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When it comes to legal matters, Ricardo Tosto is one lawyer who is good at what he does. Ricardo has been able to establish a name for himself in an industry filled with ambitious people who are ready to sacrifice anything for them to survive. Ever since he was young, Ricardo has always wanted to become a lawyer, and this led to him becoming very passionate about anything to do with the law from human rights to litigation processes. What has made Mr. Tosto outstanding compared to other lawyers is the mere fact that he takes his time in studying every aspect of the law. He gets to understand what he needs to do and what not to do and what strategy he is going to employ. Other lawyers and future lawyers look up to him for advice, inspiration, and motivation. With his vast experience in the legal industry, Ricardo has shown that when it comes to lawsuits and legal cases, he is the right person to obligate the duty of defending you.

Having started from the bottom while working in small law firms, Ricardo has risen the ladder to become an owner of a law firm he now calls his. Regardless of the stiff completion present in the Industry, Ricardo was able to secure a place for himself, a place he is comfortable safeguarding and building barriers to prevent anyone from snatching the opportunity. He is among the few lawyers whose opinion actually counts in Brazil and across the Globe. It’s one thing to be a lawyer, and it’s an entirely different case to be acknowledged for the good work done.

When undertaking any legal case, Ricardo is always devoted in the case and diligent, and this is why he wins most of his cases. He takes his time to study the fact present and identify which strategy he will undertake while introducing the case in court. Considering where he came from and the challenges he faced to become successful, Ricardo has come to appreciate individuals who work hard to become successful in an ethical manner. Ricardo always emphasizes the importance of taking one’s time if one aspires to become a lawyer to ensure that one gets a chance to learn all the facts present in the legal industry. He believes as time passes by; he will be in a position of inspiring many future lawyers to become successful.



Are you serious about enlisting the services of a prominent legal advisor or law firm? Need a competent lawyer in Brazil? If you are facing a tough legal battle or simply need advise on a legal issue, it is imperative to seek a great lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – an experienced and reputable Brazilian lawyer.

Choosing the right legal professional for your situation could take a number of days and could be a really taxing procedure if you don’t know how to go about it. If you have no suggestions from friends or family, you will need to make phone call and also ask questions. One of the most vital inquiries involve legal fees and other costs associated with handling your case.

While many attorneys may be kind as well as understanding, it is crucial that your legal

representative understand exactly ways to handle your circumstance. Unless your legal problem is highly unusual, a seasoned lawyer or attorney should recognize your situation right away and understand exactly how to handle it for the best results. It is a great bet this legal adviser does not have the sufficient know-how to handle your case if the legal representative requires to look up the law or research study prior situations.

Ricardo Tosto is a highly rated enterprise and corporate litigation lawyer and has many years of experience in handling organization litigation and corporate law issues. He is considered to be one of the most powerful litigators in Brazil. He runs a prominent law firm in Brazil, and he caters to the legal needs of both institutional and individual clients.

Business law covers a vast range of topics and business attorneys need to be able to address a variety of legal cases and provide a large range of legal services. When you choose Ricardo Tosto, you can feel confident your business lawyer will be able to manage a wide variety of issues. Most importantly, Ricardo Tosto always try his best to clear up disputes fast and prevent court trial whenever possible, in order to ascertain that everyone involved is pleased with the outcome.

Comparative law is generally analyzing the similarities and differences of the legal system from different countries. This includes the civil law, the common law, the canon law and the socialist law among others. The comparative law includes the description and also the study foreign legal systems, due to democratization, internationalism and economic globalization the value of comparative law has notably increased.

The principal purpose of the comparative law is helping perfect various legal systems in effect in different countries across the world. The comparative law also brings about a deeper understanding of law systems and how they are affected; this includes the unification of the multiple systems in both larger and smaller scale.


Various disciplines have established separate branches of comparative law which also incorporates the comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, comparative commercial law as well as comparative administrative law. Analyzing these particular areas legal systems is generally viewed as macro-comparative or micro-comparative legal system analysis.


The relationship between comparative law and other legal law system is that the comparative law helps inform different areas of normativity. For example, comparative law can be applied when establishing an approach to interpretation during conflict analysis by a private international law. Comparative law majorly contributes to legal theory through developing multiple categories and concepts of general application.

Comparative law is, therefore, different from general legal theory including the general fields of private international law and the public international law is basically known as conflict of legislation.


The importance and usefulness of comparative law are enormous and extensive. It helps indicate how different legal systems sharing a common problem apply various legal rules and regulations and the functionality in practice. Sociology of law and law & economics aids comparative law to illustrate how is legal norms comparable and also how to explain the similarities and differences of various legal systems.


Sujit Choudhry is Faculty Director and the founder of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions. He is also internally recognized on comparative constitutional law. Sujit also is an experienced advisor to constitution building processes in countries such as Ukraine, Egypt, and Jordan among others.


His researches include constitutional design as an element that can handle the transition and also turn it to peaceful democratic politics from violent conflict. Sujit also addresses the methodological questions asked in comparative constitutional law. Constitution Transitions if the first university in the world that helps establish and mobilize knowledge that supports legal building.

Visit law.berkeley.edu to learn more about Choudhry.