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Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist and CEO. He created Paragon Biosciences because he wanted to make people’s lives better. His focus is on diseases with limited or no options for treatment. The company starts and develops medical businesses to pioneer new treatments by creating medications. The company has been successful for a decade. They created thirteen new medications that received FDA approval. The company also offers strategic and financial assistance to biotechnology companies. Paragon Biosciences studies the needs of patients, accelerates scientific breakthroughs and builds businesses to extend lives and eliminate suffering.


Jeff Aronin has two decades of experience in biotechnology. He understands rare disorders, complicated research methods and the development of medicines. He has a reputation as a compassionate man with the desire to serve others. His leadership skills are unique and led to contacts with researchers. This has helped him find cures for terminal illnesses and unusual medical conditions. He shares his expertise with new entrepreneurs interested in improving the medical field. He has offered hope due to his passion for finding new medical treatments.


Jeff Aronin possesses the educational background necessary to make an exceptional difference for patient’s. He served the industry of health care for two decades prior to founding his own company. Paragon Biosciences values each patient as well as the doctors who take care of them. They promote strong collaborative efforts and create new opportunities in the world of medicine based on new scientific discoveries. Paragon Biosciences is creating a network of portfolio companies to embody their value of biomedical innovation.


Jeff Aronin understands the extreme importance of time to people fighting terminal illnesses. Every individual suffering from an incurable disease is interested in the benefits possible through new medical breakthroughs. Paragon Biosciences ensures their portfolio companies have ample funds to conduct research in the development of new medications in a shorter period of time. This means the unique approach established by Jeff Aronin can benefit everyone involved. The researchers have made a commitment to development. The companies involved in the network are always looking for new treatments for patients. This will eventually lead to patients benefiting from the leadership skills and innovation of Jeff Aronin.


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Jorge Moll is a renowned neuroscientist who has done many different studies on the brain and how it works. He has dedicated years of his life to closely looking at the human brain and trying to understand just exactly how it functions. In 2006, he completed a research project in which he gained an understanding that emotional responses that people experience do in fact have an effect on the brain and how it reacts. After this study was concluded, Jorge Moll decided to continue studying the brain and specifically how the functioning of our brain is affected when people complete kind deeds, such as giving freely to others.


In the study, Moll and his team of researchers used magnetic imaging of the brain to determine how the brain functioned when people were confronted with making the decision as to whether or not they should be charitable. They placed a huge emphasis on the mesolimbic part of the brain, as this is the portion of our brain that is directly tied to the release of the hormone dopamine which is the hormone that causes our bodies to feel pleasure. Participants of the study were asked whether they approved of or disapproved of causes that were controversial in society at the time. These were causes that the individuals would most likely hold deep beliefs and values around.


What Jorge Moll and his team found was that when people made choices that involved them receiving money that the brain released dopamine. It was also determined that when people made positive choices that included giving back to others, that dopamine was also released. Surprisingly, the brain activity of the participants actually indicated that they were even more content with giving to others, then when they were on the receiving end. The end result of the study was that Moll and his team concluded that most likely our brain is capable of creating neural pathways that help us make better decisions according to our value system.


Jorge Moll has completed many research studies on the brain and has published many of those. He graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and went on to earn his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology. Dr. Moll currently heads the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unite at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education.


Dov Rand is undoubtedly one of the best in his field. His medical experience was nurtured at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York where he gained the skills and techniques required to assist his patients battle with aging. He is one of the co-founders of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers and this organization offers solutions in health and wellness to individuals who are battling a variety of age-related complications.


Below are some of the numerous age-related disturbances that Dr. Dov Rand‘s patients complain of:


  • Fatigue


  • Insomnia



  • Anxiety


Thus, Dr. Dov Rand and his team of medical practitioners utilize medicine which is regenerative and which further associates an integrated approach for each individual patient. At the center, patients are able to receive services such as weight loss programs, anti-aging therapies and regenerative medical treatments.


Therapies on anti-aging


Dov Rand has made an interesting discovery; which outlines that the core difference between young people and older people lies in their hormones.


It came to his knowledge that there exist both good and bad hormones in every human being. However, the aging factor causes individuals to lose some of the good hormones that include; estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and much more.


The solution


According to Dr. Dov Rand the answer lies in the administration of ‘bioidentical hormones’ to his patients which will make the good hormones to be present in the upper quartile of the range. A major advantage of bioidentical hormones is that they are safer since they are chemically identical to the internal body hormones. Well, this is unlike the synthetic hormones.


Apart from this, there are plenty of benefits that his patients have encountered like lower cholesterol levels and fewer cancer diagnoses.


Meet the new diet: HCG


Through the introduction of the HCG diet by Dr. Dov Rand, there has been successful loss in weight by patients who have enlisted under the diet. A hormone that’s released in a woman after becoming pregnant is the key component taken advantage of by the program. The hormone has been found to be full of nourishment to the fetus. This method has been effective as well as beneficial to his patients.


Dov Rand’s programs have further been able to treat erectile dysfunction complications and others like IV Nutrient Therapy are transforming lives.