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Spring has arrived and we have put together a few beauty tips you’ll find useful. These tips include:

1.Use A Highlighter

A face highlighter will give your face a glow and will illuminate your face. Wherever you apply it is where the glow will happen. You want to use a highlighter because it will draw attention to specific areas of your face. We suggest getting a highlighter palette from Lime Crime. Go ahead and use three different colors or stick with one.

2.Matte Lips Are Everything

Lets face it, there are so many types of lipsticks, but which one should you go for this spring? Easy, you should go for matte lipstick. This kind of lipstick doesn’t have texture, nor does it shine and it’s not glossy. What this lipstick does is highlights your lips and shows them off.

3.Choose The Right Eye Palette

Lime Crime has an excellent selection of eye palette colors. Check them out and choose the one you like to most. An eye-shadow palette is very easy and quick to apply. If you don’t have time for anything else in the morning, then you’ll appreciate having an eye-shadow palette on hand. Here’s a tip, choose at least 2-3 colors, that way you have a palette for work, a night out etc. . .

4.Get An Eyeliner That Screams You know What You’re Doing

If it’s a dramatic look you’re after, then eyeliner is what you want to get. Use an eyeliner to give you winged effect or cat eyes. Just make sure the eyeliner you choose is waterproof because you don’t want it to run if your eyes become watery.

5.Use A Quality Foundation

Use a quality foundation that has been infused with SPF. Also, the foundation you choose should match your skin, otherwise your face will not look natural.

Lime Crime has several foundation options you can take a closer look at. They also have a good selection of other cosmetic products and accessories. You can visit a retailer that sells their products or you can go to the company’s website to order directly.

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