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NexBank Capital’s name is as affluent as its wide array of services. This financial institution is based out of Dallas, Texas, but it provides services throughout the state of Texas. Being a regional-banking center, NexBank has been able to maintain its down-home vibe even though it’s one of the more popular financial institutions in the South. Service, service and more service is the name of the game. Whatever your requests may be, especially when it pertains to banking, NexBank can easily accommodate your every need. It’s a regional bank that posses’ a national bank’s atmosphere. What could you expect from this place, especially since it has more than $8 billion in total assets.

Besides its wonderful banking solutions, this bank supports its actual community. Unlike the false advertisings of other banks, NexBank Capital actually gets its hands dirty by being involved with numerous projects. One of its best features is that it donated funds to the Assist Officer Program. This program came into fruition after the deadly shooting in downtown Dallas over a year ago. The funds will be dispersed among the fallen-officers families. A little can certainly go a long way, but it’s the thought that truly counts. This specific organization is run by the Dallas Police Association. John Holt, president of NexBank, applauded all citizens for participating in the giving-back efforts of this vibrant community. College Savings Bank, an acquired-merger, has partnered with NexBank to provide 529 savings programs to help with tuition costs for future college students. Thousands of students will be able to benefit from these programs and this affluent bank plays a huge role in its success.

On another note, NexBank completed a $24 million-project for the bank’s common-equity capital, which will be used for growth purposes. NexBank Capital has definitely been busy over the past few years, but who knows what’s in store for this Dallas-based bank.

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