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Professional banking is one of life’s great functions for many people. Banking allows people to store their assets as well as to grow their wealth. Though there are common fees that are associated with banking, it’s much safer overall than to keep your hard earned cash hidden at home. Community Banking has been around for many years just as National Banking. These smaller financial institutions now host many of today’s most innovative services and they are now in direct competition to their larger counterparts. Every year in November, the Texas Bankers Association hosts it’s annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is any and all things about community banking and it’s a great place for industry insiders to meet up and discuss the future.


This year, President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended the event as he was chosen to serve as a panelist. John Holt well represented the Dallas, Texas based bank as he discussed many topics on competing by innovation. Of course the event was a hit as bank leaders, advisers, and consultants shared their perspectives on the industry as well as discussed any issues that may be hindering success. Panelists and participants got a chance to talk about new innovations as well as organic branching and growth. NexBank Capital is one of the nation’s leading community banking institutions as it hosts a wide variety of services such as online banking, warehouse lending, commercial lending, public funds, mobile banking, treasury management, agency services, credit services and more.


This financial institution was reported to having over $4.0 Billion in assets last year and with such advanced features, this number will surely rise in the coming years. John Holt and NexBank are changing the game by setting new trends and by changing the status quo.



Hard economic times force many patrons to live check to check, and it becomes harder to decide where you were house your money. Most people are looking for a financial institution with minimal fees, and complete access to their money. NexBank answers the call for affordable banking while paying close attention to their personalized account holders. They also focus on investment, commercial, and industrialized accounts. They’re based in Dallas, Texas with over 300,000 customers worldwide. Chairman, and CEO, John Holt, works very hard to build the trust within the financial industry, and continue to build successful business partnerships.


NexBank Customer Features                                                           

There are several ways to maximize your financial outlook with NexBank. They allow their customers to receive an upfront financial model designed to accomplish their financial goals. NexBank employees over 24,000 IT professionals available to discuss your new, or existing account. They specialize in personalized accounts, but also have commercial, industrial, and investment accounts. Most customers are impressed with their anytime access feature, direct deposit, and the simplicity of online bill pay. Online banking is one of their most popular features, and have them listed as one of the largest growing financial institutions in the golf region.


NexBank Features & Services

Save On College


College can be very expensive, and NexBank wants students, and their parents to focus on college. Rising tuition, and other expenses leave students feeling like an education is not within reach, an has many students leaving school, and head straight to work after high school.


Finance A New Car


Get your dream car with payment plan options that let you miss a payment, if you find yourself under financial hardship. You’ll receive low interest rates with installment repayment plan options.


Enjoy becoming a NexBank customer and getting more of your hard earned money to work for you. Their IT professionals can help you find financial account services that will work best for your financial needs allowing you to experience actual growth with your money. You’re invited to join NexBank today.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad graced the medical field with his compassionate personality, incorporation of medical expertise, and his numerous medical interventions that prolonged the lives of thousands of children. As a highly-distinguished pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad’s invested medical talents enabled him to establish a long-term service record of professionalism and achievement. He partook in several medical missions to the Middle East to assist underprivileged children, privately worked for the Saudi-Arabian royal family in the 80s, patented a few inventions, and was promoted to the positions of Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief of the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in Hackensack, NJ prior to his retirement. Yet, to have even manifested such a career of world-renown success, Dr. Saad had to initially pursue the fundamentals for prosperity.


He enrolled as a student at Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt where he graduated with honors with his medical degree. Following that, he completed his residency in England and then moved to the United States where he finished his residency and officially became a board-certified pediatric surgeon. Moreover, upon becoming certified he established his medical practice within the state of New Jersey and continued on to make additional commitments to globally fulfill deeds of philanthropy. However, during his term of service as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad frequently performed operations on small children who had unfortunately swallowed small objects. As stated by Dr. Saad, these foreign objects would range in type to include food, jewelry, coins, and other random household items like that of a toothbrush. Of the food category, Dr. Saad informs parents that peanuts and hot dogs are two of the most common, yet dangerous health hazards for children. Due to the high risk of suffocation from these items, he strongly advises parents to not allow kids under age 2 to eat hot dogs or kids under age 7 to eat peanuts. Furthermore, Dr. Saad also mentions that of all the potentially ingested objects that a child could swallow, batteries pose the highest risk for severe internal injuries because they could leak battery acid inside of the body and damage the throat and stomach. All in all, to protect little children from swallowing foreign objects, Dr. Saad advises parents to supervise their children at all times. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


In addition to his life-saving advice, Dr. Saad also created a life-saving invention to save the lives of many children. His invention happened to be that of an improved endoscope with a suction device attached to it to better assist doctors in viewing inside the body—an invention that saves much need valuable time in these frequent life-threatening moments. Since retiring, Dr. Saad hopes for other professionals within the medical industry to continue to build upon his legacy by making a genuine commitment to a humanitarian cause in order to make a positive global impact.


