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Ross Abelow is a versatile lawyer working in New York who is capable of working in the entertainment, corporate and marriage fields. His practice has remained versatile throughout the years because of his willingness to help clients with varied needs, and this article explains how Ross helps clients in every possible legal arena. Ross has built a reputation for tackling problems that impact many of the most famous residents of the city.

#1: Ross Works With Divorcing Couples

Couples going through a divorce has quite a lot to work out before their divorce will be approved by the court, and Ross has worked in the family court system long enough to know how to create an agreement everyone can live with. Ross mediates sessions with his clients and their spouses, and he helps reach agreements that both parties will sign freely. There are many couples who are not heading for an amicable divorce, and Ross helps these couples avoid a lengthy divorce proceeding.

#2: Ross Helps People In Entertainment

Ross has worked with people in the entertainment industry in New York for many years. He has reviewed the contracts of some of the biggest stars in the city, and he has helped those people with other aspects of their life. The entertainment industry is far-reaching in New York, and Ross has many clients who have asked him for marriage and contract help in the same session.

#3: Corporate Law Concerns

Ross has worked with large corporations that are in need of a team of lawyers. Ross steps in to help companies that are in need of legal help, and he holds meetings with his corporate clients when they must cover the legal ramifications of their decisions. There are many decisions that cannot be made without the help of a lawyer, and Ross will help his clients until they are not longer in need of further legal advice. Ross has worked with many large corporations because of his experience in the marriage and entertainment industries.

Ross Abelow is one of the most versatile lawyers in New York City, and he is prepared to take on clients who are in need of immediate assistance. There are many people who are in need of a versatile attorney to help them with their many needs, and Ross is free to review contracts, mediate divorces and ensure that all his clients have their interests represented.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes is facing one of the biggest tests of his career as the State Health Secratary. Because of torrential downpours that seem to never end, the area in and around Xerém, Duque de Caxias, has been inundated with contaminated floodwaters. The rising floodwaters have also contributed to be a health crisis by producing contaminated water that contains the likes of hepatitis A, dengue fever, yellow fever and is the breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. This particular species of mosquito has been linked to several viruses including the Zika virus which has been spreading very quickly throughout the area.
Dr. Cortes was interviewed by Extra.Global and was asked about his plans to try and stabilize the region.

Sec. Sergio Cortes elaborated on his plans on crunchbase and explained that they include surveying the region and then taking an active approach to try and decontaminate the infected waters. Dr. Sergio’s team has also built seven dengue hydration stations that are currently being used as emergency shelters for local residents that have been a refuge there due to the rising floodwaters. Dr. Sergio has also begun the dispensing of 3000 antibacterial tablets with the intention of trying to treat people that have been in contact with contaminated water and have been affected by leptospirosis. But the one of the biggest challenges facing secretary Cortes and his team is the emergence of the Zika virus. The Zika virus has started to spread in a very quick fashion as of late and since humans are not contagious it has been determined that the virus is being spread through the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.
Thousands of troops have been going to the region with the intention of controlling the population of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and to help with the distribution of bottled water. Dr. Cortes explains the bottled water used for drinking and food preparation and poor personal hygiene or situation will quickly become out of hand

The Zika virus has recently been linked to almost 4000 birth defects in Brazil. The northern and western parts of Brazil have seen the most rapid spread of the virus and the entire nation is currently involved in mosquito prevention control. 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite have already been distributed to local volunteers that agreed to go out to help with the decontamination of the infected water in the region. Dr. Cortes on twitter is confident that with aggressive you prevention and the proper use of bottled water that this health crisis can be contained. Women have been asked to refrain from becoming pregnant for the next two years in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador do to be widespread Zika virus and its devastating effects on the fetus in the form of microcephaly

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Fashion and Beauty Rules that Must be Broken
Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Makeup. She is talented and highly creative. She is a firm believer in magical makeup. This is one CEO who will encourage everyone to break the fashion and beauty rules. She has a list of fashion rules that are worth breaking. Ms. Deere will proudly claim that fashion rules are meant to be broken. It is not sinful to break these rules. What are her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break?

The Best Rules that Should be Broken
There are some good guidelines that can be used for fashion and makeup. It is good to know that these are not rules that are set in stone. We do not have to abide by a set of fashion rules. We can create our own unique and beautiful beauty and fashion guidelines. We all have the right to look and feel our best. The rules that are best to break, according to Doe Deere include:

1. mixing several colors is a no-no; you can mix many jazzy color combinations without apologizing.

2. it is wrong to have bold eyes with bold lips; you do not have to wear only one bold color on at a time. it is your creation. Try blue milk eyeliner and some delicious Red Velvet lipstick. It does not need to be wrong to enjoy bold eyes and bold lips together.

