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Profits Unlimited is research service by former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly, one of the rapidly growing newsletters in the investment sector. By mid-2017, it had over 90,000 subscribers. Banyan Hill Publishing publishes it, and its objective is to guide ordinary Americans into making profitable investment choices. He mails out new investment recommendations in an 8-page newsletter to his subscribers each month. On a weekly basis, the Unlimited Profits subscribers receive one or two stocks updates, and Paul Mampilly tracks their investments. In 2017, some of the open portfolio’s stocks were up by 18-38% while stocks of a semiconductor company he recommended in June 2017 are up by 160%. Read this article at weeklyopinion.com.

Regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Paul holds that the bubble will eventually burst in time. He says that people remain attached to their cryptocurrencies failing to notice the opportune time to sell when the prices pick. When the prices fall, they stay glued to the former higher prices waiting for prices to go up. And when the bubble bursts unexpectedly, they lose their fortunes. He says Bitcoin is rising due to high publicity reports of its prospects.

People retire at 65 years, but Paul Mampilly retired at 45 years due to his smart investments. When people viewed Amazon with skepticism, he saw the potential. He grew Kinetics Asset Management fund from $6 billion to $25 billion with 26% in average returns. During the financial meltdown of 2008, Paul earned $88 million form a $50 million investment in the Templeton Foundation competition winning the award in 2009. Paul Mampilly is hard working evidenced by his work a cafeteria when he was attending SUNY in Albany, and currently, as he researches investment choices for Americans. Visit the website Releasefact.com to learn more.

He has strongly advised people to invest in precision medicine as the sector will burst into fortunes. Precision medicine will revolutionize the treatment of diseases such as cancer, arthritis among many other conditions since pharmaceutical companies focus on treatment rather than cure them reducing symptoms or delaying disease progression.

With precision medicine, doctors analyze patient’s DNA and specific factor coming up with unique profiles. This kind of data analysis allows physicians to determine patient-specific medical intervention. With the development of patient’s genomic profiles, doctors can prescribe ideal treatments timely. Biotech companies in precision medicine have announced clinical trials while others have announced advanced works on potential innovations. Paul Mampilly in Unlimited Profits Newsletters has promised to name some of the leading firms in precision medicine. By implication, he was referring to Myriad Genetics (MYGN) as one of the firm one should invest in.

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