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After a reading of Sean Penn’s new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, many readers may want to scratch their head. In fact, some readers didn’t even know what they were reading. The novel was originally released as a slimmer and came out as a very mysterious audio book back in 2016. Sean Penn wrote under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah when releasing the audiobook. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff seems to feature broad references to our current president. The novel features two main characters, Bob and Fletcher. Fletcher is a part time assassin and Bob works a variety of small jobs. Fletcher’s character is said to be very close resembled of El Chapo. Penn is said to have interviewed El Chapo. One of the more notable scenes within Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is said to take place in the aftermath of a five police officer shooting.


The novel really seems to have no plot, just random occurrences. Bob seems to be antisocial and imagines these different scenarios and hates his ex wife. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff seems to be both perplexing and intriguing at the same time. The novel paints of picture of imagination and could possible enlist someone else’s imagination right along with it. Bob seems to have an outburst in the middle of the novel which could only gain some kind of curiosity. The author seems to engage some of himself within Bob and seems to speak directly through the character. Sean Penn seems to have really captured what America has become in the greasy novel, and exposing it. This incoherently seems to be the byproduct of one’s imagination and putting it into writing. Although there isn’t much to truly be desired, the novel does have some climatic spots and can take the reader away for even just a minute.




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