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For a new company, your online reputation may not be something you constantly think about. Unfortunately, this is most definitely an error. Whether you know it or not, your business will most likely live and die by your appearance on the internet. Online Reputation Reviews.com reveals that one bad review can lower profits by 15% or more, and naturally, the more bad reviews you have, the lower your profits get. Maintaining a positive presence on major review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook is absolutely vital if you intend for your business to survive very long.
Here are some ideas to help solve the problem of a negative online presence before it even becomes a real issue.

First, one of the most important things to do is obviously officially establish yourself online. This means registering your business at Yelp, Google Business, and with an official Facebook page. Do more than just register, though. When registering your business, make sure there is proper contact information. Provide a relevant and professional email and phone number for customers and clients to use for either complaints or questions. In addition, use appealing images to attract the eye. A modern feeling provided using high quality images makes your company seem up-to-date.

It is also important for you to monitor your presence on different social media sites that you may not have considered official. Twitter, for example, can be used to sway large tides of people either for or against your company. Performing proper research can allow you to see the current public trend towards your company. In addition, be proactive with the information you gather. If you have found negative comments about your business, communicate with the customer or client in order to provide a more enriching environment for them the next time the visit your business. More individuals than you would realize use public social media to voice their concern.Approximately 40% of individuals will use social media to complain about companies, while 60% will use more private means of communication.

Overall, establishing yourself and monitoring your online reputation is vital in maintaining a healthy and successful relationship with clients.


The internet is, among many things, a great equalizer. It gives a voice to people all over the world and many folks use that voice to make judgements about companies that they deal with. This niche has opened up the door for companies like Status Labs to rise through the cracks and become legitimate players in the world of business. Status Labs is an online reputation management and public relations firm based out of Austin, Texas. The company, for years, has been helping people of all demographics repair their reputation. However, would it surprise you to know that they first had to repair their own rep?

While Status Labs has done work with over 1,000 different businesses and individuals all over the globe, they first had to do work on their own name. CEO Darius Fisher, who took over the company after a bout with reputation issue, outlined his route to success in rehabilitating the image that Status Labs had so carefully cultivated. He knew that it would be an uphill battle but one, if done right, that could change their company.

First Fisher and Status Labs focused on changing the culture that surrounded their company. The reason that the business was so easily taken down by critics was that they had not established a culture of giving back to their local community. So Fisher started to get Status Labs involved with local charities and other businesses. He wanted his company to be seen first before they were judged, that way they could get the benefit of the doubt the next time something potentially happened.

Afterwards it became apparent that the best way to prevent future issues was by creating a team oriented culture that prized professionalism and teamwork over anything else. So Fisher and the company started implementing team building activities: the company would cater lunch on Fridays, startup a stock option plan, and even allow employees to bring in well behaved pets. With all of these steps in place it was easy for Status Labs to change the way the company operated, was received, and ultimately judged by the rest of the world. Follow Status Labs on Twitter to learn more about their news and services.