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The 2017 Billboard list of some of the world’s most powerful female executives in the music industry were revealed. Over a hundred executives, producers, negotiators, movers and shakers were proudly chosen to represent the outstanding females of the industry today. One of the top female executives listed was Roc Nation’s one and only Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez, 47, has known rap artist Jay-Z for over twenty years. Her business acumen and negotiating skills were very present from the start and it was no surprise that Jay-Z hired her back in 2009 to help Roc Nation to achieve longtime success, and what Desiree Perez knows.

Desiree Perez, commonly referred to as “Des Perez,” oversees the publishing and labeling operations of Roc Nation as well as several other managerial duties. Desiree Perez is best known for her work as a producer for the “On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay-Z” and negotiating the Samsung deal with the world famous R&B and pop artist Rihanna. In January 2017, Desiree Perez proved herself as a power player when she negotiated with Sprint and led the company to invest $200 million in TIDAL, an entertainment and music streaming app owned and operated by Jay-Z during that time. After roughly five months later, the rapper released his album “4:44” that was exclusively sponsored by Sprint as a free download to a million people. This pushed the album up to the No. 1 spot on the charts for weeks and also earned its platinum plaque, and her Facebook.

Other Reference: http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/12/jay-zs-secret-weapon-desiree-perez/

Alex Pall is creating an identity for electronic music.

The Chainsmokers has been dropping hit songs for a long time now. They produced singles that were radio bangers-“Roses” and “Don’t let me down”-were among the hit songs. They then released the long-awaited track “Closer” that featured Halsey. The one unique thing about this track is that both Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are both featured singing. These two are DJs, and it makes them stand out as they are not just producing beats but adding their faces, hearts, and emotions to the beats they produce.

The Chainsmokers have that core ambition to be recognized as artists who indeed have thoughts and feelings. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are positive that they will add more flavor to this genre of electronic music through creating intimacy and emotion and a connection with their fans. They are actually establishing a new identity in this genre. Alex Pall had a career and was working in NewYork doing DJing as a hobby. He was really passionate because while he was growing up Alex Pall was a DJ. He then realized that his hobby was consuming much of his life and he wanted to major on it. Through his current manager who was working with him at the time,Pall was introduced to Drew. They both started working together and Pall had to quit his job while Drew moved from Maine to join him.

The duo kicked it off quite well with both knowing what they were bringing on the table. They talked about what they liked in music and also what they loved as they grew up. They were both ambitious and had their hearts set on their goals. They observed the industry knowing what was new,what worked and who was making it just to build their identity around that. Drew was talented in producing music and Pall was a DJ who did a lot of gigs and had the social marketing. They worked more and more together getting together and building their identities as artists. Owing to the fact that they were new in the industry,they had a lot of ground to cover.

They pushed everyday a little more with the aim of becoming better artists. It was a job like any other and Pall and Drew had to work extra hard to pay the bills. In addition, people related to their music at a much deeper level and that’s why Pall and Drew challenge themselves everyday and try to come up with new and interesting ways of doing things. Alex and Drew mostly write songs and sing about their lives. Even though most of their songs have been written for them,they have always been down on the ground with the songwriters making sure the songs are about them. The duo are to produce an album and Pall wants to give the fans what they want. Pall feels the concept of the songs in the album should be related to each other.

Through social media, the music for Chainsmokers is becoming more and more international. Their music is transcending age from small children to the old who can’t get enough of the Chainsmokers. Everyone and anyone can sing along to their tune, and this is evidence that they connect on a deeper level with their audience. The Chainsmokers have had two world tours and have always had new and exciting shows. Their audience and fan base has been expanding and the Chainsmokers have to spice up things. Mixing videos for their live shows and their performance element of their shows are getting bigger and better.


NexBank Capital’s name is as affluent as its wide array of services. This financial institution is based out of Dallas, Texas, but it provides services throughout the state of Texas. Being a regional-banking center, NexBank has been able to maintain its down-home vibe even though it’s one of the more popular financial institutions in the South. Service, service and more service is the name of the game. Whatever your requests may be, especially when it pertains to banking, NexBank can easily accommodate your every need. It’s a regional bank that posses’ a national bank’s atmosphere. What could you expect from this place, especially since it has more than $8 billion in total assets.