3. patterns are not meant to be mixed; you have the right to mix many different patterns together and you can have one magical outfit. Don’t let mixing patterns intimidate you. Have fun with fashion!

4. wearing sock with open-toed shoes or heels is forbidden; Make your own chic and savvy trend and enjoy your stylish and fun designer feet.

5. black and neutrals only for those with unnaturally hair that is colored; this is an unnecessary rule that encourages everything to be tidy and neutral. When this rule is broken, your personality will shine through. Keeping the colors flowing with unnatural hair looks especially fabulous.

7. you must dress your age; this is a fun rule to break. Youthful shades do not need to exist. The appropriate rule can be tossed out.

8. you need to stay with occasion specific attire; you have the right to wear an evening gown to any event. There is no need to store your fancy fashions and bring them out for the required occasions. Where your fancy fashion now!
These are a few of Doe Deer’s favorite fashion and beauty rules that are best broken.

Get to Know Doe Deere
Doe Deere is indeed a colorful and clever CEO. She is the founder of Lime Crime makeup. She can clearly reflect her own company. She is an educated woman who will claim that beauty is everything that feels right. It does not necessarily need to be in the norm or even appear natural.

Born in Russia
Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in the City of New York. She has created cruelty-free cosmetics that are colorful and magical. These are products that foster creative style.

Dog food is a growing industry that is constantly in a higher demand as more and more Facebook owners and breeders desire more dogs. The dog food industry is currently a multi billion dollar industry that continues to grow as different companies find new niches to fit their businesses into this fast growing industry. One niche in particular that is taking off is promoting healthy dog food to be consumed. The idea behind this is to offer the dogs the same food (within reason) as to what the owner would consume in terms of quality. The idea is currently being practiced by Richard Thompson who is the owner of a small gourmet dog food manufacturing line. Mr. Thompson is notably dedicated and obsessed with the quality of dog food that he offers. Mr. Thompson is able to uphold his dedication to providing healthy dog food by making sure that the selling dog food does not remain on the shelf for long amounts of time. Mr. Thompson wants his products to be eaten while they are still filled with flavor. Mr. Thompson is proud to say that all of his used ingredients to make these dishes are all fresh ingredients. This company is just a taste of the thousands of new dog food businesses that are popping up around the world. One of the most internationally known businesses is called Beneful which specializes in dry food, wet food, as well as treats. All of these products include the freshest ingredients that come in a variety of textures as well as flavors. One of the most popular products is the Beneful wet food which comes in 20 different flavors that includes five different proteins and fresh ingredients. These proteins include lamb, beef, chicken, and pork that are then combined with barley, rice, carrots, green beans, and other delicious and fresh ingredients. The wet dog food is even cut up into visible chunks that allows for the dog and the owner to see exactly what the animal is consuming. Purina Beneful is a dedicated company that creates tasty and wholesome meals that are healthy for every dog.

Chris Lloyd, CEO of Nobilis Health says that the company sets themselves apart from the competition with some of their case volume. About 20 to 25 percent of surgeries or cases are directed to their centers by their own direct consumer marketing initiatives. By helping affiliated physicians grow their businesses they hope they will refer patients to their facilities. Chris Lloyd says they are targeting the baby boomer market who will be using a large percentage of their health dollars in the next few years. We want to try to compete in this very competitive market and gain a bigger market share, he said. Lloyd says on Linked In that Nobilis is financially healthy in 2015. The busiest times are in October, November, and December. We did well despite not taking government money at most of our facilities. One of the big expenses of the company is marketing. This is something many of their competitors do not have. They have plans to purchase a few new facilities using cash or using stock in 2016. The only way they will raise equity is when they acquire a large facility which they do not have plans to do right now. Some of their top competitors are Amsurg Corporation, Surgery Partners, and Tenet Healthcare Corp. Nobilis Health came about when Northstar purchased Athas in December 2014. Athas was a direct consumer marketing company. Northstar was founded back in 2007 by a group of physicians that owned facilities down in Houston, TX. They wanted to get into using direct marketing in healthcare because they noticed a growing need in the industry. Chris Lloyd was founder of Athas and when Northstar bought the company in 2014 they made him CEO of the combined companies. Nobilis owns and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities that delivers healthcare services. The focus of the company is to provide surgery that is non-invasive in affordable settings for patients. They use direct marketing to provide patient wth information and education. Nobilis Health owns over seven facilities located in Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale. They have partnerships that are contractual with Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey.

Real estate in New York City apartments for sale is at an all time high. It seems like the prices are just going up and have no way of stopping. At Extell Development One57, the billionaires play ground, a penthouse was sold for a whopping $100.47 million. Across the way condominium are starting at $900,000. Even Brooklyn which used to be reasonable, has the honor of selling the most expensive home in the Cobble Hill area.

