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There are times where you have to create deadlines and draw a line in the sand. You have to know what tasks can be completed in a certain amount of time. When you are working for others you may not have the ability to put things off and neglect parts of your to-do list. If you are in a position such as this it is going to be to your advantage to gain every resource that is available for completing the to do list.

Project managers, for example, will have a very big to-do list. Inside of a project management role there are multiple players with leaders under certain departments. As a person that is over an entire project management team it is your job to make sure that the individual to-do list are getting completed. In addition to making sure these cross-functional tasks are accomplished you also have the responsibility of checking off the checkboxes for your own task.

People that are signing up for a project such as this must be aware that it takes a lot of resources to get a multitude of things done. If a to-do list is relatively small a single person may be able to go through it and accomplish all that needs to be accomplished. If, by contrast, the to-do list is something that contains more than 10 things it will be close to impossible for a single person to stretch their time and do all of these things in the course of a day.

There are some to-do lists that are so involved that the tasks may take months. There is no point in taking on all the extra stress of trying to do everything yourself. A better role for a project manager or anyone with a to-do list is to incorporate other people. Upwork provides this avenue where other people can be incorporated into your work routine. With this you have the ability to get people that can accomplish things with a greater level of efficiency than you can. Getting experienced people help you with delegating the work to others.

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