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Being a member of a professional organization as a professional in a certain field comes with its perks. Be it finance, law or even architecture, it is always advisable to be part of a bigger collection of specialists such as yourself. Leaders of such organizations have spoken up and explained the importance of being a member of the community. Robert Ivy, for instance, is one of such leaders. He oversees all operations concerning the American Institute of Architects, being its CEO and Executive Vice President. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy has been in the architectural field for several decades now and his knowledge of the field has only been improving with time. Starting off as a principal for Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy, Mr. Ivy critiqued publications for over a decade before he became Architectural Record’s Editor in Chief. In this position, Robert Ivy made the people who follow architecture to read this publication the most. He then became Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction Media. The company was in charge of multiple publications. He has received accolades for his contribution to Architecture, including Master Architect. Learn more about Robert Ivy at zdnet.com.

Robert Ivy, alongside other professional organization leaders, has made people understand why it’s ideal for people to join such a body. For instance, some of the privileges that could be enjoyed by such a person are, help while hunting for jobs, networking with people working in the same field, having educational resources at their disposal for the intellectual improvement.

Robert Ivy went on to say that being in a professional body is advantageous to the member since people who are making policies will be influenced by the number of people in a certain association to make decisions that affect them. Credibility is something that is very crucial in a person’s resume. There is no better way to be credible that being a member of a professional body.

Being a member of a professional body is very important and paying the membership fee is something that you or your employer have to give in order to enjoy these priorities. A lot of people have excelled while working under professional bodies and they will continue to do so as long as they are on their toes about emerging trends concerning their field of specialty.

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