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Jason Hope is a talented entrepreneur whose early life started in Temple, Arizona. After finishing high school, he went on to join a state university where attended financial classes. He went on to earn his master’s degree in Business Administration. After school, hope started various tech-related startups earning himself a reputation after only a few years accumulating a significant amount of wealth with his Phoenix-area company. He then started making some significant amount of philanthropic donations.

Jason Hope is currently a resident of Scottsdale where he works on providing consulting services for businesses. His advice has helped many people to succeed in different industries. Jason has a passion for education, internet of things and politics. He reads wide to keep abreast of any developments in the world of technology and whatever impact they may have on the society. He also enjoys physical exercises such a running where he keeps track of his progress.

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Jason’s philanthropic activities go beyond the anti-aging research. He goes beyond to provide various donations for education and medical services for people around Arizona and in other parts of the world. This includes Andre Agassi Foundation which works on developing public schools in a bid of ensuring that students are better prepared for college and beyond. He is also a supporter of Family Health International which is dedicated to improving the lives of people all over the world through various solution driven programs. Jason Hope also supports other foundations such as the Arizona Science Center Tech for America, the Boys and Girls Club and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Jason Hope also provides grants for students who fill the short forms on his website as well as funding people who come up with appealing, innovative ideas. One of his most recognizable donations was a considerable $500000 to SENS foundation which aims at finding ways to slow or hinder the process of aging. Since his first donation, he continues to give towards the cause regularly. He says that he is excited about the group’s effort at finding preventive measures rather than finding the treatment for diseases after they are located.

Andrea McWilliams is Co-founder McWilliams GA Consultants, a company she runs with her husband, Dean. She is a renowned Philanthropist, mentor, and PAC Board Member of tax systems firm, Ryan. Before her work at McWilliams, Andrea had a successful stint at Public Strategies, Inc.


Andrea McWilliams’ father owned a burger joint on Congress Avenue where she grew up. She is amazed by how much she has achieved. Andrea believes in inspiring others. Nothing is more symbolic that the completion of the 11-storey building in the west part of the capital.

As a breast cancer survivor, Andrea has used her story to reach out, mobilize and offer her support to cancer patients and survivors.


Through Mamma Jamma Ride, she has initiated worldwide partnerships. The most notable of these partnerships is with a UK-based firm. Cancer patients in Austin need not worry about losing their hair. This revolutionary technology provided by the UK-based firm allows cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment to save their hair. This technology has a 70% success rate.


A renowned lobbyist and fundraiser revered in political circles in Texas State and across the nation, Andrea McWilliams secured $100 million in incentives for Texas clean energy efforts. Texas is now the most advanced concerning clean coal power. She also played a vital part in securing $3 billion meant for cancer research. Consequently, she has won many awards. This has set her firmly above her peers and established her as a woman of talent, discipline, and distinction. Among organizations that have awarded her, include Austin Fashion Week, Austin Business Journal and Austin-American Statesman.


Andrea McWilliams’ philanthropy work has benefited many non-profit organizations cancer, hospitals, child protection, conservancy, and arts. Some of the charity organizations that have benefited include Preservation Austin, Ballet Fete, American Ireland Fund, Pease Park Conservancy, Mexi–Arte Museum, Inherit Austin, Arthouse, HeartGift, Texas Lyceum and many others.


Andrea McWilliams lives with her husband and three children in their historic home in Old Enfield.