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All employers want to make their companies successful at all times. With the changing technologies and tools, employees should keep up with the market so that they can help their employers to impress their clients. Most of the companies in the global market have been sending their employees to study in higher learning institutions and even holding job training in the workplace. All of this has been done so that the workers know what is happening in the profession they chose and how they can impress the people they are serving. There is a new secret in the market; professionals have realized that they can benefit more when they join a reliable professional organization. More about of Robert Ivy at contractdesign.com

Professional organizations are a new secret in the global market. These wonderful organizations are here to empower the people in various professions, and they are already very popular. A perfect example of a prominent professional organization is the American Institute of Architects. Founded several years back, this institution has been helpful to all architects in Washington DC. Robert Ivy have earned respect and improved their services with the help of their organization. Robert Ivy has helped the institution to get to its current position in the market. Robert Ivy has even scooped several awards in the recent times because of his role in the formation of professional organizations. Robert Ivy has been urging professionals to join these special organizations so that they can enjoy these benefits.

Job hunting: looking for a job has always been a tough activity in the market. With the tough competition in the market, landing a position in a good company is always an uphill task. Joining a professional organization, however, helps people to identify many positions in their professionals in an easy way.

Educational Resources: educational materials are vital even when people have graduated and finished their education. Professional organizations offer tools and essential data to their members so that they can be informed about the activities in their profession. The research posted in these institutions is always original and factual compared to any other in the market. These institutions conduct their research for a long time, and they ensure that the information they gather is displayed to the customers in the most appropriate way.

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The Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy will receive an award on the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

Robert Ivy will be the first architect to receive the Polk Award, which is normally awarded to associated artists living Mississippi. This award has made him be included into the league of those people who have been previously awarded which include writer Shelby Foote, singer Leontyne Price, actor Morgan Freeman, writer Eudora Welty, the late artist Walter Anderson.

The MIAL President, Nancy LaForge said that there is nobody in Mississippi who can be compared to Robert Ivy when it comes to publicizing architecture. She also praised Ivy for the efforts he had put using architecture to transform the lives of people. She ended by congratulating Mr. Ivy for scooping the prestigious award from their institution.

Before joining the American Institute of Architects he was the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record. During his tenure at the publishing institution, he brought about major changes that lifted the standards of Architectural record as a publishing house. Besides, he also received several awards including the National Magazine Award.

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Robert Ivy has in a great way improved the global picture of American Institute Of Architects. Ever since he joined the institution, there have been tremendous improvements including an increase in membership. Robert Ivy has also been on the forefront championing for the need of diversification in the field of architecture. At the event which will occur in June, Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters will honor stained- glass designer Andrew Cary and Robert Ivy with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Besides the occasional lifetime achievement award, MIAL also gives awards to people in different personal categories. For instance among those who have been honored in the past include author Barry Hannah, Ellen Gilchrist, Walker Percy and Richard Ford.

About the American Institute of Architects

The institute was established in 1857. It works coherently to design valuable, standard and suitable infrastructure within our towns and community. The Institution has its headquarters in Washington DC although it is also responsible for coordinating activities of over 300 other AIA chapters across the country. Aha has more than 90,000 members around the US. American Institute of Architects is also responsible for issuing licenses to qualified architects in the country. Since he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy has transformed the institution and brought it to the public limelight.

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