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The musical duo Chainsmokers constitutes of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was born on 16 May 1985 in Westchester. His mom was a stay at home mom whereas his father was an art dealer. When he came to age, he enrolled at New York University where he studied business and history. At a tender age, he had also learned how to play the piano. Most of his passions were in art and so it did not come as a surprise when he started deejaying in nightclubs and working at an art gallery.

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He later founded the Chainsmokers with the help of his manager and in collaboration with his former partner Rhett Bixler. When Rhett let the group Alex had to find another partner. He thus turned to his manager who introduced him to Andrew Taggart. At the moment Andrew interning at Interscope records and working as a deejay in night clubs during his free time.

They released their first song #selfie to the media in 2013 which was picked up by Dim Mark Records who later released it officially in 2014. This song gave them a breakthrough in placing their name among other great artists. Through the years they have released more and more songs like roses, kanye, don’t let me down, closer among other. In the song closer, the Chainsmokers collaborate with Hasley. Alex Pall describes the work done by Andrew Taggart and Hasley as amaizing.

According to Forbes, they are number 3 on the list of highest paid DJ’s and number 59 on the list of richest celebrities. Alex has also been featured in the Chainsmokers’ documentary that was compiled by Apple Music. To reach even more fans, the music duo has active social media accounts. Alex Pall goes by @alexpall on Instagram and @AlexPallNY on twitter. To maintain their place as the people’s best, they release songs according to what is happening. The duo has won 30 awards and been nominated for 130 awards. Style when it comes to housing is ancient but fine as can be told according to his recently bought house designed by Mr. Lau.



Renovia Inc., through its chief executive officer and co-founder, Marc Beer has obtained $32 million funding in a Series B round. The company has also received a further $10 million in venture debt for the medical company startup. Marc Beer’s style of leadership and experience has assisted the company in the development and commercialization of enterprises, in pharmaceutical devices, diagnostics, and biotechnology. Marc Beer focuses on the development of products that combat urinary incontinence, a disorder that has the potential to affect more than 250 million women.

Setting the innovation trends

Under Marc Beer’s leadership, Renovia has obtained an FDA approval for Leva, which is the company’s first product. Longwood Fund participated in the funding that Marc Beer helped obtain. It deals with healthcare issues that were instrumental in supporting Renovia get this funding. Ascension Ventures of Missouri and Perceptive Adviser of New York were the ones who funded the Series B round. This funding will be pivotal in the development and testing of four products for Renovia. Marc beer is focused on coming up with a new generation of Leva.

He appreciates the funding terming it as an opportunity to share a vision for better diagnosis and treatment of women struggling with pelvic floor disorders. Marcs intends to lead the company in the development and combination of its innovative and proprietary sensor technologies with its digital health platforms. Customers are going to get valuable data when the company combines digital health platforms and technological advancements. This will also give them new options for treatment. Marc says that increased understanding of the pelvic disorder will lead to new insights of how to lower the long-term healthcare costs.

Dynamic style of leadership

Dynamic leadership is the style that Marc Beer applies and it demonstrates his ability to come up with workable solutions that deal with urgent issues. Marc, together with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie cofounded Renovia back in 2016. The energy, vision, and style of leadership that Marc Beer possesses show his readiness to take on ventures that will benefit all his clients. One of the reasons that saw him co-found Renovia was the need for a company that addresses urgent needs of the customers.

Marc Beer has always wanted to give back, which is one of the reasons why he joined the Mass Life Science Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is currently the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and co-founder of the Renovia Inc. His alma mater is Miami University where he studied Bachelors of Science in Business. He graduated in 1987 and over time, he has exhibited leadership skills in business and public areas of responsibility. He sits as a member at the Miami University Business Advisory Council. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/potmsearch/detail/submission/6457372/Marc_Beer