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For a multitude of people, renting out their entire home or part of it on Airbnb seems like an easy way to cash in money. One may look at it as a way of paying off their mortgage loan by hosting travelers for a short while. But recent studies have shown that there are some unexpected problems like for instance damage to your property that your insurance may not cover. In most cases, this leaves these amateur hoteliers with financial and legal issues that they hadn’t anticipated, and thus they end up costing more to fix these damages than they could make by renting out their property.

What to consider before renting out your property on Airbnb
1. What your homeowner’s insurance covers
Many homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover Short-term rentals. Meaning that, you have to foot the bill in the event your paid guest does damages to your property.

2. Potential Risks
When you rent out your property, you’re responsible for any injuries, illegal activities, theft, damages to your neighbor’s or your property that they may inflict or incur while during their short stay.

Once you have looked at these few issues, you may consider whether to take in short-term guests or not. It’s also strongly advised that one should seek the advice of an investment manager or an insurance professional. An example of such a professional is Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. He can assist you in reviewing your options and advice you to your customized needs as he has been in the business of securities for 22 years.

Richard Blair and his company offer advisory services on information on funds, financial planning, and management of wealth for high net worth individuals. He has assisted many people to attain their investment goals via companies like Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC, United Global Securities, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Wealth Solutions, Inc., and Crownbridge Wealth LLC.

About Richard Blair
Mr. Blair is a sole financial advisor certified in Annuity, Fund Specialist, Income Specialist, Tax Specialist, Estate and Trust Specialist and a Retirement Income Certified Professional with 22 years of experience in the finance industry. He is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a firm dedicated to providing retirement, and wealth preservation strategies and objective advice and customized investment. His motivational drive is from the challenge of assisting others to attain their financial goals. Outside the office, Richard Blair spends his time with his wife and their three children bike riding, cheering on his kids at their sports events, taking family vacations, golf, and exercising.

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For a new company, your online reputation may not be something you constantly think about. Unfortunately, this is most definitely an error. Whether you know it or not, your business will most likely live and die by your appearance on the internet. Online Reputation Reviews.com reveals that one bad review can lower profits by 15% or more, and naturally, the more bad reviews you have, the lower your profits get. Maintaining a positive presence on major review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook is absolutely vital if you intend for your business to survive very long.
Here are some ideas to help solve the problem of a negative online presence before it even becomes a real issue.

First, one of the most important things to do is obviously officially establish yourself online. This means registering your business at Yelp, Google Business, and with an official Facebook page. Do more than just register, though. When registering your business, make sure there is proper contact information. Provide a relevant and professional email and phone number for customers and clients to use for either complaints or questions. In addition, use appealing images to attract the eye. A modern feeling provided using high quality images makes your company seem up-to-date.

It is also important for you to monitor your presence on different social media sites that you may not have considered official. Twitter, for example, can be used to sway large tides of people either for or against your company. Performing proper research can allow you to see the current public trend towards your company. In addition, be proactive with the information you gather. If you have found negative comments about your business, communicate with the customer or client in order to provide a more enriching environment for them the next time the visit your business. More individuals than you would realize use public social media to voice their concern.Approximately 40% of individuals will use social media to complain about companies, while 60% will use more private means of communication.

Overall, establishing yourself and monitoring your online reputation is vital in maintaining a healthy and successful relationship with clients.


There is a new European nation being developed, a gorgeous country of friendly people who wish nothing more than to be free and prosperous. That country is Ukraine, and billionaire investor George Soros believes that it is a nation worthy of strong global support in the form of solidarity, aid and debt forgiveness.

To understand why Soros feels that Ukraine deserves so much help, it is important to put recent history into perspective. In a 2015 opinion piece penned along with philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, George Soros argued that Ukraine’s ongoing revolution and armed conflict against Russia is an admirable experiment in democracy.

Indeed, modern news coverage has allowed the world to see that what is happening in Ukraine is a participatory struggle to become a nation that is truly democratic and unwilling to live under a corrupt regime. The way Ukraine has managed the forceful Russian land grab of the Crimean peninsula as well as the violent separatist movement is commendable.

