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The world is succumbing to cancer, a dangerous disease that has affected many families. To fight this disease, researchers have come together to initiate programs and meetings that can assist masses. Aside from that, they have attracted donors that can assist in finding cancer therapies. Coupled with a strong platform of technology, it has become possible to establish viable means to fight cancer. One journal that has also assisted in this battle is the famous Oncotarget.


Oncotarget is defined as a scientific journal that publishes scientific works that generate from the medical field. For researchers, this journal has been a reference point in terms of finding out what the causative agents of a disease are. That is why since its establishment, the journal has been helpful to researchers, in many ways. To break it down, Oncotarget features articles based on what a researchers have established. It all narrows down to finding workable treatments. With cancer being a life threatening disease that has affected most families, Oncotarget has been useful in disseminating critical information regarding available, modern treatment methods.


In an article published concerning e-cigars, it was established that the use of electronic cigars is not safe as the presumptions. E-cigars come with significant side effects that affects the gums. This is a deteriorating effect to a human’s health. In that case, just like normal cigarettes, e-cigars should be avoided. Oncotarget has been useful in disseminating such viable data. Well, the reliability of the journal is also something that has kept the medical field glued to the published articles. When discussing reliability, the team in charge of editing Oncotarget is an experienced team. For starters, there is Mikhail Blagosklonny,a prominent research scientist. Mikhail has an extensive background of research and oncology.


With Mikhail in charge of editorial works, Oncotarget cab be relied on in terms of content. This is because the man in charge understands the challenges that come with research and the importance of distributing viable medical data. Oncotarget is always accessible and can be printed when there is demand. That is also an advantage to the society.

Highland Capital Management based in Dallas, has some outlets such as the Korean Highland Capital Management. The latter has led the closure of health care goals oriented secluded funds worthy $ 147 million in summation of all the capital consignments. In 1988, the main investor in highland capital management was the South Korea NPS; its total value was approximately estimated at KRW 565 trillion which is equivalent to $ 499.8 billion. On the other hand, the sovereign wealth fund conveys their value as $ 465.13 billion.

The investors who greatly play impactful roles in Highland funds with Korean based NPS have their specific objective as to have the means of finding the chances to merge their investments to suit their unique way and method of meeting their goals in countries such as Korea, China, and the United States of America. In countries such as Asia, Stonebridge Capital will work and partner with the Highland Capital in the management of their funds.

Stonebridge is the first healthcare focused secluded equity funds to be established in Asia, where Asians have a strong positive attitude towards increment for the past two years. Among the fund invested in the organization, the largest proportion of the funds was made through personal investment or funds that were raised through myriads of reasons.

The middle market healthcare group which is located in North America will be the main investment objectives of funds. Data collected till May 2017 showed that Highlands healthcare contains assets worth $ 1.5 billion which is managed by AUM.

Matt Jameson, who is the director and the head of secluded equity at Highlands Capital said that the U.S based healthcare is facing so many challenges that effectively influence the running of the middle market. He further says that the graying of human populations of America and increment in the admittance to the healthcare services in Asia has led to a rise in consumption levels and increase in the intricate imposition by consumers and the government on healthcare.

He explains it further by saying that these attributes together with the development of profitable compensation models open very important chances for healthcare. Highland offer other methods of investments such as upcoming markets, the desired length of funds. It also has $15 billion AUM and concentrates on credit means.

One of the major factors in the financial aspects of people’s lives is credit. It is important to build credit. However, some people may be stomped at how they can do it. In order to understand credit, it is important to know finances work. Having knowledge of the credit system is also very important. That way it can be easy to keep on top of the finances and even maintain a good credit score. One of the best ways to get an understanding of credit and building good credit is by reading from sources like Freedom Financial Asset Management.

There is a lot of information on the different methods of building credit. One of the important things to understand for people who don’t even have credit is that it is important to not spend can’t be afforded. One of the best ways to build credit is to make small purchases and then pay it off as soon as possible. For one thing, when people get into the habit of that, they find themselves with a ton of good credit. This will give them a lot of offers that they wouldn’t have been able to get without good credit.

