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Betsy Devos was President Trump’s pick for the Secretary of Education. Although DeVos may have been largely unknown nationally before her appointment by Trump, she has long been politically active and influential in her home state of Michigan.


DeVos has not only been political in the past, but also she’s had the means to support her political convictions because she’s the daughter of billionaire Edgar Prince. After Trump’s appointment, Betsy DeVos came to Washington without inside government experience or familiarity with Trump. However, those familiar with Devos’ past expect her to be highly influential in her new position.



The background of DeVos



DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. She is currently 59. Her father Edgar Prince made his fortune through a billion-dollar auto parts business. DeVos’ influence and fortune is augmented by the fact that she married a man from an even wealthier family than she comes from. Her husband, Dick DeVos, is the son of the founder of Amway. In addition to being wealthy, her husband also has delved into politics and unsuccessfully ran for Michigan governor back in 2006.


A lot of critics of DeVos as Secretary of Education have noted the fact that both she and her husband did not themselves attned public schools or colleges. This makes it seem that she will not relate well to students at public schools or families that struggle to pay for university education.



DeVos’ positions on education



In terms of her position on educatinoal issues, it’s important to note that DeVos has long supported charter schools. For decades before her appointment by Trump, DeVos’ political position regarding education was to send tax dollars to charter schools rather than public schools.


DeVos’ support for charter schools is controversial considering the fact that the state of education in her home state of Michigan is not good by many standards. The state features a disproportionately large number of charter schools compared to other states. At the same time, a lot of these charter schools do not perform very well. Alongside Detroit charter schools, the city’s public schools also do not perform particularly well and continue to decline in performance overtime.


Nevertheless, some feel that DeVos has made some smart moves since being confirmed as Secretary of Education. One example is scheduling a meeting between two major teacher union leaders as one of the first things she did as secretary.


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