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While one can go into Academy of Art University in order to study design, there are plenty of topics that people can study as it relates to fashion. Among the topics of fashion that can be studies at Academy of Art University is the history of fashion. People can go into the different time periods and the fashion of those times. They can learn about what has changed when it comes to the designs of the different eras. They can also go into the driving factors of this change. Among the topics they can learn about are the difference of fashion when it comes to genders and how it has changed over the eras.

Another thing that can be learned about when it comes to fashion at Academy of Art University is the difference of cultures. One reason that it is a good idea to learn about the different cultures when it comes to fashion is that it can help people not only gain insight about different designs but also feel a little more secure in themselves if they are wearing something that they feel might get them ridiculed. Academy of Art University is definitely working on bringing attention to differ

One of the effects that Academy of Art University is having on the fashion industry is that it is keeping the fashion industry from becoming closed and limited. In a world where some people are trying to get everyone to look the same, Academy of Art University is inspiring people to bring forth differences and diversity so that they can encourage people to find outfits that will help them feel fulfilled as a person. One thing that Academy of Art University is hoping to help people achieve is freedom of fashion. When people have that freedom, then they are going to enjoy the benefits that come with designing and wearing the clothes they want which include finding a group that will accept them.

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If the name Jeunesse Global rings a bell for you, then you’re not alone. Millions of people across the globe are waking up to the idea that Jeunesse Global is one of the most innovative and revolutionary companies that the global health and beauty sector has ever seen. It’s many products, which include the company’s now-legendary Youth Enhancement System, have been helping people to reach their beauty, health and financial goals. And the company is spreading real economic opportunities to some of the most disadvantaged places on Earth, helping those that were accidentally born on the wrong piece of land to enjoy the same first-world opportunities that their counterparts in countries like the U.S. take for granted.


Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by two of the North American direct-selling industry’s most prominent figures. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had both been fixtures within the industry for decades. The couple had run up a track record of consistently creating some of the top companies in the space. Millionaires by the age of 30, Ray and Lewis kept working well past the time when they could have easily retired for the rest of their lives.


But as the couple approached their late 60s, they finally decided that they would take a crack at retirement. Little did Ray and Lewis know that the sheer boredom and sense of relentless ennui that retirement would bring would soon drive them to found a new company. And this company, Jeunesse Global, would go on to surpass any of the industrious couples’ past efforts by many orders of magnitude.


Throughout its history of almost preternatural growth, Jeunesse Global has been able to do one thing well, which often eludes even the most well-established brands. The company has been able to consistently deliver products that effectively meet underserved market demands, creating a loyal fan base of repeat customers.


One example of the type of product that received such a strong following is the company’s Luminesce skincare lotion and moisturizer. Luminesce not only moisturizes better than most of its competitors, it helps skin stay looking young, helping people to look and feel their best, every day of the week.



Gobuyside is an Executive Search firm that specializes in recruiting of investment professionals. GoBuySide assist entrepreneurs and business owners in getting the best possible employee for their business. They automate the process of hiring the employees online, only a select few of professionals and freelancers get selected to be a part of the firm. The professionals are categorized based on their expertise and the niche that they follow. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

This has lead to an improvement in the compensation because of the improvements that firms have realized. They discussed factors that influence compensation growth in private equity. The bonus payments and salaries for private equities and capital professionals have been rising since 2014. The increase in compensation that happened throughout the years averaged about 4% to 6%. In 2017, many Private Equity firms reviews showed that 65% of respondents of a survey reported that they have experienced an increase in earnings. Based on the statistics of the respondents, private equity firms are having a positive return of capital in their investments and compensation. Gobuyside states that there is no correlation between bonus payments and firm performance with an increase in compensation. Firms who had a decrease in their compensation had a decrease of 1% to 9% decrease in their returns.

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The reason why firms would experience a decrease in their return on capital is due to their lack of focus on performance. Firms that focus on bonus payments may receive extra capital, but an improvement in their performance will return more. A firm should invest enough capital to increase the overall quality and productivity of their firm. Baystate bat largest private-equity firms prefer Fund performance metric over any other method of bonus calculation. most private Equity firms would average cash compensation of around $315,000. they argued that a major factor that influences the fourth successive year of increase in compensation was the growing demand for new investment Talent. with billions of dollars in North America, the private-equity industry is attempting to employee around 200,000 Junior and senior-level employees. This tendency has created an incentive for industry professionals to apply to work at private equities. Read this article at Accesswire.

Richard Blair’s family is the one that drew him to the education world. This is because his grandmother, wife and also mother were all teachers and it is where he was able to witness the firsthand how the teaching was capable to help one’s confidence and knowledge to grow. Having the combination of finance and natural aptitude, it is what made him realize that he can be able to help the people to invest and plan for their finances. This started after he had graduated from the college and introduced into a financial service industry. It was later that he started an organization called “Wealth Solutions.” when he established the organization in 1994, he was aiming to provide professional advice to his clients.

