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Lets' get them the life they need

Advocates who are sent to help people in jails are there to be sure that all inmates have the services they need. Advocates might be working on appeals cases, but they might also be in a place where they have to speak up for their clients. Securus has the video calling system that we use when we send advocates out, but we also train them on how to use the ConnectUs system.

I have heard reports from advocates who are not sure how they can help inmates who have been beat up in jail or are not eating well. It is also interesting that these advocates are not in a place where they can just speak up. They have forms that need to be filled out, and I have taught all my advocates to use the ConnectUs system to fill out their forms. The forms go into the jail administrative system, and then advocates can report back to me to make sure that their inmates have been taken care of.

These are a lot of things that are going to happen in the jail, and the advocates have a good way to report those things to help the people they have been sent to serve. All the families who have people in jail can use it, or I can get my advocates to use it.

Everyone who is in jail or has a loved on in jail needs to try the Securus ConnectUs system for forms and their video system for talking. I have been impressed with it, and I think that people will feel better overall if they are using Securus.

Not in my backyard. Not in your backyard, either. That’s what I say. Who wants to live next door to a prison? Let’s see a show of hands.
Now, arguably, living in the immediate vicinity of a prison could be one of the safest places to live. (Frankly, with the way things are going in the world today, living IN a prison could be one of the safest places to live.) Modern confinement facilities are staffed with teams of professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety of not only the inmates, but the community at large.

Companies like Securus Technologies (see the BBB.org profile) aid corrections professionals in this fight to keep the public safe and secure. In this fight, there will be heroes, and there will be villains. Is it villainy when GTL decides to defraud the taxpayers of Louisiana by padding prisoner phone calls with hidden charges? Is it villainy when this same company changes the clocks so that 15-36 seconds is artificially added to each call? Is theft and the betrayal of the public trust villainous?


I’ve learned from PR Newswire that there would be heroes in this fight, and indeed, one has emerged: the voice of Securus Techologies, bravely crying out against injustice in a world beset with malice and evil. I say, companies like Securus Techologies deserve recognition and commendation for their honesty and integrity in the face of outright lawlessness.


Let’s keep the public safe and keep fighting the good fight.