Freedom Financial Asset Management goes into the different methods of building and establishing good credit. Among the methods that Freedom Financial Asset Management mentions are getting a co-signer, getting a secure credit card, building credit while paying debt, and many more. Looking at all of the methods can bring forth a lot of options. It is up to each individual to find something that is very simple and easy to handle. All it takes is one slip up or one catastrophe that can ruin credit for a long time. Another thing to do would be to get help and advice from a financial expert when it comes to building and maintaining credit.

For details: mortgage-lenders.credio.com/l/34732/Freedom-Financial-Asset-Management-LLC

Before becoming the professional and successful financial management executive he is today, Cassio Audi had made a name for himself in the music industry for his amazing singing ability. He also was known for composing pop and rock songs under the umbrella of Viper Music Group, as well as playing guitar and other music instruments during the group’s live performances. Cassio was also the de facto band leader during his days at Viper and commanded respect from his colleagues due to his inspirational and motivational leadership style. Up until today, Cassio is respected for being a great team leader and a result-oriented team player and read full article.

Cassio Audi, a former managing director at GVMI, had his talent in music complimented by his ability to speak three different international languages- Spanish, French, and English. This made him attract a huge audience from Sao Paulo and the entire Brazil, as well as outside the borders of Brazil. His prime music days were in the late 80s all the way to the early 1990s when he left music to follow a career in the financial sector and what Cassio Audi knows.


Soldiers of Sunrise

Soldiers of Sunrise was one of the songs that Viper recorded with Cassio Audi playing the drums. The song was recorded in the April 1987 at Ozzy Pub- one of the most prominent pubs in Sao Paulo those days. Other members of the band that played different instruments and sang alongside Cassio Audi included Andre Matos who was in charge of voice, Felipe Machado in charge of guitars, and Hugo Mariutti who was also in charge of guitars. Soldiers of Sunrise remains a hit song until today, with rock and pop fanatics having strong emotional attachments to it. It has been performed on many occasions including at the Music Hall of Belo Horizonte five years ago and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.



Even though he was tied up by his commitment to music, Cassio managed to pursue his B.A degree and graduated in 1994. After quitting music, he managed to advance his education by pursuing an MBA and https://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Cassio_Audi/81957.

Madison Street Capital has built their reputation in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Restructuring, Reorganization of Services, Bankruptcy Services, ESOP Advisory, Corporate Governance, and many more areas of expertise. Their reputation is built on success after success.

PR.Com Publication

A recent article that appeared in PR.com described Madison Street Capital’s integrity, professionalism, excellence in leadership as the key to their success, both internationally and in the United States.

The leadership carefully organizes and plans their strategic moves to build and protect each investment and challenge they undertake.

The Under Forty Award

Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer, Madison Street Capital, was selected for an Under Forty Award. The Under Forty Award recognizes and honors young business leaders who have achieved heights of accomplishments that involve mergers and valuations of high degree in their area of expertise. Read more: About Madison Street Capital and Madison Street Capital | INC

It was in 2016 that Madison Street Capital became a finalist in the area as an M&A Advisor Award. They achieved outstanding financing, acquisition, and restructuring goals.

Madison Street Capital Successes

Among their many successes resides TruGolf, Inc., Dowco Technology Services, Ltd., FabTrol Systems, Inc., GMS-Pavillion Properties, LLC, InteriorMark, Naveos and many, many more.

The leadership team at Madison Capital methodically develops individual plans for each client, trains their staff to use the specially designed and prepared plan formulated to achieve the desired success of their business. Learn more about Madison Street Capital reputation: http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/

The industries that have successfully benefited from the excellence performed by Madison Street Capital’s leadership include:

  • Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Construction/Real Estate
  • Energy/Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, Minerals & Natural Resources
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Medical Devices
  • Financial Services
  • And Others

For more information about this expertly managed company visit their website at http://www.MadisonStreetCapital.com

Doe Deere is the founder and current CEO of the spunky and unique makeup company Lime Crime. The goal of Lime Crime is to help every woman discover her inner unicorn through sparkly eye makeup, pastel hair dyes, and vibrant lipsticks. Doe Deere has always loved wearing bold and wild makeup. She believes that makeup doesn’t always have to look natural but that you can use it to express yourself however you want whether that be with blue hair or purple lipstick. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial


Lime Crime not only helps young women be true to themselves. Doe Deere makes sure that Lime Crime stays true to her own values as well. The company is Leaping Bunny certified meaning that their production process is completely cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Doe Deere, as her name implies, loves all kinds of animals and does her best to make sure that her products never harm them.


