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Oncotarget is an international peer-reviewed journal that delves mainly on cancer treatment, therapy areas, and the various treatment protocols used in enhancing the lives of cancer patients. Furthermore, the journal looks on the effects of the different cancer management programs and emerging treatments and how they influence the outcomes. In addition, the issues surrounding embracement of such therapies by both the patients and the healthcare providers are discussed.

RG Impact History

Research Gate uses data collected from the number of times articles published in a given journal are cited. In 2010, the RG Journal impact of Oncotarget was 0.19. In 2011, those figures increased to 1.69 meaning that every article published in this journal was cited at least 1.69 times. The figure rose to 2.90 in 2012 and reduced slightly in 2013 to 2.85. The best year for Oncotarget was 2004, when the average number of times any work published in the journal was cited hit 3.69 times. In the 2015/2016 period, the journal’s impact stood at 0.28 points lower than 2014.

Oncotarget to Start Publishing Issues Per Week

On September 19, 2017, Oncotarget reassured its readers about the availability of its scientific publications in places such as the PubMed Central, ISI/Web of Science, and Biological Abstracts among others. The company is working hard to ensure that it becomes the first research journal present a whole issue to PubMed within days after online publication.The journal works with prominent scientific indexes and archives to enhance the availability and accessibility of scientific findings to medical researchers and the general public. The company has now considered increasing the number of weekly issues to two to enhance the indexing process. In addition to oncology, the journal also publishes sub-sections touching on aging, immunology, and microbiology among others. So far, they have posted seven volumes since 2010 and are now publishing the eighth one. According to the journals Office of External and Legal Affairs, they are determined to face the challenges of the 21st century, and that’s why they are working around the clock to become known for making scientific findings rapidly available. As a journal by scientists for scientists, Oncotarget will act as a resource for scientists around the world in their effort to fight and end diseases.

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