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Advertising is certainly one of the things that we have got used to in the 21st century. It has almost become impossible for any company or enterprise to run without advertising. In the digital era, we get exposed to many ads every day. You may be asked to view a certain product before you are allowed access to a certain website.

Advertisements have been used to run television and radio stations for many decades and this trend will obviously continue. What is now becoming more common is the increased advertising on mobile phones. This is one of the issues that mobile service providers are trying to deal with. It is true that in the future we may have free mobile services courtesy of advertising.

Mobile operators have not been too pleased with advertising on mobile phones. Most mobile phone users view as disruptive and irrelevant. Some operators have opted to deal with it by getting the users to pay a certain amount then they won’t be able to see any ads whilst using their phones. Some mobile operators are using advertising as way of generating revenue. An example is FreedomPop, which free service with a fairly limited data, text and voice allowance.

Users can also upgrade and by making deals with FreedomPop’s third-party advertisers. You may be involved in tasks like filing questionnaires or purchasing products. FreedomPop will then reward you with additional services. In spite of this, it is unlikely that in the future mobile services will be completely catered for by ads.

FreedomPop is a wireless internet service provider which is based in Los Angeles, California. The private company was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols (CEO) and Stephen Sesar (COO). It provides free text, data and voice. The company also sells tablets and phones to be used with their service. The company has managed to raise $109 million and uses Sprint’s network in America. The company announced its intention to expand to the UK on Three’s network. It then launched a global SIM with free mobile data in 2016 to be used in 25 countries. The company teamed up with Intel in November 2015 to create a Wi-Fi focused Smartphone.

For $5 a month, FreedomPop offers unlimited access to its Wi-Fi network. This will offer Android Smartphone owners with unlimited text, voice and data. You can access this service via the FreedomPop App which has 10 million hotspots all over America. Some of these hotspots are however not available for the public. The New York Times reported in 2015 that FreedomPop has hundreds of thousands subscribers and 80 employees. Their mission is to ensure the accessibility and affordability of communication services.

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North Korea is often considered to be one of the most isolated and volatile countries in the world. It is one of the few places on the planet where people do not generally have access to the Internet or news from the outside world. Because of this, many people in the country are unaware of life outside of North Korea and some are fearful to ever try and leave.

While attempting to defect from North Korea is considered very dangerous, some people do attempt to leave by sneaking into either South Korea or China. One individual that did try to leave was Yeonmi Park, who left North Korea with her mother when she was just 13 years old Park and her mother left the country in March 2007 by crossing the Chinese border in the dead of night. They then completed a yearlong journey through China, Mongolia, and South Korea before they were ever able to rest. Park’s father left a few months later, but ended up passing away from cancer shortly after leaving North Korea.

Once outside of North Korea and settled, she was completely shocked by life in a different country. She had stated that she was saddened by the lack of freedom in North Korea and surprised by the access to food that people in the rest of the world had. Yeonmi Park has frequently been interviewed by The Reason and considered a hero by those in the Western world, as well as an inspiration to others that would like to leave North Korea.

North Korea’s government has had a different perspective on Park’s defection. The government’s official stance according to the NY Times has been that Park is a traitor to the country and was in North Korea to attempt to destroy the nation. They have also told many citizens of the country that she and her family were actually spies from the United States.


Although I’ve not personally visited anyone in jail or prison; I’m particularly fascinated by all the cutting-edge communication technology innovations developed to smarten the visitation process. Securus Technologies just rolled out yet another smart inmate visitation app. This time, it’s video-enabled! Certainly, it’s smart and different in ways unimaginable. It’s already been downloaded by Android and iPhone users 65,000 times. So, why use Securus inmate visitation app for Android and iPhone? An honest mistake is not using this app. While I cannot speak about prison or jail visitation personally, I have friends and family members who constantly complain about the process. So, think about the savings of visiting your incarcerated loved ones without leaving home, sounds positively convenient? Securus inmate visitation does all this and more as I’ve recently learned.

Just six months after Securus Technologies rolled out its cutting-edge inmate visitation app for Android, it recorded 60,000 downloads. Meanwhile, iOS reached 5,000 downloads. Securus Technologies marketing strategy VP, Russell Roberts elaborated on how the friends and the relatives of inmates will enjoy the “Connect and Serve” experience. Adding that it’ll limit spending on expensive phone calls, traveling and fuel. What’s more, scheduling visits isn’t a daunting activity anymore. It’s compatible with all smart mobile devices, handsets, and tablets powered by iOS or Android. 

