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Sheldon Lavin began his career in the banking industry. He was an unlikely candidate to become the CEO of one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. However, Lavin has remained the leader of OSI group for over 40 years. He is noted for the ability to anticipate change and push his company towards a path of growth and success. OSI Group has made an impact on every aspect of the food manufacturing industry. It has come a long way from its family owned roots as a Mid-western meat market in early 1900’s.

Sheldon Lavin worked in the banking industry and had his own financial consulting company. He came across a local meat manufacturer known as Otto and Sons. The company was working hand-in-hand with the McDonald’s Corporation. Otto and Sons was growing by leaps and bounds due to its relationship with the restaurant giant. There business dealings had gone so well that they were eventually selected to be one of McDonald’s primary suppliers of meat.

Otto and Sons would need to build a new meat processing plant in order to live up to the contract that it had with McDonalds. Sheldon Lavin was brought in as a consultant to work with both sides and ensure smooth operations on the deal. Lavin developed a great relationship with both Otto and Sons and McDonald’s. Eventually his role grew in capacity. It was suggested that he become a full-time partner with Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons achieved a tremendous amount of success as a result of its business with the McDonald’s Corporation. By 1975 the company became known as OSI Group and was prepared to push into international territory. The original owners were ready to retire. Sheldon Lavin was selected to guide the organization toward the vision that its leaders had set forth.

Sheldon Levin is an aggressive Chairman who believes that growth is the foundation of his company’s business model. He has been able to sustain consistent expansion over the decades by recruiting the right talent and developing great relationships with other food manufacturing businesses around the world. OSI Group has been able to maintain its staff as it looks for employees who want to make a career with the organization.

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Energy is a basic need required in ensuring that man lives in this world comfortably. Especially in the modern world, energy plays a crucial role in the smooth running of the activities undertaken in it. Almost all industries which aim at ensuring there is an improved living system in the world uses energy either directly or indirectly. As it is known, energy is a natural resource which man has changed it into different transformations to suit his need. Talos Energy, a company based in Houston, Texas plays a key role in energy production and exploration.

Talos energy was founded by Timothy Duncan (also the C.E.O) in the year 2012. This company is an independent one which is mainly focused on offshore production and exploration. The company undertakes these activities at the Gulf of Mexico and coastal shores of Mexico with the aim of optimizing its assets. Talos Energy has experience of operating in deep geophysical, geological and the basin.

Last year in July, Talos Energy in conjunction with other energy companies including Premier Oil and Sierra Oil and Gas announced the exploration and drilling of the Zama Dam in the Zama-1 filed. This field is located in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This drilling activity eventually ended up exploring the uncovered formation of between 1 billion and 2 billion barrels of crude oil. This is one of the Talos achievements.

Being one of the leading energy production companies, Talos aims to maintain its position by upholding its excellent reputation. It has ensured this by joining hand s with Stone Energy Company which also operates at the Gulf of Mexico. The primary objective of this two company’s fusion is to optimize offshore exploration and production and maximizing its productivity. The fusion of these two companies has resulted in the formation of Talos Energy Inc.

Talos Energy Inc. Corporation consists of shares held by these two companies. Talos Energy owns 67 percent of the total shares while Stone Energy holds 37 percent of the shares. This division of assets is on the basis of individual company assets possession. Talos holds diversified classes of assets compared to Stone. Despite this difference, the merge works efficiently and produces quality products and services to its clients.

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Gareth Henry is a very experienced person when it comes to the private credit sector. He is an educated person who has managed to acquire a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh. His knowledge and love for mathematics have enabled him to be able to solve complex mathematical problems which are experienced in the field of investment. In addition to that, he is experienced in alternative asset industry and has made it possible for him to get funds for the industry. The private credit sector is growing at a very high rate. Gareth Henry is very good at making deals in the private credit sector and also the equity deals. Learn more about Gareth Henry at angel.co

His ability to solve complex mathematical problems has earned him the title “math geek“. Mathematics together with his experience in the investment industry has greatly contributed to his successful career in the asset industry and this has greatly built a good reputation for him. Gareth Henry’s success in the tasks assigned to him has made him be named Head of International Investor Relation for Fortress in London. In this rank, he was successful in coming up with a sales strategy which worked to solve problems concerning the company’s hedge funds, credit, fixed income and also the private equity lines.

This was a great success and this led him to be given a higher title where he named the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets. Gareth Henry has also worked for other companies such as Schroder’s Management company in London where he also worked hard and was made the Director of Strategic Solutions. In addition to that, he has worked for other companies such as SEI Investments and Wattson Wyatt LLP in London where he worked as an analyst. Throughout his career, he has shown nothing but success while carrying out the tasks assigned to him. His hard work and determination in his work have made him become known in the field of investment. Gareth Henry is a role model for many and has helped many people in the investment field.

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Austin is full of many brilliant doctors, ranging from medical doctors, to family doctors, and of course, a plethora of plastic surgeons. One such plastic surgeon is a top of the line skilled and sought after surgeon in the Austin area; Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden is not only a board certified plastic surgeon, she teaches the best up and coming plastic surgeons her techniques for facial plastic surgery as well as breast augmentation. In addition, she has a 91% satisfaction rate in her surgeries, with over 380 of them being five star reviews. These are just some of her top reviews.

