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Talkspace is a company offering online therapy to people in need at low cost. People with mental health issues or suffering from depression can seek help through the Talkspace app anytime they want. Even people who are survivors of domestic violence can seek help in private without letting their partners know. Online therapy is something that has recently been added to the digital world. Today’s younger generation cannot wait for anything and need it as quickly as possible. The same goes for therapy. Most cannot wait for days to talk to their therapist about a feeling that they might be feeling at a particular moment.

People need to register with Talkspace using their email address and without providing their real name meaning that they can seek therapy in private. People can talk to professional therapists in their own time and without feeling judged as they do not have to drive to a therapist after taking a break from work. With so many stigmas attached to therapy, people find it safer to speak to a therapist in a place where they are not answerable. Also, when the person messages the therapist they do not feel intimate by being in front of someone. They can interact through text messages allowing the person to share their feelings in a much better way.

The number of subscribers to Talkspace has been on the rise in the last year. Many people feel that it might be due to the fact that Donald Trump became the president and the political situation in the country is making people more stressful especially the ones from the minority groups. Since most of these minority groups do not have access to therapy as they are quite pricey, online therapy is something that is more affordable. Talkspace aims to double its number of subscribers in the coming years.