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Spring has arrived and we have put together a few beauty tips you’ll find useful. These tips include:

1.Use A Highlighter

A face highlighter will give your face a glow and will illuminate your face. Wherever you apply it is where the glow will happen. You want to use a highlighter because it will draw attention to specific areas of your face. We suggest getting a highlighter palette from Lime Crime. Go ahead and use three different colors or stick with one.

2.Matte Lips Are Everything

Lets face it, there are so many types of lipsticks, but which one should you go for this spring? Easy, you should go for matte lipstick. This kind of lipstick doesn’t have texture, nor does it shine and it’s not glossy. What this lipstick does is highlights your lips and shows them off.

3.Choose The Right Eye Palette

Lime Crime has an excellent selection of eye palette colors. Check them out and choose the one you like to most. An eye-shadow palette is very easy and quick to apply. If you don’t have time for anything else in the morning, then you’ll appreciate having an eye-shadow palette on hand. Here’s a tip, choose at least 2-3 colors, that way you have a palette for work, a night out etc. . .

4.Get An Eyeliner That Screams You know What You’re Doing

If it’s a dramatic look you’re after, then eyeliner is what you want to get. Use an eyeliner to give you winged effect or cat eyes. Just make sure the eyeliner you choose is waterproof because you don’t want it to run if your eyes become watery.

5.Use A Quality Foundation

Use a quality foundation that has been infused with SPF. Also, the foundation you choose should match your skin, otherwise your face will not look natural.

Lime Crime has several foundation options you can take a closer look at. They also have a good selection of other cosmetic products and accessories. You can visit a retailer that sells their products or you can go to the company’s website to order directly.

PSI pay is an online banking company that majorly specializes in credit card and prepaid debit services.It offers solutions to sponsorship payment that enables businesses to get the support of an institution that is regulated by FCA (financial contact authority).It also provides a secure, private and rapid means of making payment transaction globally by businesses and individuals.


Since the year 2007, PSI pay has been operating globally in the provision of payment solutions to businesses. It is proud of its clarity, efficiency, and transparency on services it offers. This company has a license that authorizes it to operate and it has recently been permitted by the FCA to give out electronic money throughout the EU.


PSI pay being a principal member of MasterCard, issues physical card programs and bespoke virtual for individuals and companies over the whole world, which include management of corporate expenses and payment schemes of remote staffs that utilizes the self-card for PSI pay and account issuing facilities.


They take the responsibility of empowering their partners to carry out, distribution, sales, marketing and general management of the card programs which they use for payment in the best way possible. Usually, they specialize in the management of activities that involve MasterCard such as settlement and approvals, reporting and other activities that the FCA regulatory authority may require.


Members of the PSI pay are often privileged to deposit or withdraw money in real time in 44 currencies across 173 countries from local banking networks. Currently, PSI pay has been in a position to finish its strategic overhaul and introduced some new and better supplier relationships thus investing further in its capabilities on technology with a greater emphasis on security.


Income revenue, business volumes and pre-tax profits have been able to rise up by 45%, 29%, and 5.5% respectively in the year 2015. This has been achieved through cooperation and teamwork among the staff as stated by the managing director; Phil Davies. This growth has led to the launching of some new products and their affiliate program being successful as well as their expansion to additional countries.


PSI pay business model has been very successful due to the growth of sponsorships on payment card program and soon it will be publishing case studies of high profiles.

It is never too late to start a second career. This is certainly true of 57-year-old Oscar winner Sean Penn. Penn has decided to hang up the director’s hat, retire the actor’s script, and pick up the novelist pen. Earlier this year he debuted a new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, a political satire dashed with a fine bit of absurdity. The book follows the exploits of Bob Honey, a septic tank salesman who becomes an assassin. Like all assassin’s Bob Honey has a specific target set, elderly people that he beats to death with a mallet. At his core Honey is a political activist, much like the author, with such a passionate ideology he becomes violent.


His one-man war against geriatrics comes from a desire to lessen the surplus population in favor of environment and social benefit. Penn has gone on record to proclaim Bob Honey’s belief set to be a reflection of his own. He has also stated that the book is a mild evaluation of the current Trump administration. Not surprising. This is Sean Penn we are talking about, and his is well-known for his activism. What surprises many about Bob Honey, is the stance Penn takes towards the #MeToo movement.


Although it is safe to include anti-Trump comments within any form of media, criticism of women’s issues is a no-no. Most tend to refrain from comment, lest they be served to the social media wolves whose fingers always hover above the keys. Penn dives straight in, including a reflection of the #MeToo movement that stretches across six whole pages. In the book Penn compares the movement to a bullying platform built to shame celebs. He states that the movement infantilizes the issue, reducing its scope instead of empowering it. According to him #MeToo is not the movement that will advance women’s rights and reduce sexual harassment. Naturally such comments drew the ire of many, and they have since publicly made that ire known. Penn is not apologizing however, but rather stands by his comments. As for his writing, Bob Honey will not be his last.


Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and chief executive officer of the international food procession firm the OSI Group, is a man of many talents. He has degrees in accounting and finance. He had a very successful career in the banking industry. Lavin also ran his own accounting firm for many years. Plus, he is an investor, philanthropist, caring chief executive and the man behind the OSI Group’s worker, food and environmental safety policies and the architect of the family atmosphere at the global food industry giant. Above all else, Sheldon Lavin is a visionary who sees what is possible and makes it happen.

