Halfway Home Pets

Lets' get them the life they need

It is never too late to start a second career. This is certainly true of 57-year-old Oscar winner Sean Penn. Penn has decided to hang up the director’s hat, retire the actor’s script, and pick up the novelist pen. Earlier this year he debuted a new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, a political satire dashed with a fine bit of absurdity. The book follows the exploits of Bob Honey, a septic tank salesman who becomes an assassin. Like all assassin’s Bob Honey has a specific target set, elderly people that he beats to death with a mallet. At his core Honey is a political activist, much like the author, with such a passionate ideology he becomes violent.


His one-man war against geriatrics comes from a desire to lessen the surplus population in favor of environment and social benefit. Penn has gone on record to proclaim Bob Honey’s belief set to be a reflection of his own. He has also stated that the book is a mild evaluation of the current Trump administration. Not surprising. This is Sean Penn we are talking about, and his is well-known for his activism. What surprises many about Bob Honey, is the stance Penn takes towards the #MeToo movement.


Although it is safe to include anti-Trump comments within any form of media, criticism of women’s issues is a no-no. Most tend to refrain from comment, lest they be served to the social media wolves whose fingers always hover above the keys. Penn dives straight in, including a reflection of the #MeToo movement that stretches across six whole pages. In the book Penn compares the movement to a bullying platform built to shame celebs. He states that the movement infantilizes the issue, reducing its scope instead of empowering it. According to him #MeToo is not the movement that will advance women’s rights and reduce sexual harassment. Naturally such comments drew the ire of many, and they have since publicly made that ire known. Penn is not apologizing however, but rather stands by his comments. As for his writing, Bob Honey will not be his last.