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The United Kingdom has recently been facing a significant shortage in the healthcare field. This shortage is particularly pressing in the areas of nurses and caregivers. Recently, noted patient care firm Sussex Healthcare and its founder Shafik Sachedina has offered some significant help amid this significant national shortage in the area of caregivers of a private nature.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that takes a significant amount of pride in the fact that it has been able to help so many Sussex region families over its twenty-five plus years in the patient care business. The Shafik Sachedina co-founded company is notable for providing a safe and caring environment for the elderly community as well as helping individuals with a variety of cognitive issues, regardless of age.

Patients that suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s conditions are a major focus of the care provided by Sussex Healthcare. The company has also recently been expanding and this is due to the increasingly large need for care in the areas that Sussex services.

There has been a combination of several factors that have led to a dramatically increased demand for the kinds of services that Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare offer. The combination of the fact that the baby boomer generation was such a significantly large generation and the fact that medical advances are helping those from that generation to live longer than ever before are having the effect of creating an increased demand for carers. This is a place where Sussex Healthcare and its leader Shafik Sachedina is proud to be able to step in.

The fact that care for the elderly is such a growing need in the United Kingdom is a key reason why Shafik Sachedina is pushing so hard to continue to expand Sussex Healthcare and the services that the outfit offers to resident patients. The fact is that Sussex is able to offer families the reliable care for their loved ones that they are looking for. What initially began as a single facility is now a company of more than twenty such facilities and the plans are to continue to grow.

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