Wealth Solutions is an organization that believes in every one to have a plan that will later help them to pursue financial objectives. They provide retirement plan and also the management of wealth to their clients who visit their offices in Austin, Texas. He has been looking at arming his members of the community to have a financial roadmap. The roadmap will be their guide through their life milestone they have to cover.

So that Richard Blair can be able to come up with a financial plan that is comprehensive, he follows three pillars. When he uses the pillars to approach the situation, he will be able to look at the financial situation of the client at that time and his/her retirement needs and he will provide a holistic plan.

The First Pillar

It is the one that will lay the financial roadmap of a client. He is the one to identify the route so that the client can become risk tolerance, strong and then have the opportunity for growth. It will also help to have a strong relationship between the two parties.

The Second Pillar

This one is there to help in developing a long-term investment strategy and an effective one. It should be according to the clients’ liquidity needs and goals.

The Third Pillar

After Richard has been able to realize the goals of a client, and then enact his strategies that will provide growth and enough liquidity, he will invite the client and they both review the final pillar.

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A native of Brazil, South America, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in the year 1958 in the city of Itapetininga. In his mid-teenage years, he found his calling: Law. He is a highly educated individual. From 1977 to 1981 he studied law at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Sao Paulo Brazil. By 1982 he was already a professor at PUC, and it is a position he still holds to this very day teaching Criminal Law. He received his Doctorate and Teaching degrees from PUC as well. In 1983, he joined the State Judiciary and in 2002 he was promoted to substitute judge. In 2005, he completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Faculty of Law of Coimbra. And, in 2007, he achieved the title of Judge for the Court of Appeals.


It comes as no surprise that PUC-Sao Paulo honored Magistrate Marco Antonio Marques da Silva by naming one of their newly built auditoriums after him on April 1st, 2018. A dynamic individual driven by the will to help others around the clock. He even helped oversee and ensure the new auditorium’s construction went as smooth as possible. He is praised as a treasure of the PUC community as one of its pillars and role models and all around good person.


Aside from his great accomplishments in the practice of Law and education, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is also an accomplished author of 13 books and 40 articles. One of his books, “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity”, he edited with European Constitutional Law Professor, Jorge Miranda. He values all of the people he has met throughout his prestigious career, especially God.


At the end of his speech, Marco Antonio said, “I keep my restless spirit longing for a change. Change that ensures human dignity is not just a figure of speech, rather makes is real and available to all our fellow human beings, without distinction of race, sex, age, or social, economic, or political status”.


Truly, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a great leader, teacher, and role model that we can all look up to.


Lee May Beamridge Limited is set to sponsor a 10K run meant for purchasing a new minibus for an amateur boxing club called Nemesis. The company is proud to be associated with Nemesis Amateur Boxing Cub because of the impeccable work it does. By engaging in this project Lee May Beamridge Ltd hopes to offer the boxing club a platform to empower young boxers with the opportunities they need to participate in both European and local tournaments.


In 2013 a team of directors founded Beamridge was founded in 2013. This team had an extensive experience of over 100 years. The company has its offices in England as well as London. The company prides itself on offering quality, professional and cost-effective delivery of service to its customers in the industry of construction. The company has achieved various ISO accreditations including; 14001, 18001 and 9001that assists it to pursue excellence. (releasefact)


Lee May Beamridge worked with Keltbray Remediation as the Head of Business Development. Keltbray Remediation is involved in identifying sites that are contaminated on behalf of residential contractors in order for the company to remediate. He also worked with OPEN Architecture as a advisor and at Blu-3 Ltd as the Head of Business Development. Lee May Beamridge believes in discovering development opportunities for his customers. He also ensures that the environment is safe for everyone through his business practices.


For his contribution to the society, Lee May Beamridge engages in various activities that he is passionate about that involve; human rights, poverty alleviation, disaster and humanitarian relief and environmental matters.


Lee May Beamridge specializes in private property and building of residential sites in various parts of London and beyond. Lee May Beamridge is always looking for new opportunities to increase his client base establish long-term friendship and deliver the services that clients desire.

At the Custom Care that deals with the charity Perry Mandera is the founder, the organization deals with the transportation. A man that is focused on helping other people through the Custom Care Charities will follow the directives that he instructs. In addition to that in the Board of Directors of Illinois Trucking Association, he is offering his services. In 1975, that’s when he graduated from a high school in Chicago. That was the time that he decided that he would join marine and Perry did where he offered his services as the motor pool. In the motor pool role, he learned so many things one being he learned how to drive the truck. After returning to the normal life, he worked for different transportation companies before he decided to start his own company in 1980 that he later sold in 1985.

From the start, he had the interest in politics that led him to participate in the election where he wanted to be the Republican Ward Committeeman that he won becoming the 26th ward in Chicago that he worked for from 1984 to 1988. That makes him the first youngest person to be elected to that position. In 1986 was the time Perry Mandela Founded Custom Companies Inc. Today it has gained the popularity among the people as a company that will serve many clients from small business owners and the corporations like the Fortune 100. It has offered employment to 300 employees, and the sale that they have received is over $200 million.

