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Gareth Henry is a very experienced person when it comes to the private credit sector. He is an educated person who has managed to acquire a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh. His knowledge and love for mathematics have enabled him to be able to solve complex mathematical problems which are experienced in the field of investment. In addition to that, he is experienced in alternative asset industry and has made it possible for him to get funds for the industry. The private credit sector is growing at a very high rate. Gareth Henry is very good at making deals in the private credit sector and also the equity deals. Learn more about Gareth Henry at angel.co

His ability to solve complex mathematical problems has earned him the title “math geek“. Mathematics together with his experience in the investment industry has greatly contributed to his successful career in the asset industry and this has greatly built a good reputation for him. Gareth Henry’s success in the tasks assigned to him has made him be named Head of International Investor Relation for Fortress in London. In this rank, he was successful in coming up with a sales strategy which worked to solve problems concerning the company’s hedge funds, credit, fixed income and also the private equity lines.

This was a great success and this led him to be given a higher title where he named the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets. Gareth Henry has also worked for other companies such as Schroder’s Management company in London where he also worked hard and was made the Director of Strategic Solutions. In addition to that, he has worked for other companies such as SEI Investments and Wattson Wyatt LLP in London where he worked as an analyst. Throughout his career, he has shown nothing but success while carrying out the tasks assigned to him. His hard work and determination in his work have made him become known in the field of investment. Gareth Henry is a role model for many and has helped many people in the investment field.

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