at the home get-togethers, but they can learn more about wines and how they pair up with foods and occasions.

It all happens with the distributor, called the Wine Guide who asks neighbors, friends and acquaintances if they would be willing to host a home tasting party for reward of 5 free bottles of wine. During the event, not only are tasting activities the main activity, but the Wine Guide also passes out somnology cards which are used in teaching the guests all about the different aspects of the various wines, how they pair with food and events.

You can become a Wine Guide for just $175 which is inexpensive enough for a good business startup. For that price the Wine Guide receives enough in the way of equipment to host two home tasting parties. They receive what is called the “Success Kit” which contains wine glasses, decanters, order forms, carrying bags, brochures and detailed instruction on how to get started and run the business.

The wine guide can also get a personal website for The Traveling Vineyard for just $15.95 per month so people can go ahead and order their wine online. The website also has training videos and accounting software.

When people who are established as Wine Guides are interviewed the positives that come through are the fact that they can work independently determine their own fate. They can work their own hours and create their own schedule. And yes, there is a good money-making opportunity here.

The average wine sales at a home tasting party are in the $450 to $500 level and the Wine Guide receives a 15% to 35% commission depending on current level of production. They also get a 20% discount on the wines that may be used for their personal needs.

The Wine Guide can earn revenue from four different sources:

• Home Tasting Parties
• Monthly Sales From the exclusive Monthly Wine Club
• Sales from their online website
• Revenue from team building

There are also trips that are educational and enjoyable at the same time that can be earned. All told, the Traveling Vineyard opportunity is real and many are prospering at being Wine Guides.