A major focus of Soros’ philanthropic efforts have been focused on Eastern Europe, and this is a nod to his Hungarian heritage. Soros strongly believes that Eastern Europe is a land of promise; a region that aims to adopt all the good democratic practices of the European Union.

Soros feels that Ukraine and other former Soviet republics are threatened by their own pasts; this is something that can be observed in the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, where a Cold War specter has set in.

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Prior to the Crimean crisis, many nations agreed to provide economic aid to the Ukraine by purchasing huge chunks of sovereign debt. This investment, though risky, was attractive in the sense that the good people of the Ukraine are smart and hard-working. Foreign creditors as well as private investors were enticed by the prospect of Ukraine as an emerging market filled with peace-loving people who strive to live democratically in search of freedom and prosperity.

Unfortunately, the conflict with Russia put a hamper on the economic dreams of the Ukrainian people. When Soros argued for a bailout of Ukraine in early 2015, investors listened. He made a sound argument in favor of debt forgiveness, citing the conflict’s impact to the industrial sector and the scores of businesses that have closed across the country.

In August of 2015, the BBC reported that investors holding Ukrainian sovereign debt agreed to a 20 percent write off and to established an extended timeline for repayment. As Soros explained, the people of the Ukraine are bound to prevail, but they need time and help from the global community.

Soros did not make guarantees to investors; instead, he highlighted the noble values that the Ukrainian people are fighting for, and he elucidated on why those values will be ultimately convenient for Europe and for the world.

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The internet is, among many things, a great equalizer. It gives a voice to people all over the world and many folks use that voice to make judgements about companies that they deal with. This niche has opened up the door for companies like Status Labs to rise through the cracks and become legitimate players in the world of business. Status Labs is an online reputation management and public relations firm based out of Austin, Texas. The company, for years, has been helping people of all demographics repair their reputation. However, would it surprise you to know that they first had to repair their own rep?

While Status Labs has done work with over 1,000 different businesses and individuals all over the globe, they first had to do work on their own name. CEO Darius Fisher, who took over the company after a bout with reputation issue, outlined his route to success in rehabilitating the image that Status Labs had so carefully cultivated. He knew that it would be an uphill battle but one, if done right, that could change their company.

First Fisher and Status Labs focused on changing the culture that surrounded their company. The reason that the business was so easily taken down by critics was that they had not established a culture of giving back to their local community. So Fisher started to get Status Labs involved with local charities and other businesses. He wanted his company to be seen first before they were judged, that way they could get the benefit of the doubt the next time something potentially happened.

Afterwards it became apparent that the best way to prevent future issues was by creating a team oriented culture that prized professionalism and teamwork over anything else. So Fisher and the company started implementing team building activities: the company would cater lunch on Fridays, startup a stock option plan, and even allow employees to bring in well behaved pets. With all of these steps in place it was easy for Status Labs to change the way the company operated, was received, and ultimately judged by the rest of the world. Follow Status Labs on Twitter to learn more about their news and services.


Securus is regarded as the fastest growing technological solutions company in the United States’ inmate and communication industry, offering solutions for investigation, communication, public safety and monitoring. The company is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau with regards to being transparent, advertising honestly, building trust, honoring promises, safeguarding privacy and exemplifying integrity.

Securus Technologies have released its first roll of evidence highlighting GTL’s integrity breaches and wrongdoings while serving one of its clients; Louisiana Department of Correction. According to a report by Richard Smith, GTL had deliberately programmed their telephones to rate calls higher than the default rates permitted by the Federal Communication Commission. The telephone were also encoded to add either 15 or 36 seconds to durations of every call made to inmates. These practices were entirely unauthorized and as a results, GTL overcharged Louisiana facilities by an amount equivalent to $1.2 million.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus, Richard Smith, referred to GTL’s actions as offensive to the industry. Every company in the industry has a duty to serve their clients with their interest at heart and not just to make money. Securus planned to release a series of multiple other articles, reports, findings and facts that highlighted all the wrongdoings and integrity breaches by GTL

About Securus

Securus Technologies offer state-of-all-arts technological products including THREADS, Securus XMobile, Securus ConnectUs and STOP BLU+, that serves 3500 correctional, investigation and public safety agencies across United States. The company was established in 1986 in Dallas, Texas and has diversified into other regions including Allen, Georgia, Atlanta and Chicago. The company is a recognized leader in the industry, offering inclusive, innovative solutions and responsive customer services. The company serve more than 45 states in US and some parts of Colombia, Mexico and Canada.