In a brief article, Doe Deere, explains how she became such a successful entrepreneur in such a short amount of time. She outlines her success in a few simple steps. The first is to find your passion and follow it. Doe Deere has a passion for fun makeup and now it’s what she does for a living. You’ll never get half as far doing something you hate than you would if you were doing something you love.


The next step is to tackle problems head on. Letting them fester is the best way to seriously hurt your company. Problems will prove easy enough to fix if you just handle them as soon as they pop up. Doe Deere believes in sticking it out until you’ve overcome the problem so that you can move on to handle the next one.


The next step Doe Deere recommends is to learn from others. Doe Deere highly values the opinions and insights of those around her because she believes that everyone has something to teach her. This has helped her overcome and even avoid a bunch of problems in her company. Doe Deere has seen first hand how listening to others can help her company and she continues to do it every day.


The final and most important step is the take risks. Building a company that sells vibrant and unusual makeup seems like a risk in and of itself. Yet Doe Deere has done just that and it has brought her immense success.

Visit here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere

There are few weapons of war from the past that are as truly terrifying as the Trabuco war machine. The origins of this weapon stretch back to China, but it is perhaps best known for its use by the Europeans during the Crusades. At that time it was a very effective way to inflict damage and death.

Trabuco weapons were easy to build and did not require much to keep them maintained. As a result, they became highly popular weapons to manufacture for all sorts of wars. It was much more effective at launching what it needed to launch and at higher speeds than virtually anything else available in the weapons market at the time.

The basic concept on dicionarioinformal.com.br that makes this weapon work is the idea of transferring potential energy into real kinetic energy. Of course, some of that energy is lost in the transfer. As long as enough of the energy is retained, the weapon will launch projectiles at a very fast speed.

Calculations are required to make this weapon work properly. Those who use it have to calculate potential distance, potential gravitational, and potential kinetic energy to make it all come together and work as it is supposed to.

The first Trabuco weapons operated by humans. They date back a very long time ago. However, many note that they were quite rare because of all of the calculations necessary to get them to work just right. As such, it was not all that common to see them used.

Four shots per minute was an amazing feat of war at the time, and that is what the Trabuco could pull off. However, the logistics behind getting all of the human team to work in tandem to make this work was a lot harder to manage according to youtube.com. As such, many in combat at the time decided against using this particular weapon in favor of others.

According to help.madmoo.com, organizing everyone in such a way that allowed them to pull the strings at the same time was highly difficult. As such, the power of the various shots differed wildly, and this led to the weapon seeing the end of its use by the end of the eleventh century. Although cutting edge while it was in use, it quickly faded into the history books.

Find more about Trabuco: http://epocanegocios.globo.com/Economia/noticia/2017/08/volta-do-pib-esta-contratada-diz-trabuco.html

Education is one of the most important areas that people throughout the country want to improve. Most people know that the public school system is not working as intended. Although it is good for some people, the public school system tends to be bad for children who are at different ends of the spectrum.

There are many children who are not challenged enough in school. Rocketship Education is an opportunity for personalized education for young children. This is a great way for people to take their children’s education to the next level and improve their overall learning. Over time, Rocketship Education has proven that the concept works.

Cost of Education

Another major problem with the education industry is the cost of private education. There are many people who do not have the money to pay for private school for their children. With the public school system in bad shape, there are few options for parents.

This is one of the reasons that Rocketship Education is doing so well. Although it does cost more than a public school, it is much less than a private school. Rocketship Education is a great value for parents who value the education of their child. Now is a great time to start investing in the future of your child with this school.

Personalized Learning

One of the most important things to keep in mind about education is that it is vital to challenge children. This is difficult for teachers to do in a large classroom environment.

Rocketship Education is one of the few places where personalized learning is offered. Based on the strength and weakness of each child, a unique learning curriculum will be established. This is a great way to track the progress of students throughout their education at the school.