Video quality isn’t always agreeable, however, Securus inmate visitation app has advanced settings to enhance connectivity. With this, boosting video call quality is possible. Additionally, it has a “sync” feature which allows callers to store, share and access visitation appointments easily. With the wifi test feature, finding the best connection for improved video quality is viable.  To download the Google Play app, click here.

A PR Newswire article released earlier this year revealed that Securus Technologies appointed telecommunication powerhouse, John Bell as Senior Sales VP (Vice President) last December. The Holy Cross graduate resume includes telecommunication technology industry heavyweights like IBM, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, etc. With 35+ years helping business operators to transform their organizational culture through performance innovations; Securus Technologies stand to gain from John Bell’s alliance. 

Securus Technologies operating out of Dallas, Texas provide criminal and civil justice technology solutions for 1.2 million incarcerated individuals and 3,400 corrections/law enforcement/public safety facilities. Established in 1986, Securus Technologies continues to transform prison and jail communication solutions. Securus Technologies expertise centers on communication, inmate self-help tools, incident management, monitoring service solutions, public information, biometric analysis, emergency response, and investigation.

Securus Technologies is in not a part of the health supplement Securus nor the website for agents, Securus America.

To get any answers to questions about the products or services of Securus Technologies, click on the following link >> http://securus.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

New York attorney Ross Abelow recently announced the launch of a “GoFundMe” campaign to aid animal shelters in New York City providing support to homeless animals. The campaign hopes to raise $5000 to benefit shelters in the city.
Mr. Abelow’s decision to spearhead the campaign was motivated by his longstanding involvement with the community and as well as his recognition that shelters in the city are underfunded. Financially-strained, animal shelters in New York City are often unable to add to their numbers because they cannot afford new animals, or because they simply lack the space. Mr. Abelow’s campaign aims to help these shelters alleviate some of their financial woes by supplying money to pay for medical care, vaccines, blankets, and food for the growing number of distressed animals. Since the city has experienced record cold temperatures this year, the campaign comes at a time when homeless animals are particularly vulnerable.

Abelow hopes the campaign serves as a means to prevent animal deaths and to allow shelters to maintain higher numbers of animals in their care.

Apart from his commitment to animal welfare, Mr. Abelow maintains an active legal practice. A New York licensed attorney, Mr. Abelow is experienced in Matrimonial Law, Family Law, Commercial Litigation, and Entertainment Law. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School and was admitted to practice in 1989.

As a partner at the law firm Abelow & Cassandro LLP, Mr. Abelow’s has a deep sense of commitment to the community. Mr. Abelow also actively writes for legal blogs and his personal blog, while maintaining an active presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Mashable.

The campaign is being hosted on the crowdfunding website “GoFundMe.” According to its Wikipedia page, GoFundMe “is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses.” Those wishing to contribute to the campaign can do so by visiting the campaign’s website at: https://www.gofundme.com/ross-abelow-pets.


WEN by Chaz Dean is a world famous hair care line used by many women the world over. Its well-known and successful infomercials popularly depict gorgeous women tossing around even more gorgeous hair made so after using Wen products. As reported by Bustle, one young hair care user was skeptical and very critical of the infomercials. She doubted that any hair care product could actually produce such glamorous results. So she decided to see if the Wen line was as successful as it claimed. She was even more sure that it would not work for her head of fine, thin hair. 

WEN has a whole host of different products that are said to work with different kinds of hair. He is hair is fine and thin, so she went with a product aimed at that kind of hair. She was also prepared for some strange side effects since that was said to occasionally occur. In the end, she was delightfully surprised. While not as unrealistically gorgeous as the hair in the facebook infomercials, the product actually had a wonderfully positive effect on her hair, giving it an unprecedented moisture, bounce, and shine. You can read the full article and view her results here.

Is there anything people won’t do for their beloved pets? Apparently not, if sales of premium dog food are any indication. Sales for premium dog food have been skyrocketing of late, and it’s a sure sign that pet lovers are willing to pay extra to take care of their beloved furry friends with tasty, high quality food.

The Natural Food Angle

A recent article in www.dailyherald.com http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

reviewed the premium dog food market, and what’s clear is that this business is really taking off. Premium brands like Beneful are among those that are seeing consumers respond to a commitment to quality, fresh ingredients. Baneful has long used quality ingredients like fresh salmon and chicken in its kibble and canned products, and sales are definitely up.

