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Did you know there was such a thing as a cutting edge collections agency? At IC Systems, they pride themselves on using the best practices in security and ethics to provide consumers with the best possible experience when it comes to facing a debt. As a testament to their commitment to fair practices, IC Systems has been nominated for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics not once, but three consecutive years in a row.


While the standard in the accounts receivable industry is to maintain the bare minimum when it comes to regulation standards, IC Systems uses thorough regulation as the foundation for its fairness and security. They work together with FRSecure, a third party security firm, to keep a constant eye on their processes for handling secure consumer data. Rather than auditing only when necessary, they audit constantly, so that customers always know that their personal information is safe and won’t be misused.


Now as much as customer security is essential, IC systems is aware of the strife that interacting with a collector can cause. To that end, they put just as high a priority on ensuring high quality interactions between their customers and their consumer financial representatives (collectors). The standard of behavior is high, and it is maintained in the same way as security: through recording and auditing customer calls. In addition, IC systems encourages customer feedback at every part of the process, so that they can keep the process as positive and consumer-friendly as possible.


All in all, IC Systems is a cut above the rest when it comes to collections agencies. They look at each interaction as an opportunity to improve a customer’s financial situation, and strive to uphold the security, integrity, and care a customer would expect from any other type of company they interact with. By doing so, IC Systems proves that it is absolutely possible to be your best, in any industry.


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