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Talkspace is a new way for people to get the help they need for a variety of mental health issues. It has made Olympic winner Michael Phelps the face of its new promotional campaign. He might seem like an odd choice, as on the surface it would seem like he has it all. However, Phelps has been suffering from anxiety and depression for years. He kept it hidden even from his friends and family. He did not want to talk to anyone about it, as he felt it was a sign of weakness. It was only after speaking to someone that he began his journey to getting well.

Talkspace wants that for everyone who is suffering. The traditional route of therapy can be expensive and time-consuming. For some parts of the country, it is not even possible to get to a licensed therapist. That is why Talkspace is so unique. Patients can communicate with doctors and therapist through Talkspace’s app, text messaging, emails, and video chats. People can contact Talkspace wherever they can get to a phone, tablet or computer. Therapists can often reply once or twice a day or more if required. See more of Talkspace at thegurardian.com

So far Talkspace has helped over one million people. Its founder Oren Frank sees the importance of companies using the service, as many employees are suffering from some type of mental health issue. It is not limited to anxiety and depression. Talkspace also has therapists who are experts in addiction, eating disorders, OCD, and PTSD. Those therapists also contribute to blogs that patients can access. In them, the therapists talk about a wide range of things. Members can also communicate with each other to form a large support system.

Talkspace knows that taking away the stigma of mental health problems is a big step toward recovery, and it hopes Michael Phelps will help that happen.

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