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Professional banking is one of life’s great functions for many people. Banking allows people to store their assets as well as to grow their wealth. Though there are common fees that are associated with banking, it’s much safer overall than to keep your hard earned cash hidden at home. Community Banking has been around for many years just as National Banking. These smaller financial institutions now host many of today’s most innovative services and they are now in direct competition to their larger counterparts. Every year in November, the Texas Bankers Association hosts it’s annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is any and all things about community banking and it’s a great place for industry insiders to meet up and discuss the future.


This year, President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended the event as he was chosen to serve as a panelist. John Holt well represented the Dallas, Texas based bank as he discussed many topics on competing by innovation. Of course the event was a hit as bank leaders, advisers, and consultants shared their perspectives on the industry as well as discussed any issues that may be hindering success. Panelists and participants got a chance to talk about new innovations as well as organic branching and growth. NexBank Capital is one of the nation’s leading community banking institutions as it hosts a wide variety of services such as online banking, warehouse lending, commercial lending, public funds, mobile banking, treasury management, agency services, credit services and more.


This financial institution was reported to having over $4.0 Billion in assets last year and with such advanced features, this number will surely rise in the coming years. John Holt and NexBank are changing the game by setting new trends and by changing the status quo.



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