Besides its wonderful banking solutions, this bank supports its actual community. Unlike the false advertisings of other banks, NexBank Capital actually gets its hands dirty by being involved with numerous projects. One of its best features is that it donated funds to the Assist Officer Program. This program came into fruition after the deadly shooting in downtown Dallas over a year ago. The funds will be dispersed among the fallen-officers families. A little can certainly go a long way, but it’s the thought that truly counts. This specific organization is run by the Dallas Police Association. John Holt, president of NexBank, applauded all citizens for participating in the giving-back efforts of this vibrant community. College Savings Bank, an acquired-merger, has partnered with NexBank to provide 529 savings programs to help with tuition costs for future college students. Thousands of students will be able to benefit from these programs and this affluent bank plays a huge role in its success.

On another note, NexBank completed a $24 million-project for the bank’s common-equity capital, which will be used for growth purposes. NexBank Capital has definitely been busy over the past few years, but who knows what’s in store for this Dallas-based bank.

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished lawyer that has brought a lot of transformations in the law industry. He has contributed a lot towards the success of his company known Jeremy Goldstein and Associates Company. The company specializes in offering advice to CEOs and executive managers of various organizations. The guidance from the company has enabled the shareholders and employees of various companies to work effectively. Goldstein has made it easier for the shareholders to make a transition while handling tough issues in the organization.


Jeremy Goldstein has devised a means in which Employee per Share should be implemented effectively. PS have some of benefits and disadvantages that are associated with it.it has a lot of benefits when it is carried out fairly in the company. The management might discriminate employees when dealing with the EPS. Goldstein suggested that the employers should come up with a way of solving problems that are associated with EPS.

EPS encourages the directors and shareholders of the company to provide incentives to the employees. The companies that have employed EPS have succeeded in their operations. The implementation of the program has some downsides which every organization should avoid. Favoritism is the main problem that faces the organizations that have applied for the EPS program.

Jeremy Goldstein has come up with ways of eradicating the problems to improve its effectiveness in the organization. He recommends that the CEOs and top management staff should be held accountable when the employees are not rewarded. He advises that the companies should have a system that deals with accountability. Goldstein noted that the CEOs should explain all the issues that pertain to the failure of the EPS. The EPS should not be removed without making the CEOs accountable. Jeremy Goldstein stipulated that pay per performance programs should be incorporated into accountability system. The move will ensure that the long-term goals of the company are achieved.

Jeremy Goldstein recommends comprising that will see various companies addressing the needs of the employees. The company is required to access the needs of the employees and find ways of satisfying them. The analysis will assist the company to find ways of improving the operations of the EPS rather than removing it. Successful implementation of EPS will ensure that the conflict between the employers and employees are eliminated. The compromise that has been introduced by Goldstein will ensure that the growth of the company is realized.

Jeremy Goldstein a lot of skills and experience in the law. The experience has enabled him to come up with the compromise. Goldstein has served in many recognized institutions in the world. The institutions equipped him with the skills and experience .he has served in the corporate world practicing law for more than 15 years. Learn more:  https://blogjeremygoldstein.tumblr.com/

Mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey was born on September 26th, 1959 and earned his B.S. in Mathematics in 1981 at the University of Texas at Austin. Subsequently, Lacey obtained his Ph.D. in 1987 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after completing his thesis, which thoroughly investigated the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

Lacey began his employment as an assistant professor at Lousiana State University at Baton Rouge and went on to attain employment at the University of North Carolina and Indiana University. He holds his current position as a Professor and the Associate Chair for Faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Since his work at the Georgia Institute of Technology began, Lacey has published over 80 mathematical journal articles focusing mainly on harmonic analysis and probability.

Lacey’s most recent publications have been supported by research institutes such as the National Science Foundation, the Salem Prize, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Fullbright Foundation, the Simmons Foundation and several others. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://nyjm.albany.edu/j/2017/23-8.html and https://arxiv.org/a/lacey_m_1.html

Lacey has also presented at countless seminars and conferences across the globe, speaking at nationally respected colleges such as Yale and Purdue, along with traveling internationally to locations such as Universite d’Paris in France, FSDONA in Finland, and the Conference on Wiener-Ito Integrals in Mexico. In addition to his awarded publications and international presentations, Lacey has dedicated much of his time to advising and mentoring students in the field.

