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The world is succumbing to cancer, a dangerous disease that has affected many families. To fight this disease, researchers have come together to initiate programs and meetings that can assist masses. Aside from that, they have attracted donors that can assist in finding cancer therapies. Coupled with a strong platform of technology, it has become possible to establish viable means to fight cancer. One journal that has also assisted in this battle is the famous Oncotarget.


Oncotarget is defined as a scientific journal that publishes scientific works that generate from the medical field. For researchers, this journal has been a reference point in terms of finding out what the causative agents of a disease are. That is why since its establishment, the journal has been helpful to researchers, in many ways. To break it down, Oncotarget features articles based on what a researchers have established. It all narrows down to finding workable treatments. With cancer being a life threatening disease that has affected most families, Oncotarget has been useful in disseminating critical information regarding available, modern treatment methods.


In an article published concerning e-cigars, it was established that the use of electronic cigars is not safe as the presumptions. E-cigars come with significant side effects that affects the gums. This is a deteriorating effect to a human’s health. In that case, just like normal cigarettes, e-cigars should be avoided. Oncotarget has been useful in disseminating such viable data. Well, the reliability of the journal is also something that has kept the medical field glued to the published articles. When discussing reliability, the team in charge of editing Oncotarget is an experienced team. For starters, there is Mikhail Blagosklonny,a prominent research scientist. Mikhail has an extensive background of research and oncology.


With Mikhail in charge of editorial works, Oncotarget cab be relied on in terms of content. This is because the man in charge understands the challenges that come with research and the importance of distributing viable medical data. Oncotarget is always accessible and can be printed when there is demand. That is also an advantage to the society.

Eric Lefkofsky has founded and co-founded several companies in his professional career. He founded his first company Inner Workings, in May 2001 and has gone on to six more since. His latest company, Tempus, Inc., is likely his most important one due to its work to battle cancer. Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and earned his JD in 1994 from the University of Michigan Law School.

The company that Eric Lefkofsky co founded that he is perhaps best known for is Groupon, which he continues to serve as the Chairman of. Groupon is an e-commerce site that allows you to buy local products and experiences at a discount from participating vendors. Groupon has deals around the world and can provide people with products, vacations, and fun experiences at affordable prices.

Lefkofsky founded Tempus, Inc. in 2015. The company has built an operating system that doctors can use in order to deliver personalized cancer care to their patients. They have created the largest molecular and clinical data library in the world that doctors can easily access using this operating system. The operating system also uses machine learning in order to assist physicians with their diagnoses of tumors and how each is best treated. As Lefkofsky has stated, the operating system allows doctors to make real-time decisions in their care and the technology will help them to determine more effective treatment and results. Among the partners with Tempus are Penn Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, and Rush University Medical Center. To date, they have six partners and many more are expected in the short and long term.

Tempus, Inc. fits into Eric Lefkofsky’s philosophy of “Accelerated Disruption” which he wrote a book about in 2007. He shows convincingly in the book that someone that has a bright idea and offers better value, service, functionality, or convenience can disrupt an entire industry. However many fail to see how the ever-accelerating pace of technology means that challenge to their business can come from anywhere, be it an established player or a startup and completely upturn their business model. With Tempus, Lefkofsky hopes to disrupt cancer to everyone’s benefit.

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