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About Fountain House

Fountain House hosted their fifth annual Fall Fete. The point of the even was to show the new young professionals Fountain House’s mental health model as well as its goal to fight mental illness. Jeremy L. Goldstein was one of the event chairs. The event was sponsored by Lilly USA, LLC and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The program showed off Fountain House’s Supported Education Program as well as its Associates Scholarship Award Fund that was started the year prior. Co-Chair Jeremy Goldstein announced that the scholarships are annually awarded to two Fountain House members whose illness has interrupted their education. Co-Chair Katie Tozer awarded the scholarships for the year to the two recipients, one studying photography and the other early education.


Relating To The Cause

Mario Maccioni was the guest speaker and gave a speech about his battle with depression. He actually met his wife while they were both seeking treatment. There are 23 million people annually affected by mental illness. It is hard to deal with, and society doesn’t make it any easier. Fountain House takes away that social hit that one faces. Hundreds of members battling the same type of situation come to Fountain House to improve their skills, find opportunities and meet new people. The Fountain House model has been recreated in 400 places globally and is helping over 55,000 people.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at a New York law firm, and then he founded his own firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. He has been active in several large corporate transactions over the past 10 years. He often writes and speaks on corporate issues and executive compensation packages. He holds a J.D. from New York University, and M.A. from the University of Chicago, and a B.A. from Cornell University.


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Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished lawyer that has brought a lot of transformations in the law industry. He has contributed a lot towards the success of his company known Jeremy Goldstein and Associates Company. The company specializes in offering advice to CEOs and executive managers of various organizations. The guidance from the company has enabled the shareholders and employees of various companies to work effectively. Goldstein has made it easier for the shareholders to make a transition while handling tough issues in the organization.


Jeremy Goldstein has devised a means in which Employee per Share should be implemented effectively. PS have some of benefits and disadvantages that are associated with it.it has a lot of benefits when it is carried out fairly in the company. The management might discriminate employees when dealing with the EPS. Goldstein suggested that the employers should come up with a way of solving problems that are associated with EPS.

EPS encourages the directors and shareholders of the company to provide incentives to the employees. The companies that have employed EPS have succeeded in their operations. The implementation of the program has some downsides which every organization should avoid. Favoritism is the main problem that faces the organizations that have applied for the EPS program.

Jeremy Goldstein has come up with ways of eradicating the problems to improve its effectiveness in the organization. He recommends that the CEOs and top management staff should be held accountable when the employees are not rewarded. He advises that the companies should have a system that deals with accountability. Goldstein noted that the CEOs should explain all the issues that pertain to the failure of the EPS. The EPS should not be removed without making the CEOs accountable. Jeremy Goldstein stipulated that pay per performance programs should be incorporated into accountability system. The move will ensure that the long-term goals of the company are achieved.

Jeremy Goldstein recommends comprising that will see various companies addressing the needs of the employees. The company is required to access the needs of the employees and find ways of satisfying them. The analysis will assist the company to find ways of improving the operations of the EPS rather than removing it. Successful implementation of EPS will ensure that the conflict between the employers and employees are eliminated. The compromise that has been introduced by Goldstein will ensure that the growth of the company is realized.

Jeremy Goldstein a lot of skills and experience in the law. The experience has enabled him to come up with the compromise. Goldstein has served in many recognized institutions in the world. The institutions equipped him with the skills and experience .he has served in the corporate world practicing law for more than 15 years. Learn more:  https://blogjeremygoldstein.tumblr.com/