Co-founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993, Highland Capital is one of the country’s largest global venture capitalist firms. The business is independently owned and has more than 200 employees. It is focused on applying credit strategies for managing alternative investments that include, hedge funds, mutual funds, separate accounts, equity, fixed income and collaterized loan obligations, or CLOs. The company has earned more than $3 billion using its expert investment strategies.

Part of the philosophy of the company is the belief that successful investing is a team effort, and that it requires curious minds that are open to seeing different points of view. Its CEO, Steve Wishnia, has been a part of the financial industry for more than 45 years. He received his business degree from Pace University in New York City, and was also one of Highland Capital’s founding members.

The firm focuses on trying to develop long-term relationships with their clients by involving them in the investment process. They also provide their clients the opportunity to learn about their investment strategies by offering them an online class in their Trading Academy. Additionally, Highland Capital mentors help aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them advice and providing them with more learning opportunities.

All of the company’s leaders have decades of experience in the field of finance. Co-founder James Dondero, who is the president and Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA, of Highland Capital Management, has been involved in the equity and credit markets for over 30 years. And the other CFA and founder of the organization, Mark Okada, also has more than 30 years of experience, with a specialization in the categories of credit and alternative investing.

The business is based in Dallas, Texas, and it has offices in other places in both the U.S.,as well as other countries. These places include New York, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and southeastern Asian cities, Singapore and Seoul. For more than two decades, the Registered Investment Advisor, or RIA, company has worked to maintain its high standards in the alternative investment market, with the belief that being a successful investor takes time and dedication.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend the day, you can visit a few of the many beautiful churches in Minnesota. The Church of Our Lady of the Angels is located in Sauk Centre. Although it doesn’t look like much on the outside, there is an incredibly beautiful painting of the Virgin Mary ascending into heaven on the ceiling of the dome. Stained glass windows line the lower half of the dome while Mary fades into the golden clouds behind her.

Assumption Catholic Church is located in Florian and it’s the pride of the little town. It features Renaissance style architecture with intricate designs in the brick walls. White crosses line the pillars and windows on the outside of the church. The design is simple but very effective.

The First Unitarian Church is located in Duluth. This church features Tudor style architecture, stone turrets, and lovely stained-glass windows. The church was built in 1910 and is currently serves as a church and place of worship for Quakers.

Another lovely church you can visit on your next trip to Minnesota is Mighty Fortress Church located in Minneapolis. Mighty Fortress stresses the applicability of the Bible and its teachings in today’s world. The pastor Bishop Thomas Williams believes that the teachings of the Bible can be used to successfully address the pain and suffering that reigns in our world. He strives to bring the church’s teachings to all who will listen.

Along with applicable services, Mighty Fortress Church stresses a relaxed and accepting environment. They encourage people to come as they are regardless of their station in life or religious background. The church is for anyone trying to learn more about who Christ is and what He taught.

Mighty Fortress Church values the community is has created for its members. They welcome anyone and everyone and strive to make the teachings of the Bible applicable to everyone. They value making the services relaxed and welcoming rather than staid, stifling, and potentially meaningless. Mighty Fortress Church values its members and teachings over the ceremony and tradition of most churches.

Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook for more information.

Highland Capital Management based in Dallas, has some outlets such as the Korean Highland Capital Management. The latter has led the closure of health care goals oriented secluded funds worthy $ 147 million in summation of all the capital consignments. In 1988, the main investor in highland capital management was the South Korea NPS; its total value was approximately estimated at KRW 565 trillion which is equivalent to $ 499.8 billion. On the other hand, the sovereign wealth fund conveys their value as $ 465.13 billion.

The investors who greatly play impactful roles in Highland funds with Korean based NPS have their specific objective as to have the means of finding the chances to merge their investments to suit their unique way and method of meeting their goals in countries such as Korea, China, and the United States of America. In countries such as Asia, Stonebridge Capital will work and partner with the Highland Capital in the management of their funds.

Stonebridge is the first healthcare focused secluded equity funds to be established in Asia, where Asians have a strong positive attitude towards increment for the past two years. Among the fund invested in the organization, the largest proportion of the funds was made through personal investment or funds that were raised through myriads of reasons.

The middle market healthcare group which is located in North America will be the main investment objectives of funds. Data collected till May 2017 showed that Highlands healthcare contains assets worth $ 1.5 billion which is managed by AUM.

Matt Jameson, who is the director and the head of secluded equity at Highlands Capital said that the U.S based healthcare is facing so many challenges that effectively influence the running of the middle market. He further says that the graying of human populations of America and increment in the admittance to the healthcare services in Asia has led to a rise in consumption levels and increase in the intricate imposition by consumers and the government on healthcare.

