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If it seems like Gareth Henry is stepping up to the plate when coming into work, one can be forgiven for thinking so. The energetic executive believes in coming in prepared for each day, nor does he believe in taking days off unless it is absolutely necessary, although he does consider some vacation days necessary for maintaining his physical and mental health.

When someone spends some time watching the man work, they soon realize that baseball is the wrong sport to compare his work to. Much of baseball is spent waiting for something to happen. Even football does not quite convey the sense of motion. Play stops frequently in the American version of the game, making an hour game drag on for three hours. Soccer or Lacrosse is perhaps a better analogy. Gareth Henry stays in constant motion all the time he is at work.

Unlike the soccer, La Crosse or even a game of basketball, Gareth Henry continues his work beyond however wrong the game lasts. When he comes into his office on the weekdays, he skips the power breakfast favored by many executives. This does not mean he skips the most important meal of the day, but that he would rather spend the morning making sure his clients needs are met. This philosophy extends to the weekend. On Sunday evenings, the executive makes sure to spend some time answering calls from his clients in the Middle East.

Gareth Henry does take at least seven hours out each night to rest, but everyone is required to do this. He believes that he needs to make sure that he meets the needs of all his clients, regardless of where he lives. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing. This may be difficult, and it may mean that he works strange hours, but it pays off in the long run. Just ask his $26 billion client Angelo Gordon.

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