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Richard Blair’s family is the one that drew him to the education world. This is because his grandmother, wife and also mother were all teachers and it is where he was able to witness the firsthand how the teaching was capable to help one’s confidence and knowledge to grow. Having the combination of finance and natural aptitude, it is what made him realize that he can be able to help the people to invest and plan for their finances. This started after he had graduated from the college and introduced into a financial service industry. It was later that he started an organization called “Wealth Solutions.” when he established the organization in 1994, he was aiming to provide professional advice to his clients.

Wealth Solutions is an organization that believes in every one to have a plan that will later help them to pursue financial objectives. They provide retirement plan and also the management of wealth to their clients who visit their offices in Austin, Texas. He has been looking at arming his members of the community to have a financial roadmap. The roadmap will be their guide through their life milestone they have to cover.

So that Richard Blair can be able to come up with a financial plan that is comprehensive, he follows three pillars. When he uses the pillars to approach the situation, he will be able to look at the financial situation of the client at that time and his/her retirement needs and he will provide a holistic plan.

The First Pillar

It is the one that will lay the financial roadmap of a client. He is the one to identify the route so that the client can become risk tolerance, strong and then have the opportunity for growth. It will also help to have a strong relationship between the two parties.

The Second Pillar

This one is there to help in developing a long-term investment strategy and an effective one. It should be according to the clients’ liquidity needs and goals.

The Third Pillar

After Richard has been able to realize the goals of a client, and then enact his strategies that will provide growth and enough liquidity, he will invite the client and they both review the final pillar.

Find out more about Richard Dwayne Blair: https://about.me/richardblair