For people who are looking for a viable home business, the Traveling Vineyard fills the bill. Founded in 2001, the company provides a way for people to sell their wine via home tasting parties. The project has become very successful as just about everyone enjoys a glass of wine now and then, and the product from The Traveling Vineyard has a 98 percent acceptance and satisfaction rate.

There are 21 varieties of wines in three categories of red, white and sweet fizzy wines. The prices range from $14 to $25 per bottle each. The company also markets their brand of openers, chillers and decanters. People are usually enthusiastic about the concept because not only can they taste some very good wine at the home get-togethers, but they can learn more about wines and how they pair up with foods and occasions.

It all happens with the distributor, called the Wine Guide who asks neighbors, friends and acquaintances if they would be willing to host a home tasting party for reward of 5 free bottles of wine. During the event, not only are tasting activities the main activity, but the Wine Guide also passes out somnology cards which are used in teaching the guests all about the different aspects of the various wines, how they pair with food and events.

You can become a Wine Guide for just $175 which is inexpensive enough for a good business startup. For that price the Wine Guide receives enough in the way of equipment to host two home tasting parties. They receive what is called the “Success Kit” which contains wine glasses, decanters, order forms, carrying bags, brochures and detailed instruction on how to get started and run the business.

The wine guide can also get a personal website for The Traveling Vineyard for just $15.95 per month so people can go ahead and order their wine online. The website also has training videos and accounting software.

When people who are established as Wine Guides are interviewed the positives that come through are the fact that they can work independently determine their own fate. They can work their own hours and create their own schedule. And yes, there is a good money-making opportunity here.

The average wine sales at a home tasting party are in the $450 to $500 level and the Wine Guide receives a 15% to 35% commission depending on current level of production. They also get a 20% discount on the wines that may be used for their personal needs.

The Wine Guide can earn revenue from four different sources:

• Home Tasting Parties
• Monthly Sales From the exclusive Monthly Wine Club
• Sales from their online website
• Revenue from team building

There are also trips that are educational and enjoyable at the same time that can be earned. All told, the Traveling Vineyard opportunity is real and many are prospering at being Wine Guides.

Some leaders excel in helping the growth of the company, and there are those that assist in making the business plummet. Fortunately, in the case with the Swiss Startup Factory, it is the leadership of Mike Baur that gave it the strong credibility that it has right now.


Mike Baur’s Enthusiasm For Brand Development


Mike Baur is the man behind the Swiss Start-up Factory. As its co-founder, he has been able to provide wonderful ideas for the company’s growth as a brand for over 20 years now. It is not hard for Mike Baur to be able to offer these corporate ideas as the banking experience he has in the Swiss banking industry trained him and gave meaning to his causes and efforts in fundraising and financing.


According to Founder Stories, the foundation of a Swiss Start-up Factory can only come from Mike’s extensive experience in finance and enthusiastic dedication in everything that has to do with brand development.


Born in a family with a background in finance, Mike Baur became a Swiss businessman who has dedicated his career to bringing wild and fresh innovative ideas in the company that he built, the Swiss Startup Factory. The work that Baur did for UBS and Clariden Leu‘s banks also helped him gather all the experience needed to make sure that the business strategies that he applies have robust application to the real demands of the firm.


Baur is also responsible for being the jury member at the established START Summiteer, which is a start-up pitching competition that he joined when he collaborated with the University of St Gallen. The responsibility of Mike Baur also gets extended to becoming the deputy managing director at the CTI Invest.


There are many innovative ideas that Mike Baur churned out, but most of the ideas that provided significant changes to the business came from the Accelerator Program that Mike started for the company.


The outstanding performance of Mike didn’t also go unacknowledged. In fact, Wall Street Journal picked up the story behind Mike’s entrepreneurial beginnings and other start-up investments. In the report, the performance of Mike Baur was evident in providing the significant and transformative changes required in the growth of his business.


Indeed, Mike became a revelation in the start-up industry. With his knack for excellent brainstorming for innovative ideas, it’s no wonder that many of the growth of Swiss Start Up Factory gets credited to Mike’s talents.