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Being a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks knows exactly what it takes to run a successful company. Sparks even admits that one of the most important aspects of a successful company is the work environment of the employees themselves. Keeping this in mind, Sparks has put this philosophy to practice with his company’s new renovation.

Timber Creek Capital, LP, one of Spark’s many companies, has recently been relocated in order to optimize collaboration and to provide a more conducive environment for success. As any successful entrepreneur, Sparks sees a relationship between work environment and the work that is produced. Timber Creek Capital, LP is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to take their dreams to the next level and begin producing real results.

Marc Spark’s has made a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world as a prominent serial entrepreneur who knows what it takes to grow a successful company. One of his own companies goes by the name Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek Capital works closely with fellow entrepreneurs and businesses to help get their ideas off of the ground. Spark’s offers his expert advice as well as providing some capital investments through his company. Investments which the company is most known for were with cell phone companies Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless.

In addition to being a wildly successful serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is also a renowned author. In his debut book, entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Success‘, Sparks shares some of his proven successful pieces of business advice that he has learned along the way through his failures and successes of growing businesses from the ground up. As the title suggests, Spark’s path to the top has been unorthodox at times.

In his book, he navigates readers through his own experiences and offers insight and advice he has learned on the way. The book can be found at most major book stores as well as online at various different websites.

Not only a wildly successful author and business man, Spark’s has also been very active in philanthropic activities throughout his entrepreneurial career. He has worked with the Samaritan Inn in Texas. He has also work in close relation with Habitat for Humanity, building low cost homes for families who are in need. Marc Spark’s has also started his own philanthropic endeavor which goes by the name Sparkey’s Kids. Spark’s does not only allocate his financial or time investments in his company. He is always willing to give back in different ways with the success that he has created for himself.