What’s driving the market may be the overall awareness of people about having a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet of natural, organic foods. Companies like Beneful and newer upstart brands like Blue Buffalo Co. and Fresh Pet are making a strong commitment to using quality and yes, more expensive ingredients in their mixes. What’s clear is that many consumers are not resistant to higher prices when it comes to their dog’s health and welfare.

New Innovations

All of these sales are also driving competition and innovation in this market. Major players like Colgate-Palmolive and Purina are diving in with new ideas for their product lines on walmart, including weight loss dog chow and individualized recipes mixed through website orders. All of this is a sure sign that this hot market is getting hotter, and right now there’s no end in sight.

It’s enough to make that furry best friend bark in delight, especially at dinnertime.



Sergio Cortes recently posted new information about the Zika virus on his blog that can be found at Sergiocortesoficial.com. He is a trusted and loved doctor that can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In his article he gives useful information about the beginning of the disease and what individuals can expect from the disease. The Zika virus first emerged in the 1940s and it was identified in some African countries. These countries included Uganda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone. Over the years the disease spread throughout Asia and reached countries such as Thailand and India. In last year the Zika virus had been seen in many Latin American countries that including Columbia, Mexico, and Brazil.
There have been many outbreaks of the Zika virus that have affected many towns in the country of Brazil and that has the World Health Organization and Dr. Sergio Cortes very preoccupied. There have been investigations that have linked microcephaly to the Zika virus. Microcephaly is what causes small heads in newborn babies. These studies have proven that in areas that have had outbreaks months before, they now have had a surge of babies being born with microcephaly. There are also ongoing studies that have been performed that may prove that Zika has a link to Guillian Barre syndrome. Guillian Barre syndrome is a very serious neurological disease and it is also an autoimmune disease.

When it comes to the transmission of the Zika virus, it is not a virus that is contagious. The Zika virus can only be transmitted through the Aedes aegypti mosquito. This is the same mosquito that is responsible for transmitting the Dengue fever and Chikungunya.

Normally this mosquito prefers to deposit her eggs in clean water, but she can also deposit her eggs in water that has organic material. Since that is the case, it is very important to avoid having any standing water in or outside of the home. The symptoms of Zika are generally mild and they can include fever, muscular pain, and rashes. The only way to correctly diagnose Zika is through a complex exam. There is no real treatment for the symptoms of Zika, and people that are infected with the disease can generally take anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. The only painkiller that is important to avoid is aspirin.

Women that are pregnant or desiring to get pregnant should take extreme measures to avoid mosquitoes. Some precautions that they should take are to wear clothes that cover their full body, wear insect repellent, use mosquito nets over themselves when they are sleeping, and put screens on their windows and on their doors. Even though Brazil continues to be one of the most affected countries when it comes to the Zika virus in Latin America, it is important for individuals to try to do all they can to prevent or avoid mosquito bites.

Although he might prefer not to be called a prophet, Billionaire George Soros continues to issues grave warnings for the demise of the European Union. He has written a book on the topic. Now on February 11, 2016, George Soros shares his insights with German magazine – Wirtschafts Woche.
“Taking Warnings to Germany”

The New York Review of Books has given the world a sneak peek of the important interview between Billionaire George Soros and Gregor Peter Schmitz. Georges Soros said, “[t]he EU now is confronted with not one but five or six crises at the same time.” Soros lists Syria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, England and Paris.

Soros continued, “Merkel correctly foresaw the potential of the migration crisis to destroy the European Union. What was a prediction has become reality. The European Union badly needs fixing.” When the European Union was strong economically, it could integrate East Germany into the system. Sadly, with continued struggles in Greece, the EU is losing cohesion.

“Political Economic Struggles”

Greece is discussing leaving the European Union. Some Germans want Greece to leave. Syrian refugees place a higher burden on the EU social welfare system. Ukraine wants to join the European Union. But where will the money come from?

The Greeks refused to accept the previous financial arrangements set forth by the EU bankers. But, the Greeks still need capital. With that “unresolved problem” still remaining, it is difficult for the EU to handle more.