He has continued to organize research experiences for undergraduate students and has served as director of multiple training grants such as VIGRE and MCTP awards from NSF, all of which have provided invaluable resources to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral students.

Are you looking for an established investment advisor or advisory firm? Want to start investing wisely and need an expert to guide? Perhaps you already know that Highland Capital provides top notch investment and financial planning service to clients.

Highland Capital is a highly reliable firm and has a team of qualified professionals. If you are serious about getting reliable guidance or advice, it is extremely important to get in touch with the team at Highland Capital right away. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

With Highland Capital on your side, you will be guided properly and be on your way to investing success. Experienced professionals have what it takes to become successful in any endeavor and can advise or guide newbies to their ultimate goal of financial success.

When you choose which investment vehicle you are interested in, you will need to consider the expected return on investment. The return is the amount of money your investment will produce. You also need to take into consideration the chance that your investment will not be profitable.

The right investment vehicles, however, can help you relax or sleep better, knowing that your investment will not fail to yield significant returns.

If your goal is to build a portfolio of investments, then the experts at Highland Capital are available and ready to assist you. They have been around for years and they have a good understanding of the process.

View: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2017/05/31/highland-capitals-nexpoint-fund-raises-269-million.html

When it comes to investments, wealth building or money management, it is crucial to do your research before making a decision. There are many investment management firms and financial planners out there but they do not provide the same quality of service. Choose a company or team of professionals that is highly knowledgeable and you will certainly be able to reap huge returns on your investment.

When you sit down to discuss your investment needs with a professional at Highland Capital, you can ask questions or present any concerns you may have. These advisors are committed to helping clients succeed in their endeavors and will clarify some of your assumptions or misunderstanding. Their guidance or advice can be a particularly useful if you are a beginner and have no clue about investing.

Highland Capital is a well known firm that provides top notch investment advisory and related services to a variety of clients. The company has been guiding and advising clients and you can benefit tremendously. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

Talkspace is a company offering online therapy to people in need at low cost. People with mental health issues or suffering from depression can seek help through the Talkspace app anytime they want. Even people who are survivors of domestic violence can seek help in private without letting their partners know. Online therapy is something that has recently been added to the digital world. Today’s younger generation cannot wait for anything and need it as quickly as possible. The same goes for therapy. Most cannot wait for days to talk to their therapist about a feeling that they might be feeling at a particular moment.

People need to register with Talkspace using their email address and without providing their real name meaning that they can seek therapy in private. People can talk to professional therapists in their own time and without feeling judged as they do not have to drive to a therapist after taking a break from work. With so many stigmas attached to therapy, people find it safer to speak to a therapist in a place where they are not answerable. Also, when the person messages the therapist they do not feel intimate by being in front of someone. They can interact through text messages allowing the person to share their feelings in a much better way.

The number of subscribers to Talkspace has been on the rise in the last year. Many people feel that it might be due to the fact that Donald Trump became the president and the political situation in the country is making people more stressful especially the ones from the minority groups. Since most of these minority groups do not have access to therapy as they are quite pricey, online therapy is something that is more affordable. Talkspace aims to double its number of subscribers in the coming years.


Dr. Mark McKenna has had many successful endeavors in the field of business on top having his licenses to practice surgery and medicine. As a man who is celebrated as a medical practitioner and successful businessman, Mark has built a large reputation for himself by serving the community and putting his patient’s needs before anything else. Mark has a strong academic background behind him as well, having graduated from Tulane University Medical School. His first step after earning his degree was to go on and work with his father in the family business, which is where he gained much of his experience and methods for healthcare success. Instead of looking for a job, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to create his own business and started up McKenna Venture Investments.

This first company turned out to be a success for Mark, but it was just the beginning for him, as he knew he was capable of even more. Tapping into the entrepreneur within him, Dr. Mark McKenna has a strong focus on creating new things and finding new ideas with the help of reading and looking up to his idols, such as Elon Musk. Mark’s powerful desire to succeed along with his dedication to the community has helped him excel even through hard times. This is especially true following the events of Hurricane Katrina on his business endeavors as well as the community.

