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Isabel Dos Santos is a well-known businesswoman, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Her impressive success in a male-dominated business world is a source of inspiration to many young entrepreneurs across the world. With her roots in Angola, Isabel is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship as a way of promoting economic development in Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos is a self-made businesswoman. She ventured into business immediately after graduating from the Kings College at the age of 24. Her first business was a night club and restaurant in the Island of Luanda. The business gave her the momentum to venture into more high profile enterprises across the world. Today, she sits on a number of management boards for leading companies. She is also a major shareholder in global companies in the telecommunications, media, and banking industries among others.

As a successful businesswoman in Africa, Isabel Dos Santos is a respected voice in matters concerning the economic and social development of Africa. She combines her entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of global economic trends to shed light on the economic needs of Africa. She has been invited to numerous international conferences to give speeches on the subject of African economic empowerment.

Isabel Dos Santos, who is also the chairperson of Unitel, a leading telecommunications firm in Angola, was recently invited to deliver a speech at the 2019 Africa Summit. The event took place in Brussels with the aim of expanding the economic cooperation between Africa and Europe (The Economist).

In her speech, Isabel Dos Santos highlighted the importance of technology for the future economic development of Africa. She stressed the importance of embracing digital technology as the next big thing in Africa. According to her expert opinion, digital technology will result in accelerated economic growth in Africa. It will lead to increased business through e-commerce-transactions, eventually replacing the traditional business operations.

Isabel Dos Santos is also a strong advocate of women. She believes in the power and potential of the African woman in transforming the society through investment. As the richest woman in Africa, she draws on her experience as a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated society. To this end, she strongly advocates for the empowerment of women through education, access to employment opportunities, and equal treatment before the law.

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