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Dr. Mark McKenna has had many successful endeavors in the field of business on top having his licenses to practice surgery and medicine. As a man who is celebrated as a medical practitioner and successful businessman, Mark has built a large reputation for himself by serving the community and putting his patient’s needs before anything else. Mark has a strong academic background behind him as well, having graduated from Tulane University Medical School. His first step after earning his degree was to go on and work with his father in the family business, which is where he gained much of his experience and methods for healthcare success. Instead of looking for a job, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to create his own business and started up McKenna Venture Investments.

This first company turned out to be a success for Mark, but it was just the beginning for him, as he knew he was capable of even more. Tapping into the entrepreneur within him, Dr. Mark McKenna has a strong focus on creating new things and finding new ideas with the help of reading and looking up to his idols, such as Elon Musk. Mark’s powerful desire to succeed along with his dedication to the community has helped him excel even through hard times. This is especially true following the events of Hurricane Katrina on his business endeavors as well as the community.

Following in the wave of this success, Mark has found his latest pursuit, which is OVME, a cosmetic healthcare company that will be able to aid and delivers straight to peoples homes. Mark’s company will utilize and a special app that people can use to browse the company’s services and then order it to their home, just like using Amazon, except OVME’s products will be exclusive.

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