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Dog food is a growing industry that is constantly in a higher demand as more and more Facebook owners and breeders desire more dogs. The dog food industry is currently a multi billion dollar industry that continues to grow as different companies find new niches to fit their businesses into this fast growing industry. One niche in particular that is taking off is promoting healthy dog food to be consumed. The idea behind this is to offer the dogs the same food (within reason) as to what the owner would consume in terms of quality. The idea is currently being practiced by Richard Thompson who is the owner of a small gourmet dog food manufacturing line. Mr. Thompson is notably dedicated and obsessed with the quality of dog food that he offers. Mr. Thompson is able to uphold his dedication to providing healthy dog food by making sure that the selling dog food does not remain on the shelf for long amounts of time. Mr. Thompson wants his products to be eaten while they are still filled with flavor. Mr. Thompson is proud to say that all of his used ingredients to make these dishes are all fresh ingredients. This company is just a taste of the thousands of new dog food businesses that are popping up around the world. One of the most internationally known businesses is called Beneful which specializes in dry food, wet food, as well as treats. All of these products include the freshest ingredients that come in a variety of textures as well as flavors. One of the most popular products is the Beneful wet food which comes in 20 different flavors that includes five different proteins and fresh ingredients. These proteins include lamb, beef, chicken, and pork that are then combined with barley, rice, carrots, green beans, and other delicious and fresh ingredients. The wet dog food is even cut up into visible chunks that allows for the dog and the owner to see exactly what the animal is consuming. Purina Beneful is a dedicated company that creates tasty and wholesome meals that are healthy for every dog.