He explains it further by saying that these attributes together with the development of profitable compensation models open very important chances for healthcare. Highland offer other methods of investments such as upcoming markets, the desired length of funds. It also has $15 billion AUM and concentrates on credit means.

Social media has changed the world of human rights. Every human rights organization uses social media to ensure that they reach their audience. Avaaz, on the other hand, has not been left behind. The organization uses social media platforms to notify their followers about events and petitions. This is why the organization can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The organization has also opened accounts on Google plus, LinkedIn and Snap Chat. Avaaz also uses these platforms to answer questions that may be asked by their followers. At the moment, they have over 40 million followers on Facebook and Twitter.

A United Kingdom newspaper known as the Guardian referred the Avaaz as one of the most powerful networks online and one that is growing at a fast rate. Avaaz has helped people from all walks of life since 2007. At the moment, the Avaaz organization has maintained its offices in New York City. According to language experts, the word Avaaz originates from the Persian language. The experts also say that the word Avaaz represents voice or song. Therefore, Avaaz champions for the rights of the oppressed and the weak in the society. The organization came into existence through the help of other organizations and individuals.

Notable organizations that have played a key role in the establishment of Avaaz include Service Employees International Union as well as MoveOn.org. These are two organizations that are on the forefront of protecting and upholding democracy across the globe. On the other hand, individuals who have been crucial in the establishment of Avaaz include Ben Brandzel, Eli Pariser and Ricken Patel who serves as the president of the company. Tom Pavda who is the organization secretary played a crucial role in the establishment of Avaaz alongside David Madden and Jeremy Heimans. They obtain their funding from their own members.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the world’s largest wholesale mortgage document research company, and it continues to set records every day. Established in 1991, the company is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. It employs over 600 people who work in three different states. The company leads the industry in volume and compliance and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Nationwide is the choice of eight out of ten of the top retail lenders and mortgage companies in the United States. This is a significant fact because the margins for error are very small in a process that could be a very mistake prone business. The sheer volume of documents that are transmitted to clients is huge, but Nationwide has honed the process to nearly zero errors.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a failure rate of only .78%. These figures are saying that almost 100% of the documents sent reach their destination on time and without error.


One reason for all of this success is the quality of the employees who work for Nationwide. Their training and dedication are remarkable. The initial training that each new employee receives is intense for three weeks, but it continues as they go to work on the floor. A supervisor still monitors them closely until they master the process.


There are also additional training modules that are available for further training. These modules are required for advancement, and up to 70% of the workforce takes part in this level of training. Without the dedication and concentration of good employees, all of the accolades and record-setting performances would be for naught.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide recently made an industry-wide podcast where he stated how a good workforce could be trained to think at the highest levels. In other words, you get what you train for and then expect on a continual basis. Compliance is something that is talked about a lot in the industry, but the expectations are not always high enough.


He went on to point out that the mortgage business can be a stressful experience for employees and that Nationwide recognizes this and that there are procedures in place for employees to take short breaks from time to time to have short “time-outs” while someone temporarily “pinch hits” during that time.


Nationwide is very active in the local Palm Harbor and Tampa communities and they participate in various charities such as “Feeding Tampa Bay.” the Ronald McDonald House, Southeastern Guide Dogs, and Habitat Pinellas.

In the recent past, we have studied the relationship between technology and fashion. We also realized that the two industries run in a parallel and seamless manner. For technology to grow, it requests fashion for permission. On the other hand, fashion also requires technology to become adopted on a massive scale in the environment where it belongs. For this reason, the two industries have seen numerous changes growing together. For the wise people, they can denote the act that the two industries have worked to meet the user needs in a factor of consideration. Therefore market stability is one of the best things to talk about during technology and fashion invasion.


According to Chris Burch, When technology grows over time, it is considered as fashionable. As a matter of fact, technology becomes fashionable in a manner that depicts stability in the market value index. Technology always struggles to become fashionable when it grows over time. For this matter, fashion also grows to become technologically fashionable. We will be fascinated to learn that he journey taken by these two industries has come a long way from history. Or this reason, we will take a closer look at how they have managed to keep up with the trace between technology and fashion. A glimpse of the present and past events in these industries will shed light on what we are talking about.


The boom box of the 70s was one of the most exciting facilities that were available to everyone during that time. As a matter of fact, the boom box was the latest technology in music that was adopted on a massive scale. For whatever has that adoption, it is always called fashionable. Therefore, the technology became fashionable because it fascinated everyone. Many people desired to carry around their favorite stations and tunes in a manner that has no depiction of the market stability. In future needs, they will look at the situation affecting the stability measures in this industry. Therefore, working to meet these requirements is the best thing to do in the middle of an economic crisis.


For the boom box, they had two cassette recorders. While you were using the first record o play your favorite music from the tape, you had the ability to use the other side to record the same music playing. For this reason, its use was adopted into the introduction of television in the 80s. The Walkman technology faded away from the use of the boom box in a fashionable manner.