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At the Custom Care that deals with the charity Perry Mandera is the founder, the organization deals with the transportation. A man that is focused on helping other people through the Custom Care Charities will follow the directives that he instructs. In addition to that in the Board of Directors of Illinois Trucking Association, he is offering his services. In 1975, that’s when he graduated from a high school in Chicago. That was the time that he decided that he would join marine and Perry did where he offered his services as the motor pool. In the motor pool role, he learned so many things one being he learned how to drive the truck. After returning to the normal life, he worked for different transportation companies before he decided to start his own company in 1980 that he later sold in 1985.

From the start, he had the interest in politics that led him to participate in the election where he wanted to be the Republican Ward Committeeman that he won becoming the 26th ward in Chicago that he worked for from 1984 to 1988. That makes him the first youngest person to be elected to that position. In 1986 was the time Perry Mandela Founded Custom Companies Inc. Today it has gained the popularity among the people as a company that will serve many clients from small business owners and the corporations like the Fortune 100. It has offered employment to 300 employees, and the sale that they have received is over $200 million.

Apart from the charity side that he has Perry Mandela spends his time in the coaching of the youth basketball, football teams, and baseball. In the entrepreneur world, he is not an ordinary person. The thing that he is passionate about is the donating back to the community in the donating of the funds. In the organizations that assist the young people and veterans, Perry Mandela will offer his support to them. Perry Mandela is proud in the help that he and his company were able to help the tornado for the people in Washington.