Most of Dr. Walden’s reviews from her patients praise her work on lip enhancement, Rhinoplasty, face lifts, and even breast procedures. She has been revered as a kind and knowledgeable professional that does incredible work that looks real and appropriate for the patient’s body and age. Her staff is also kind, friendly, and helpful. She has received a multitude of five star reviews on her breast reductions and breast enhancements, as well as her face lift techniques and lip enhancement procedures. Dr. Walden is also considered one of the top plastic surgery teachers in the Austin area.

Dr. Walden is also known for listening to her patients and making them feel informed, safe, and cared for during their surgeries. Dr. Walden has also been called a gifted surgeon and teacher in the Austin area, and has received many referrals to new patients by satisfied former patients.

Dr. Walden is a fine plastic surgeon that will listen to you, do a fine job, and exceed all your expectations. She has hundreds of satisfied customers and offers many plastic surgery options for considerable prices. If you are looking for an exceptional plastic surgeon, make an appointment with Dr. Walden today.

The musical duo Chainsmokers constitutes of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was born on 16 May 1985 in Westchester. His mom was a stay at home mom whereas his father was an art dealer. When he came to age, he enrolled at New York University where he studied business and history. At a tender age, he had also learned how to play the piano. Most of his passions were in art and so it did not come as a surprise when he started deejaying in nightclubs and working at an art gallery.

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He later founded the Chainsmokers with the help of his manager and in collaboration with his former partner Rhett Bixler. When Rhett let the group Alex had to find another partner. He thus turned to his manager who introduced him to Andrew Taggart. At the moment Andrew interning at Interscope records and working as a deejay in night clubs during his free time.

They released their first song #selfie to the media in 2013 which was picked up by Dim Mark Records who later released it officially in 2014. This song gave them a breakthrough in placing their name among other great artists. Through the years they have released more and more songs like roses, kanye, don’t let me down, closer among other. In the song closer, the Chainsmokers collaborate with Hasley. Alex Pall describes the work done by Andrew Taggart and Hasley as amaizing.

According to Forbes, they are number 3 on the list of highest paid DJ’s and number 59 on the list of richest celebrities. Alex has also been featured in the Chainsmokers’ documentary that was compiled by Apple Music. To reach even more fans, the music duo has active social media accounts. Alex Pall goes by @alexpall on Instagram and @AlexPallNY on twitter. To maintain their place as the people’s best, they release songs according to what is happening. The duo has won 30 awards and been nominated for 130 awards. Style when it comes to housing is ancient but fine as can be told according to his recently bought house designed by Mr. Lau.



Jeunesse Global began a journey into the health and youth promoting field in 2009. At that time, the two co-founders were in retirement, but Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis desire to be a part of something greater called them out to begin this international business. The company’s business model is direct selling, and they have a formable force of team members. Before the members head out on their own, they receive a thorough education on the products, technical support, and success building skills. Jeunesse Global offers conferences and meetings to keep the members informed, supported, and enthusiastic. No member is required to have any specialized equipment, and absolutely no experience is necessary. Jeunesse Global takes on the duties of training.

There are various products offered, and they all focus on energy, vitality, and youth. The products range from topical skin treatments, makeup, and nutritional supplements. Jeunesse Global smartly offers two unique gel formulations. These two gel delivery systems come in convenient rip-open packets that you can carry in your purse or backpack. It is simple enough to open and squeeze the nutrient-packed gel into your mouth.

One of the gels has a unique spelling, but it perfectly states what the formulation is all about. It is called M1nd, and yes, the numeral 1 replaces the letter I. It is a clever way to let you know this gel is all about helping you maintain focus. It is infused with a protein to help support memory. Most individuals can take the citrus-flavored gel once or twice daily, but it is not recommended to exceed that dosage.

Reserve is the name of the next product. Plant-based antioxidants pack this flavorful gel. Antioxidants have been scientifically proven to help the body repair itself and fight off free radicals. In addition, a heart-helping ingredient called Resveratrol, which comes from dark-colored fruits, is infused in the solution. Some of the rich fruits used to create the supplement are purple grapes, red cherries, and blueberries.


Steps to build success in business

As an entrepreneur Nick Vertucci has experienced both ends of the spectrum of success. The brutal downside, and the upturn into wealth. When you fail in big business, it can be detrimental considering the large investments that are lost. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? Due to his mistakes and misfortune, Nice Vertucci learned a few valuable lessons, though. One of the important values he places on success is integrity. In his new book, Seven Figure DecisionsNick Vertucci lays out the keys to success the right way, hopefully helping readers prevent costly mistakes.

X-Out the doubt!

For those who are trying to carve out a path to wealth, Nick Vertucci explains his steps to achieve the desired results. There are no guarantees in life, but following important key factors in business can propel the momentum in a positive way. Another key factor is to learn the voice of failure and self-doubt and change it. There are always going to be “what-ifs” in life and business, but sabotaging oneself to avoid failing is a sure fire way to fall on your face. Fear will keep you in the same spot next year as you are today, and that negative inner dialogue will not stop until you put a stop to it. You change the dialogue.

Create A Successful Mindset

Nick Vertucci didn’t jump to stardom in a snap. There were failures and life lessons he had to endure, and in “Seven Figure Decisions“, he outlines these mistakes and missed opportunities for results that drive reward. Risk is a necessary step in profit acquisition, there’s no two ways about that. Nick Vertucci is a successful entrepreneur and businessman that is helping to pave the way for others to be successful by following his advice. Create a positive environment for success, follow Nick Vertucci’s advice, and read his book for the right decisions, the right way.