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Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist and CEO. He created Paragon Biosciences because he wanted to make people’s lives better. His focus is on diseases with limited or no options for treatment. The company starts and develops medical businesses to pioneer new treatments by creating medications. The company has been successful for a decade. They created thirteen new medications that received FDA approval. The company also offers strategic and financial assistance to biotechnology companies. Paragon Biosciences studies the needs of patients, accelerates scientific breakthroughs and builds businesses to extend lives and eliminate suffering.


Jeff Aronin has two decades of experience in biotechnology. He understands rare disorders, complicated research methods and the development of medicines. He has a reputation as a compassionate man with the desire to serve others. His leadership skills are unique and led to contacts with researchers. This has helped him find cures for terminal illnesses and unusual medical conditions. He shares his expertise with new entrepreneurs interested in improving the medical field. He has offered hope due to his passion for finding new medical treatments.


Jeff Aronin possesses the educational background necessary to make an exceptional difference for patient’s. He served the industry of health care for two decades prior to founding his own company. Paragon Biosciences values each patient as well as the doctors who take care of them. They promote strong collaborative efforts and create new opportunities in the world of medicine based on new scientific discoveries. Paragon Biosciences is creating a network of portfolio companies to embody their value of biomedical innovation.


Jeff Aronin understands the extreme importance of time to people fighting terminal illnesses. Every individual suffering from an incurable disease is interested in the benefits possible through new medical breakthroughs. Paragon Biosciences ensures their portfolio companies have ample funds to conduct research in the development of new medications in a shorter period of time. This means the unique approach established by Jeff Aronin can benefit everyone involved. The researchers have made a commitment to development. The companies involved in the network are always looking for new treatments for patients. This will eventually lead to patients benefiting from the leadership skills and innovation of Jeff Aronin.


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