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Wes Edens has spent the better part of 30 years in the financial industry, though he is best known for his investing prowess through Financial Investment Group. Wes was born in 1961 and today he lives in New York alongside his wife and children, of which he has four. Although Wes is a successful businessman, later in life he has started to focus on some of his passions, mainly sports. Since Wes has become wealthy, he has spent a lot of time and money focusing on the sports industry, specifically one of the sports teams he has purchased, the Milwaukee Bucks. Wes has managed to successfully lead the bucks into three playoff seasons, despite the ten-year streak of relatively poor standings in the league. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

The NBA isn’t the only area of sports that Wes Edens is interested in, in fact, he enjoys all manner of sports, including eSports. Just this year, Wes went into collaboration with Nassef Sawiris to purchase Aston Villa, a soccer team in England. In the reports, Wes spent roughly 50 million dollars for his share of the company which comes out to 55 percent ownership. The Aston Villa Soccer Club has been around since 1874 and has been a championship winning team for many years.

The financial success Wes Edens has gained over the years came from his successful startup of Fortress Investment Group, a huge investment agency operating out of New York that Wes co-founded in 1998. Wes started up Fortress Investment Group with a unique spin on the investment industry, both in business strategy and investment strategy. High-end vehicles and hedge funds are common alternative methods for asset management at Fortress. Fortress Investment Group is a multi-billion dollar organization thanks to the efforts of Wes Edens. His company’s success has contributed to his billionaire status.

More Business News: https://www.newseniorinv.com/about/leadership/board-of-directors/wesley-edens


With a net worth of over $4 billion, it’s no surprise that Hussain Sajwani is one of the richest Arabs. However, he wasn’t always this affluent and successful. So how did he become the DAMAC owner? He recently agreed to an interview to discuss how he went from rags to riches and what it’s like running his own company. He was born around 50 years ago to a father who owned a haberdashery and this is what sparked his knack and affinity for entrepreneurship. He proved to be a rather successful student which resulted in him being awarded a scholarship to study abroad in the United States. After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree, he returned to Abu Dhabi to work at a nearby company that specialized in gas.

Throughout his career, he slowly began ascending and it wasn’t long before Hussain Sajwani became the DAMAC owner in 2002. When asked about how they stay afloat, he asserted that this is a company that can only thrive on teamwork and no one person is solely responsible for the success of the company. Of course, what he truly enjoys at the DAMAC company is when he is able to witness some of his ideas go from being merely concepts to becoming a reality. He also remains proud of the diversity at his company as there are many people from a wide variety of different backgrounds. He is also a big fan of social media.

In fact, he perceives it to be one of the most powerful and effective networking tools of the modern day. Real estate investor Hussain Sajwani once had the difficulty of trying to decide whether or not he should announce the company to the world as the DAMAC owner. It was a risky move because this would leave them vulnerable to a potential IRS investigation and result in a lot of internal changes within the company but he saw it through. In he future, he hopes to expand the company into the European nations and the other nations as well. He also aspires to become more well-renowned internationally.

Source: https://arabi21.com/story/1020040/

Matt Badiali went to Penn State University where he graduated with a bachelor degree. Also, for him to become more relevant in his field, he joined Florida Atlantic University where he acquired his master of science in geology. Matt Badiali continued with his education by joining the University of North Carolina where he started working on Ph.D. program until the year 2004 when he entered the world finance. And Since that time many people have used his advice to increase their profits even doubling it.

In the year 2017, Matt Badiali was able to launch a newsletter with Banyan Hill publishing company which goes with the name Real Wealth Strategist. Being an educated man who has acquired a wealth of experience as well as knowledge in the field natural resources he decided to put much of his effort focusing on natural resources market because that is where he is well suited.

Recently he highlighted the main reasons that cause the fall of oil by pointing out how the United States of America has continued to ban the production of oil in Iran. The rest of the world remaining barred from accessing United State credit if they don’t stop to purchase oil from the country. According to Matt Badiali that will record a cut of a close to two million barrels per day from the oil market.

It appears to be already starting. At the end of September, Iran reported a fall on exports recording 900,000 barrels to fall per day for the past few months.

According to the Matt Badiali argument on the oil fall. The market shows main reasons for its fall: Some countries will be allowed by the United States of America to continue buying oil from Iran, this will cause world demand to fall as a result of a trade war, and Saudi Arabia says it will keep producing more oil.