More information about Securus can be obtained from their website; www.securustechnologies.com.

One of the most profitable investment bankers of all time is Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten Martin Lustgarten is the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment firm that is based in Florida. Lustgarten Martin has been praised as being one of the best investment banking firms that the United States has to offer. One of the reasons for this is the leadership insight that the Martin Lustgarten has offered to the banking industry throughout his impressive career.

Martin Lustgarten is considered to be one of the best investment bankers in America, if not the best that exists in America. This is precisely why his firm is sought after by many employees and prospective investors because Martin Lustgarten has a very high success rate and positive rapport with his existing clientele. These efforts allow Martin Lustgarten to achieve even more clients in the process.

Martin Lustgarten’s abilities in the investment banking field truly set him apart; however, his most effective attribute as an investment banker is his ability to facilitate communication both within his firm and with his customers. He values customer service to be the most important part to his business and ensures that each and every one of his clients receives information regarding their possible investments and returns both professionally and periodically. Martin Lustgarten practices a business model that includes transparency, which is seldom encountered at many investment banking firms in the United States.

Lastly, Martin Lustgarten is well known for treating his employees well, which is why his company is so successful. Within the investment banking industry, this practice is seldom found. That being said, Martin Lustgarten realizes the importance that his employees bring to his business, which is why he ensures that they are treated well and rewarded for sensational customer service. Martin Lustgarten’s firm will continue to excel as he inspires his employers, clients, and other investment banking firms around the country with his revolutionary practices within the investment banking industry.

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Winter sports has become a hot topic the past couple of years. As temperatures rise and drought continues in California, the snow has declined. I heard a recent interview done with Andy Wirth on Press Play with Madaline Brand. She asks, “How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?” Hopefully, Andy has the answers.

Andy Wirth is the President of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation and the Cheif Executive Officer of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, INC. He has been on the sales and marketing team of IntraWest ULC and Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. He has over 24 years of Marketing experience in the ski resort industry. He graduated with a B.S. at Colorado State University and attended Edinburgh University in Scotland.

According to Andy Wirth, the biggest problem is the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”. Because of the Ridge, a lot of low-pressure systems that bring in the snow was lost last year. This doesn’t mean that the entire mountain ridge is clean of snow. The ski resort business is still going strong. “Well you got 6 thousand acres,” says Andy, “So if we only have 4 thousand acres for skiing, you’re still going to have a very very good time.”

Some other methods of dealing with less snow are making and managing snow efficiently. Andy mentions using scientific methods to keep snow on the ground once made. He’s also enlisted different machines for transporting snow already on the ground.

With El Niño coming, the resilient ridge will now act as a way to hold the cold temperatures in. Climatologists from Colorado State University see a much better winter for ski resorts this year than the last four. This means a longer season and more snow cover this upcoming season.

Lastly, the interview moves on to the impact climate change has had on ski resorts. “We see ourselves as resource managers…We take managing this natural resource very seriously” Andy Wirth states. Ski resorts are working towards fighting the rising carbon emissions by eliminating it in their own companies. They work to reduce carbon in their buildings and operations as well as in any of their imports. The ski industry is resilient after all. Andy Wirth insists that despite the weather, the capital margin for ski resorts is still high.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings looks to open their season the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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A unique group that encompasses every aspect of well being, The Midas Legacy has something for everyone. They offer research services for anyone looking to better themselves. Their areas of concentration include: money management, entrepreneurship, physical wellness, and overall happiness through financial security.

