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Have you ever wished that you could simply just stop everything you were doing and have beautiful hair? Have you ever wished that you could have all your hair prayers( yes I said hair prayers) answered in one solution? You’re no alone. Many of us do and after several years of bad hair days and a plethora of other nightmare experiences with my hair I have finally identified a solution that works for my hair and works pretty well. WEN By Chaz has been my saving grace. For so long I could never seem to find a product that worked on my thin hair until one night while staying up late watching infomercials I stumbled across this 3 in 1 hair solution that works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel. It has really transformed my hair and my confidence quite honestly because who doesn’t live for great hair right.
I remember like it was yesterday when the Wen By Chaz rumors first hit. My mom called me and told me that Wen By Chaz was under fire because it had been causing some negative effects for others. I was flabbergasted because the product had worked pretty darn well for me and I couldn’t imagine it impacting my hair like it had impacted others but who was I to really say if the rumors were true or false no one listens to my voice.

Someone did however listen to Emily Mcclure. She’s a blogger over at Bustle and she decided to dispel the myths about the sephora advertised brand once and for all. She gave the products a try and we watched her hair transform right before our eyes. It was almost like watching a frog turn into a prince(okay bad example but you get my drift). Not only did her hair look 100x better but you could see with each photo her hair had soared her confidence through the roof. Wen is sold online via Guthy-Renker.

Visit, http://www.wen.com/ for more info.