“EU is Soros Vision of Open Society”

Soros admitted the following, “I have always looked at the EU as the embodiment of the principles of the open society.” Soros commended Merkel while being quite honest in her weaknesses: “The open society that both Merkel and I believe in because of our personal histories, and that the reformers of the new Ukraine want to join because of their personal histories, does not really exist. The European Union was meant to be a voluntary association of equals but the euro crisis turned it into a relationship between debtors and creditors where the debtors have difficulties in meeting their obligations and the creditors set the conditions that the debtors have to meet.” Soros had advised the EU to renegotiate bad debt in 2008.

Instead, Greek debt terms remain quite onerous. “Greece was mishandled from the beginning,” he stated. Soros concluded, “[t]herefore, the very survival of the EU is at risk.”

“What will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?”

No political union can survive unless it solves its problems. George Soros understands this all too well. He has been warning Germany and the EU since 2008. Will the EU finally listen before its too late?

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer whose definite role is assuring that traders and other employers stay on the right path and do not stray off course.

She is the Managing Administrator and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC as well as a associate of this company’s Executive Commission where she has been employed since 2007.

Prior to this she was in charge of the San Francisco Office of U.S. Securities and Exchange Authoritative Unit from 1999 to 2007.

In her capacity as territorial administrator and earlier as District Fiduciary she was liable for securities enforcement, legal proceeding and restrictive matters in Northern California and five Northwest States.

And from 1996 to 1999 she was chief of enforcement to San Francisco’s SEC office..
Helane Morrison represented the SEC in legal aspects, financial communities as well as other federal bureaus. She was legal counsel at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady ,Falk, Rabkin, in San Francisco from 1986 to 1996 where she was ultimately promoted to full partnership in 1991.

Her main legal focus is on business litigation, defense of private securities activities and SEC matters. Before entering law she served as law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and Honorable Richard A. Posner of U.S. Court of Appeals for the seventh Circuit.

She possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Northwestern University and attained a Juris Doctor from the University of California at Berkeley Law School, where she was editor in chief of California Law Review.

According to her LinkedIn, Helane is a member of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of American Bar Association.

Current enforcement actions found compliance officers directly culpable for errors inside their firms, and these officers are trembling in fear for potential dismissal from employment. Elevated answerability is forcing experienced people to be more judicious about the vocation and making it arduous for banks to find new recruits. Compliance officers feel that they are unjustly accused and put under the microscope.

Since the fiscal impasse banks employed thousands of compliance officers to confront and resolve in house affairs that eventually led to colossal monetary penalties, and the “red flag” was raised. Directors main spotlight is on who these officers answer to, because they should not have to address those that run their companies directly. The idea is to provide these officers with more freedom from those executives who help set protocols and oversee people in the territory.

Check out Helane’s Bloomberg profile or read the following article to get a better look at her life and work experience: http://www.projecteve.com/helane-morrison-shattering-glass-ceiling-corporate-world/

Ross Abelow is a versatile lawyer working in New York who is capable of working in the entertainment, corporate and marriage fields. His practice has remained versatile throughout the years because of his willingness to help clients with varied needs, and this article explains how Ross helps clients in every possible legal arena. Ross has built a reputation for tackling problems that impact many of the most famous residents of the city.

#1: Ross Works With Divorcing Couples

Couples going through a divorce has quite a lot to work out before their divorce will be approved by the court, and Ross has worked in the family court system long enough to know how to create an agreement everyone can live with. Ross mediates sessions with his clients and their spouses, and he helps reach agreements that both parties will sign freely. There are many couples who are not heading for an amicable divorce, and Ross helps these couples avoid a lengthy divorce proceeding.

#2: Ross Helps People In Entertainment

Ross has worked with people in the entertainment industry in New York for many years. He has reviewed the contracts of some of the biggest stars in the city, and he has helped those people with other aspects of their life. The entertainment industry is far-reaching in New York, and Ross has many clients who have asked him for marriage and contract help in the same session.

#3: Corporate Law Concerns

Ross has worked with large corporations that are in need of a team of lawyers. Ross steps in to help companies that are in need of legal help, and he holds meetings with his corporate clients when they must cover the legal ramifications of their decisions. There are many decisions that cannot be made without the help of a lawyer, and Ross will help his clients until they are not longer in need of further legal advice. Ross has worked with many large corporations because of his experience in the marriage and entertainment industries.

Ross Abelow is one of the most versatile lawyers in New York City, and he is prepared to take on clients who are in need of immediate assistance. There are many people who are in need of a versatile attorney to help them with their many needs, and Ross is free to review contracts, mediate divorces and ensure that all his clients have their interests represented.

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