Badiali takes the first point to be correct. To safeguard their economies, the United States will give waivers to some countries to buy oil from Iran. One way to bring on recession is sending fuel prices soaring.

For details: www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/

Jason Hope is a talented entrepreneur whose early life started in Temple, Arizona. After finishing high school, he went on to join a state university where attended financial classes. He went on to earn his master’s degree in Business Administration. After school, hope started various tech-related startups earning himself a reputation after only a few years accumulating a significant amount of wealth with his Phoenix-area company. He then started making some significant amount of philanthropic donations.

Jason Hope is currently a resident of Scottsdale where he works on providing consulting services for businesses. His advice has helped many people to succeed in different industries. Jason has a passion for education, internet of things and politics. He reads wide to keep abreast of any developments in the world of technology and whatever impact they may have on the society. He also enjoys physical exercises such a running where he keeps track of his progress.

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Jason’s philanthropic activities go beyond the anti-aging research. He goes beyond to provide various donations for education and medical services for people around Arizona and in other parts of the world. This includes Andre Agassi Foundation which works on developing public schools in a bid of ensuring that students are better prepared for college and beyond. He is also a supporter of Family Health International which is dedicated to improving the lives of people all over the world through various solution driven programs. Jason Hope also supports other foundations such as the Arizona Science Center Tech for America, the Boys and Girls Club and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Jason Hope also provides grants for students who fill the short forms on his website as well as funding people who come up with appealing, innovative ideas. One of his most recognizable donations was a considerable $500000 to SENS foundation which aims at finding ways to slow or hinder the process of aging. Since his first donation, he continues to give towards the cause regularly. He says that he is excited about the group’s effort at finding preventive measures rather than finding the treatment for diseases after they are located.

Renovia Inc., through its chief executive officer and co-founder, Marc Beer has obtained $32 million funding in a Series B round. The company has also received a further $10 million in venture debt for the medical company startup. Marc Beer’s style of leadership and experience has assisted the company in the development and commercialization of enterprises, in pharmaceutical devices, diagnostics, and biotechnology. Marc Beer focuses on the development of products that combat urinary incontinence, a disorder that has the potential to affect more than 250 million women.

Setting the innovation trends

Under Marc Beer’s leadership, Renovia has obtained an FDA approval for Leva, which is the company’s first product. Longwood Fund participated in the funding that Marc Beer helped obtain. It deals with healthcare issues that were instrumental in supporting Renovia get this funding. Ascension Ventures of Missouri and Perceptive Adviser of New York were the ones who funded the Series B round. This funding will be pivotal in the development and testing of four products for Renovia. Marc beer is focused on coming up with a new generation of Leva.

He appreciates the funding terming it as an opportunity to share a vision for better diagnosis and treatment of women struggling with pelvic floor disorders. Marcs intends to lead the company in the development and combination of its innovative and proprietary sensor technologies with its digital health platforms. Customers are going to get valuable data when the company combines digital health platforms and technological advancements. This will also give them new options for treatment. Marc says that increased understanding of the pelvic disorder will lead to new insights of how to lower the long-term healthcare costs.

Dynamic style of leadership

Dynamic leadership is the style that Marc Beer applies and it demonstrates his ability to come up with workable solutions that deal with urgent issues. Marc, together with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie cofounded Renovia back in 2016. The energy, vision, and style of leadership that Marc Beer possesses show his readiness to take on ventures that will benefit all his clients. One of the reasons that saw him co-found Renovia was the need for a company that addresses urgent needs of the customers.

Marc Beer has always wanted to give back, which is one of the reasons why he joined the Mass Life Science Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is currently the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and co-founder of the Renovia Inc. His alma mater is Miami University where he studied Bachelors of Science in Business. He graduated in 1987 and over time, he has exhibited leadership skills in business and public areas of responsibility. He sits as a member at the Miami University Business Advisory Council. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/potmsearch/detail/submission/6457372/Marc_Beer


Clayton Hutson loves his job, and he puts in all his effort so that he can accomplish the best for his fans. The project manager has a business that focuses on serving event organizers and musicians in different states. Clayton Hutson passion for this career path began years ago when he enrolled in one of the universities in the country to study theater design. When he acquired his degree in sound engineering, the businessman chose to work in live music companies, and this is how he ended up as a project manager. Clayton Hutson knew that experience means a lot to the customers in this department, and this forced him to sharpen his skills. His first was established several years ago, and it mostly deals with production, management, and designing of concerts.