The expert staff at The Midas Legacy set it apart from other groups. Publisher of The Midas Legacy, Jim Samson, has over twenty years of success in trading, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Samson also authored Best Business Blueprints, Real Estate Riches, and Retirement Calculator columns.

Sean Bower, Chief Editor, couples his journalism and financial success to canvas every part of the financial market of The Midas Legacy. Bower has also authored the Wall Street Informer, and Unlock Your Secret columns. Additionally, Bower is an avid researcher of self-help studies, and uses his knowledge to help better his clients.

For physical wellness, Mark Edwards is the leading expert on natural cures to life’s ailments. A whistleblower on many common food and health care practices, Edwards isn’t afraid to speak up with the truth. He has authored the Natural Cures column, and is ready to help anyone move in the direction of better health.

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Special Report | The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is proud to help those in their community through charitable giving. They regularly donate to several charities including: the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army, and the ASPCA. The ability to help these organizations is what The Midas Legacy is all about.

With so many opportunities for self-improvement, who wouldn’t want to grow their legacy with Midas? To compliment the many free resources available on themidaslegacy.com, there are several newsletters to subscribe to that offer more detailed advice. There is Enjoy Now, for self-improvement, for only seventeen dollars a month. For those looking to grow financially Midas Premium, also only seventeen dollars a month, is a valuable tool to reach the next level of success.

In these uncertain financial times it is important to turn to a resource with a track record of success. Wherever a person may be in their life, they can always benefit from trusted advice. With their success and experience, The Midas Legacy is a highly regarded industry source that has something for everyone.

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Not in my backyard. Not in your backyard, either. That’s what I say. Who wants to live next door to a prison? Let’s see a show of hands.
Now, arguably, living in the immediate vicinity of a prison could be one of the safest places to live. (Frankly, with the way things are going in the world today, living IN a prison could be one of the safest places to live.) Modern confinement facilities are staffed with teams of professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety of not only the inmates, but the community at large.

Companies like Securus Technologies (see the BBB.org profile) aid corrections professionals in this fight to keep the public safe and secure. In this fight, there will be heroes, and there will be villains. Is it villainy when GTL decides to defraud the taxpayers of Louisiana by padding prisoner phone calls with hidden charges? Is it villainy when this same company changes the clocks so that 15-36 seconds is artificially added to each call? Is theft and the betrayal of the public trust villainous?


I’ve learned from PR Newswire that there would be heroes in this fight, and indeed, one has emerged: the voice of Securus Techologies, bravely crying out against injustice in a world beset with malice and evil. I say, companies like Securus Techologies deserve recognition and commendation for their honesty and integrity in the face of outright lawlessness.


Let’s keep the public safe and keep fighting the good fight.


Have you ever wished that you could simply just stop everything you were doing and have beautiful hair? Have you ever wished that you could have all your hair prayers( yes I said hair prayers) answered in one solution? You’re no alone. Many of us do and after several years of bad hair days and a plethora of other nightmare experiences with my hair I have finally identified a solution that works for my hair and works pretty well. WEN By Chaz has been my saving grace. For so long I could never seem to find a product that worked on my thin hair until one night while staying up late watching infomercials I stumbled across this 3 in 1 hair solution that works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel. It has really transformed my hair and my confidence quite honestly because who doesn’t live for great hair right.
I remember like it was yesterday when the Wen By Chaz rumors first hit. My mom called me and told me that Wen By Chaz was under fire because it had been causing some negative effects for others. I was flabbergasted because the product had worked pretty darn well for me and I couldn’t imagine it impacting my hair like it had impacted others but who was I to really say if the rumors were true or false no one listens to my voice.

Someone did however listen to Emily Mcclure. She’s a blogger over at Bustle and she decided to dispel the myths about the sephora advertised brand once and for all. She gave the products a try and we watched her hair transform right before our eyes. It was almost like watching a frog turn into a prince(okay bad example but you get my drift). Not only did her hair look 100x better but you could see with each photo her hair had soared her confidence through the roof. Wen is sold online via Guthy-Renker.

Visit, http://www.wen.com/ for more info.