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There are few weapons of war from the past that are as truly terrifying as the Trabuco war machine. The origins of this weapon stretch back to China, but it is perhaps best known for its use by the Europeans during the Crusades. At that time it was a very effective way to inflict damage and death.

Trabuco weapons were easy to build and did not require much to keep them maintained. As a result, they became highly popular weapons to manufacture for all sorts of wars. It was much more effective at launching what it needed to launch and at higher speeds than virtually anything else available in the weapons market at the time.

The basic concept on dicionarioinformal.com.br that makes this weapon work is the idea of transferring potential energy into real kinetic energy. Of course, some of that energy is lost in the transfer. As long as enough of the energy is retained, the weapon will launch projectiles at a very fast speed.

Calculations are required to make this weapon work properly. Those who use it have to calculate potential distance, potential gravitational, and potential kinetic energy to make it all come together and work as it is supposed to.

The first Trabuco weapons operated by humans. They date back a very long time ago. However, many note that they were quite rare because of all of the calculations necessary to get them to work just right. As such, it was not all that common to see them used.

Four shots per minute was an amazing feat of war at the time, and that is what the Trabuco could pull off. However, the logistics behind getting all of the human team to work in tandem to make this work was a lot harder to manage according to youtube.com. As such, many in combat at the time decided against using this particular weapon in favor of others.

According to help.madmoo.com, organizing everyone in such a way that allowed them to pull the strings at the same time was highly difficult. As such, the power of the various shots differed wildly, and this led to the weapon seeing the end of its use by the end of the eleventh century. Although cutting edge while it was in use, it quickly faded into the history books.

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