Without passion, it is difficult to practice any career. Hutson is a man who loves rock music, and most of his clients revolve in this sector. After establishing his company, the project manager had the chance to work as a manager for many artists in the United States. Kid Rock once stated that Clayton was the best project manager for any concert because he had all the expertise needed by a modern musician. Hutson has helped many people, especially top stars, to plan very successful concerts, and his greatest joy is watching the fans enjoy after so many preparations. His job has been fulfilling over the years.

While speaking in an interview recently, the American businessman says that he had chosen to start his business after developing so much marketing skills in the industry. When the popular recession took place, most of the departments were affected. Clayton and his employer were not left behind. The company had a tough time dealing with losses, and Hutson felt that instead of looking for a new working opportunity, he could start his firm and try to make it work. Clayton Hutson knew that he was talented and he had enough confidence when handling grand projects, so he knew that everything was going to fall in place. When his company took off, Clayton knew that he had to show customers that he was capable of handling the challenges in the market in the correct way. The businessman landed several clients, and he made sure that he gave them his best. His career in the music department has been so good so far. Challenges are inevitable in this industry, but Clayton has remained focused.


Louis Chenevert started out life in Quebec, Canada. After graduating from college he started working at General Motors where he was a production general manager. He spent 14 years with this firm before moving to another manufacturing firm, Pratt & Whitney. He was this company’s president from 1999 to 2006. He then joined its parent firm, United Technologies Corporation, where he would become the president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of directors.

United Technologies Corp. is a massive conglomerate that owns many companies such as the elevator company Otis, Pratt & Whitney, and UTC Aerospace Systems. It’s a giant firm with a lot of moving parts so Louis Chenevert had a lot to keep an eye on and manage while working for this company. He successfully grew this company for eight years before leaving in 2014. He is now an exclusive financial advisor at Goldman Sachs where he helps high net worth individuals manage their investments in the manufacturing industry.

One way that Louis Chenevert became an effective leader was by paying attention to office politics. He says that having negative people would be disruptive to delivering great results and could even lead to losing some fantastic leaders. He said that he learned to never tolerate any person that didn’t agree with the agenda at his companies. People that are negative and drain other’s energy really slow down making progress, especially at a large firm like UTC.

He said that one thing leaders need to be aware of is that problems have a bad habit of not aging well. Louis Chenevert says he learned to take issues upfront and that you should have an allowance for other people winning an argument as people love to be around winners. He says that people bringing a business down need to be handled with the idea that no one solution works for all of them.

Losing a customer or messing up on an important task can be just a mistake, not someone intentionally trying to sabotage the company. If someone is constantly messing up or spreading a negative attitude in their department, though, it might be time to cut ties even though that’s not always easy.



Robert Deignan is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, which is a digital support company that helps clients around the world with tech related queries and questions. The entrepreneur was born in Florida and studied at Purdue University, earning his B.S. in Business Management.

After graduating in 1995, he planned to become a business owner, and ended up co-founding Fanlink, 3 years after school. Given his passion for technology, a digital technology solution company was ideal for Deignan. After 3 years with the company, he left to become the executive vice president of iS3 Inc., which is a software company that serves technology needs such as computer optimization, digital security, and personalize technical support. This experience allowed him to develop his tech knowledge further.

In August of 2011 he co-founded a new business, incorporating all the knowledge and experience that he gained up to that point. ATS Digital Services is designed to revolve around any technology issue imaginable, from mobile devices, to digital storage, to home network. Given the wide range of services that they offer, the company employs many experts in different areas, such as cellular repairs, activation, and setup. Their services can be done remotely, or in some cases an expert would step into the client’s home and help with whatever tech needs or queries they have.

As the technology sector is constantly evolving and every year new developments come forth, it can prove to be a challenge to set up and maintain a cohesive digital environment. Given his background and experience, Robert Deignan was able to assemble a team with great technical knowledge in order to keep up with the new advancements, but also a team that puts an emphasis on good customer experience.

As a result of the company’s hard work and dedication, ATS Digital Services was the first company to get certified by AppEsteem. In order to become certified by AppEsteem, a company needs to provide premium support service in the world of software. Given that Robert Deignan always place an emphasis on customer satisfaction, ATS becoming certified came as no surprise.