Apart from the charity side that he has Perry Mandela spends his time in the coaching of the youth basketball, football teams, and baseball. In the entrepreneur world, he is not an ordinary person. The thing that he is passionate about is the donating back to the community in the donating of the funds. In the organizations that assist the young people and veterans, Perry Mandela will offer his support to them. Perry Mandela is proud in the help that he and his company were able to help the tornado for the people in Washington.

Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist and CEO. He created Paragon Biosciences because he wanted to make people’s lives better. His focus is on diseases with limited or no options for treatment. The company starts and develops medical businesses to pioneer new treatments by creating medications. The company has been successful for a decade. They created thirteen new medications that received FDA approval. The company also offers strategic and financial assistance to biotechnology companies. Paragon Biosciences studies the needs of patients, accelerates scientific breakthroughs and builds businesses to extend lives and eliminate suffering.


Jeff Aronin has two decades of experience in biotechnology. He understands rare disorders, complicated research methods and the development of medicines. He has a reputation as a compassionate man with the desire to serve others. His leadership skills are unique and led to contacts with researchers. This has helped him find cures for terminal illnesses and unusual medical conditions. He shares his expertise with new entrepreneurs interested in improving the medical field. He has offered hope due to his passion for finding new medical treatments.


Jeff Aronin possesses the educational background necessary to make an exceptional difference for patient’s. He served the industry of health care for two decades prior to founding his own company. Paragon Biosciences values each patient as well as the doctors who take care of them. They promote strong collaborative efforts and create new opportunities in the world of medicine based on new scientific discoveries. Paragon Biosciences is creating a network of portfolio companies to embody their value of biomedical innovation.


Jeff Aronin understands the extreme importance of time to people fighting terminal illnesses. Every individual suffering from an incurable disease is interested in the benefits possible through new medical breakthroughs. Paragon Biosciences ensures their portfolio companies have ample funds to conduct research in the development of new medications in a shorter period of time. This means the unique approach established by Jeff Aronin can benefit everyone involved. The researchers have made a commitment to development. The companies involved in the network are always looking for new treatments for patients. This will eventually lead to patients benefiting from the leadership skills and innovation of Jeff Aronin.


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Jorge Moll is a renowned neuroscientist who has done many different studies on the brain and how it works. He has dedicated years of his life to closely looking at the human brain and trying to understand just exactly how it functions. In 2006, he completed a research project in which he gained an understanding that emotional responses that people experience do in fact have an effect on the brain and how it reacts. After this study was concluded, Jorge Moll decided to continue studying the brain and specifically how the functioning of our brain is affected when people complete kind deeds, such as giving freely to others.


In the study, Moll and his team of researchers used magnetic imaging of the brain to determine how the brain functioned when people were confronted with making the decision as to whether or not they should be charitable. They placed a huge emphasis on the mesolimbic part of the brain, as this is the portion of our brain that is directly tied to the release of the hormone dopamine which is the hormone that causes our bodies to feel pleasure. Participants of the study were asked whether they approved of or disapproved of causes that were controversial in society at the time. These were causes that the individuals would most likely hold deep beliefs and values around.


What Jorge Moll and his team found was that when people made choices that involved them receiving money that the brain released dopamine. It was also determined that when people made positive choices that included giving back to others, that dopamine was also released. Surprisingly, the brain activity of the participants actually indicated that they were even more content with giving to others, then when they were on the receiving end. The end result of the study was that Moll and his team concluded that most likely our brain is capable of creating neural pathways that help us make better decisions according to our value system.


Jorge Moll has completed many research studies on the brain and has published many of those. He graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and went on to earn his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology. Dr. Moll currently heads the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unite at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education.


Did you know there was such a thing as a cutting edge collections agency? At IC Systems, they pride themselves on using the best practices in security and ethics to provide consumers with the best possible experience when it comes to facing a debt. As a testament to their commitment to fair practices, IC Systems has been nominated for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics not once, but three consecutive years in a row.


While the standard in the accounts receivable industry is to maintain the bare minimum when it comes to regulation standards, IC Systems uses thorough regulation as the foundation for its fairness and security. They work together with FRSecure, a third party security firm, to keep a constant eye on their processes for handling secure consumer data. Rather than auditing only when necessary, they audit constantly, so that customers always know that their personal information is safe and won’t be misused.


Now as much as customer security is essential, IC systems is aware of the strife that interacting with a collector can cause. To that end, they put just as high a priority on ensuring high quality interactions between their customers and their consumer financial representatives (collectors). The standard of behavior is high, and it is maintained in the same way as security: through recording and auditing customer calls. In addition, IC systems encourages customer feedback at every part of the process, so that they can keep the process as positive and consumer-friendly as possible.


All in all, IC Systems is a cut above the rest when it comes to collections agencies. They look at each interaction as an opportunity to improve a customer’s financial situation, and strive to uphold the security, integrity, and care a customer would expect from any other type of company they interact with. By doing so, IC Systems proves that it is absolutely possible to be your best, in any industry.


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