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Lee May Beamridge Limited is set to sponsor a 10K run meant for purchasing a new minibus for an amateur boxing club called Nemesis. The company is proud to be associated with Nemesis Amateur Boxing Cub because of the impeccable work it does. By engaging in this project Lee May Beamridge Ltd hopes to offer the boxing club a platform to empower young boxers with the opportunities they need to participate in both European and local tournaments.


In 2013 a team of directors founded Beamridge was founded in 2013. This team had an extensive experience of over 100 years. The company has its offices in England as well as London. The company prides itself on offering quality, professional and cost-effective delivery of service to its customers in the industry of construction. The company has achieved various ISO accreditations including; 14001, 18001 and 9001that assists it to pursue excellence. (releasefact)


Lee May Beamridge worked with Keltbray Remediation as the Head of Business Development. Keltbray Remediation is involved in identifying sites that are contaminated on behalf of residential contractors in order for the company to remediate. He also worked with OPEN Architecture as a advisor and at Blu-3 Ltd as the Head of Business Development. Lee May Beamridge believes in discovering development opportunities for his customers. He also ensures that the environment is safe for everyone through his business practices.


For his contribution to the society, Lee May Beamridge engages in various activities that he is passionate about that involve; human rights, poverty alleviation, disaster and humanitarian relief and environmental matters.


Lee May Beamridge specializes in private property and building of residential sites in various parts of London and beyond. Lee May Beamridge is always looking for new opportunities to increase his client base establish long-term friendship and deliver the services that clients desire.