The Chief Executive of Core, a brokerage firm is pleased that the company has made more money that they did before, saying that 2015 was bigger than ever. Then at 220 Central Park South,520 Park Avenue and a few other, they are getting ready for more billionaires to make purchases.People like Kenneth C Griffin,who is estimated to be worth $7 billion, purchased a huge apartment at 220 Central Park South, for roughly $200 million, this was one of the country biggest purchase to date. This was supposed to kept a secret because if word got out the deal may have fallen through.

Most of the one hundred and eighteen apartments at 220 Central Park South, has been sold. The architects at Stern, say that about fourteen of the apartments went for $50 million. Most real estate brokers in New York City, thinks the trend will continue, but some are still wondering how far can it reach. As long as the buyers have the money to spend, the market will always be there. Besides, there are a lot wealthy individuals who are making New York City their home.

Then we have TOWN Residential, which has the dubious distinction for selling luxury homes. It was started in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, who also is the Chief Executive Officer and Joseph Sitt as Co-Chairman. They have taken up roots in New York City and have already firmly planted. Their specialties are of course luxury residential homes, leasing and development and, it seems as though they have surpassed the rest. The company has the best professionals in the real estate business and comes with countless knowledge and experience.

This company is has landed on the top fifty list, as one of the best place to work for. The entire company work as one team, so that they can offer the client the best service possible. They pride themselves on honesty and also being the best in the real estate market. In New York City they have nine offices which can be reached very easily for any customer needing their expertise.

People will often choose to receive care from a well-known and trusted healthcare facility. Many do not realise that there are healthcare development companies that manage and aim to improve patient treatment behind several well-known hospitals. One of the most highly ranked full-service healthcare development and management companies is Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health manages surgical centers and focuses on full patient care and trains medical staff in the use of the latest medical equipment and procedures. With a particular focus on patient satisfaction, this healthcare development and management company trains expert staff to respond to all patient concerns with competent medical service and/or accurate information. This service extends to the patients’ family as well. Nobilis understands that to serve patients successfully a medical facility must provide competent medical treatment and compassion as well. This is just one of the many aspects of human service that Nobilis practices. The underrepresented growth and success of Nobilis are evident in their mergers with other healthcare companies. However, Nobilis does not limit itself to behind-the-scenes healthcare management, rather, they make themselves readily available to customers directly. Nobilis prioritizes staying up-to-date on the latest technology by enabling healthcare facilities to have the latest technology features in their company marketing as well. Also, Nobilis Health continues to facilitate full-service health care for all patients through disease prevention. The company does this through their training sessions with medical professionals by ensuring that these professionals are informed of the latest means of disease prevention and on how to spot early symptoms of illness. Nobilis Health stocks decreased sharply in recent months, but increased by 6% in December 2015 and are likely to keep gradually increasing Nobilis Health continues to form partnerships for the advancement of healthcare service.

Over the years, many countries have invested a lot of input in the development of different investment companies and institutions. This has led to the development of institutions offering distinct services in investment management services. As such, many people have emerged successful in the field of investment management thus amercing a lot of wealth. Professional personalities have taken advantage of the market niche to develop business empires that have received global backing and recognition. This has been a good indication towards forming a more vibrant and progressive global village geared towards service delivery. Digital migration has also made it easy for companies to interact easily from any part of the globe through the use of internet. This has facilitated the process of doing business and information exchange. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one of the best performing investment firm situated in United States of America. The firm has invested heavily in growth capital, hedge funds, private equity and acquisition of assets and properties.

The investment firm was established through the merging of other subsidiaries into one of the most performing firm in the history of US. The firm has continued to grow over the years to invest over 12billion dollars in leverage buyout and growth capital making it among the top most performing and trusted investment firm. The firm has expanded and increased on its professional service delivery in which it has employed over 50 employees geared towards making the company an outstanding entity among others. As a result on NY Post, the firm has opened branches in other parts of the world like New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. These subsidiaries have also continued to expand the fortune of the company making it to be ranked among the top most profitable company globally.

The success of the company can be attributed to the good leadership structures of Stephen Murray who is the president and chief executive officer of the company. After graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics, he developed interest in becoming one of the most successful individual in the history of investment management. This prompted him to further his education and acquired a master’s degree in business administration from the Columbian Business School. This was the opening that spearheaded the development of a successive career in running and managing the most respected and trusted investment firm of all times. Before joining CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray started his career as a credit analyst at Manufacture Hanover Corporation before moving through the ranks to become the president of CCMP Capital following the merger of the companies. He has also developed interest in other philanthropic field. This saw him donate funds to Make-A-Wish Foundation which is a charitable organization taking care of the less privileged in the society. These are the qualities that have left many people emulating his type of leadership.