Following in the wave of this success, Mark has found his latest pursuit, which is OVME, a cosmetic healthcare company that will be able to aid and delivers straight to peoples homes. Mark’s company will utilize and a special app that people can use to browse the company’s services and then order it to their home, just like using Amazon, except OVME’s products will be exclusive.

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Online banking is completely changing the way that many large banks operate. In Brazil, young people are much more comfortable using online banking than previous generations. As a result, many banks have started to invest heavily in this area. Bradesco started to build an online banking platform several years ago.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the CEO of Bradesco, he saw the trend of online banking coming. As a result, Bradesco has been able to take advantage of this trend in the industry. Many young people enjoy banking with Bradesco due to the company’s various online options.

There are other programs that Luiz Carlos Trabuco started at Bradesco as clerk before he decided to retire. He was always passionate about small business owners, and he developed a great small business lending program for people to utilize. In Brazil, it is difficult to get approval for a small business loan from the government. As a result, many small business owners go to local banks to get the financing that is needed.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Small Business Growth

The overall economy in Brazil is growing at a rapid rate. There are many people who are excited about the growth that is taking place in the country. As a result, some people want to invest money for the future. Starting a business is a great way to increase a person’s income. There are some people who struggle to get the capital needed to start a company.

Bradesco has several lending options for small business owners. There is even a lending program that offers capital at a low rate of interest. This is a great program for people who cannot afford to pay for an expensive loan. Some banks in Brazil take advantage of small business owners by only offering loans with high rates of interest. According to bradescori.com.br Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands how difficult it is to start a small business, and this is why he invested so many resources into this program.

Housing Market

Another positive development in Brazil is the booming housing market. There are numerous people who are interested in purchasing a home as an investment. With people from all over the world moving to Brazil, now is a great time to invest in real estate. Getting a loan for a real estate investment is not always easy. Luiz Carlos Trabuco developed a program to help people with this process. In addition, Bradesco offers an online lending program for homes below a certain value. This saves customers both time and money during the lending process.

In the coming years, Bradesco is positioned to become one of the leading banks in the country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco left the company, but a lot of his programs are still benefiting the company. The search has already started to find the next CEO of the company. The leaders of Bradesco want someone who understands the banking industry thoroughly. It will be interesting to see who replaces Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco. Many employees at Bradesco enjoyed working with him.

See: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most vocal supporters of migrants’ rights. Recently, the two made it to the headlines because of how they revealed the true nature of Joe Arpaio who is running for the Senate. The Latino community in the United States has been calling out President Donald Trump because of his decision to pardon Joe Arpaio, and they have stated that it is a wrong move coming from the president.

Another issue that Joe Arpaio is facing is a huge collection of internet posts, stating how he let a woman die from childbirth and how a tent city is being built proximate to his home address. After they have seen the information, they just stayed at their homes with the fears that they can be killed because of what we have seen. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

Joe Arpaio has been the Maricopa County sheriff since 1992. He is involved in a number of racial and discriminatory cases, and he has been demonized in the Latino community because of how he treats the migrants. Recently, Joe Arpaio decided to run for the senate, and he asked the support of President Donald Trump for his victory.

However, the migrants are rallying against him, convincing every American that he is a bad leader. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin continue to meet up with several community heads, stating how they could have thought about the idea.

His hate for the migrants are known all throughout the United States, and some magazine has given him the distinction as the most hated man in America. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also shared their hellish experience under the henchman of Joe Arpaio.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

According to the two, in the night of 2007, they were arrested by the men of Joe Arpaio because of the accusation that they keep on publishing articles against Joe Arpaio.

They were also accused of revealing the personal address of the sheriff, as well as the original result of the jury’s decision regarding the racial profiling case filed againg Joe Arpaio. The two were taken to the court afterwards, and the judge who was chosen to handle the case found no traces of strong evidence that can be used against the two.

The arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin became national headlines, and they have been interviewed left and right about their experiences on sleeping on the floor and being guided by the police force. Because of the time spent and the money being used on the hearing, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to file a counter lawsuit against the Maricopa County.

The lawsuit managed to award Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with $3.75 million, and they have been using the money to help the migrants who are crossing the border.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also stated that they will be using the money they received to fund the LARKIN AND LACEY FRONTERA FUND. Since the establishment of the group’s headquarters, the number of customers started to rise.