One example of Sheldon Lavin’s vision is the growth trajectory of the OSI Group. When Lavin first became involved with the company in the 1970s it was a meat processing company called Otto & Sons that provided beef patties for McDonald’s and quality cuts of meat for restaurants and supermarkets in Illinois. But Sheldon Lavin saw the company had potential to be much more. So he bought large amounts of the company’s stock, took control of the company in the 1980s, changed its name to the OSI Group and began executing an expansion plan that now has the company serving customers in 85 countries.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has 70 food processing facilities scattered throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Their customer base numbers in the hundreds of millions and the company is praised for its ability to produce foods developed specifically to meet the tastes of customers from a diverse range of cultures. Plus, the OSI Group no longer is just a meat processing company. The company now produces and processes meat, fish, poultry, vegetable and dough products for its steadily growing international customer base. It’s all part of Sheldon Lavin’s vision for the company.

In recognition of his ability to create and fulfill an expansive vision for the OSI Group over the past 40 years, The Vision World Institute based in India recently gave Sheldon Lavin their Global Visionary Award. The award is given to entrepreneurs who not only create an excellent vision for their company’s growth, but who have shown the discipline, determination, creativity and skill over a period of years to make their vision a reality. Sheldon Lavin is the epitome of such a visionary leader. He has transformed a local meat market into a global food service industry juggernaut.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin

Enhanced Athlete is a company that provides individuals that desire to increase their health status the necessary tools. Enhanced Athlete considers themselves pioneers of human evolution. Enhanced Athlete brings several different products that can aid in individuals trying to reach new levels of human performance. Enhance Athlete also provides clothing that fits the nature of how athletes need to perform in different given settings, as well as growing in physical performance and looking the part. Enhanced Athlete gives their clients an opportunity to also be coached by individuals that have taken their bodies, mind, and general health to new heights. Enhanced Athlete is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Many of the products that Enhanced Athlete provides are fat burners, protein products, liquid amino acids, and ancillary products. Fat burners do just that, help individuals shake off unwanted body fat allowing them more free range of motion and feeling much lighter on their feet. Losing excess body weight promotes overall health not just aesthetically, but within the body’s tissues and throughout the bloodstream. The protein and liquid amino acids provided by Enhanced Athlete aid in muscle repair and energy consumption. Through partaking of these products athletes are able to recover much quicker and athletes are able to build on their already made health foundation of strength to continue to reach their nutrition and health related goals. And finally the ancillary products engage with the body to provide additional health benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, recovery , increased concentration, improved memory function, relief from joint pain, aid in lowering blood pressure, and detoxification of body systems, and much more.


Enhanced Athlete is very strong in developing programs to help people reach their health goals. The different coaching tools that Enhanced Athlete uses are diet/meal plans, customized workouts, and personalized health plans. The different programs offered by Enhanced Athlete allow you to choose the program that fits best for you. These programs include a starter program, an intermediate program, and an enhanced program.


Enhanced Athlete believes in achieving goals that uplift the morale of an individual. They want to help in the best way they know how. Striving each and every day to transform the lives of the individuals face the challenge. That through the life change many more testimonials are created causing a ripple effect of individuals with the desire to help and make a change in this world.

In Heidi Harris’ article “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with Kamil Idris on the pitfalls of Globalization”, the author discusses the changes that technology is making to the global trade world. Globalization is changing the rules, and paired with technology, there are pros and cons. While technology is allowing for innovation, it also is exposing a grey area to the ownership of ideas and how to protect them. Intellectual rights are important for protecting innovation, but they also have allowed countries with more power and wealth to secure large amounts of the market. This disparity and lack of regulations, will likely need to be reexamined as technology continues to progress.

DKamil Idris, the former director of the WIPO in Geneva, says that globalization has created a boom in the export markets, and along with this, the number of patents has also skyrocketed. This has opened new doors for intellectual theft, counterfeiting, and piracy. Also, a gap between developing countries and wealthy countries has increased with the allocation of patents. Many countries, mainly in Africa, have fallen behind. Currently the WTO is talking about evolving the laws and practices involving intellectual property in a global scale, and it is likely necessary.

Idris has been important to bringing attention to these issues through the World Intellectual Property Day on the 26th of April. Another agreement is the WIPO copyright agreement, it was drafted in 1887 during the Berne convention, and looked to protect artistic and scientific ideas. Every country that signed it has been obliged to adhere to it, and its likely this agreement should be evolved in the digital age. Another agreement, that is seen as the most comprehensive to date, is the The Agreement of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property. It looks on protecting property rights, and creating accountability in the world of free trade. In general, according to Idris, technology’s relationship to globalization, may change the paradigm of how we look at free markets and liberalism. New regulations and agreements will be necessary to account for this.


After a reading of Sean Penn’s new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, many readers may want to scratch their head. In fact, some readers didn’t even know what they were reading. The novel was originally released as a slimmer and came out as a very mysterious audio book back in 2016. Sean Penn wrote under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah when releasing the audiobook. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff seems to feature broad references to our current president. The novel features two main characters, Bob and Fletcher. Fletcher is a part time assassin and Bob works a variety of small jobs. Fletcher’s character is said to be very close resembled of El Chapo. Penn is said to have interviewed El Chapo. One of the more notable scenes within Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is said to take place in the aftermath of a five police officer shooting.


The novel really seems to have no plot, just random occurrences. Bob seems to be antisocial and imagines these different scenarios and hates his ex wife. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff seems to be both perplexing and intriguing at the same time. The novel paints of picture of imagination and could possible enlist someone else’s imagination right along with it. Bob seems to have an outburst in the middle of the novel which could only gain some kind of curiosity. The author seems to engage some of himself within Bob and seems to speak directly through the character. Sean Penn seems to have really captured what America has become in the greasy novel, and exposing it. This incoherently seems to be the byproduct of one’s imagination and putting it into writing. Although there isn’t much to truly be desired, the novel does have some climatic spots and can take the reader away for even just a minute.