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The man that Jason Hope has become is shaped by the influence of the community as well as the education systems. He is a futurist and an entrepreneur who is based in Scottsdale. He has a great passion for technology as well as giving back to the society. A futurist is a person who takes a look at the current world trend and uses them to try and predict how the future will be. Using this global trends, a futurist advice both private and public organizations on issues such as different world trend and the upcoming market opportunities.

Jason Hope runs a business consulting firm which does this exactly. The Arizona native has supported his passions among them education, scientific research, biotechnology and disease cure. Among Jason’s philanthropic ventures is the contribution that he made to the SENS Research Foundation of $500,000. SENS focuses on the use of regenerative medicine to ant-aging. Jason Hope made a press statement and described the work that SENS is doing as an important one to the development of human medicine. He says that the approach used by SENS is the only way to go in the problem of human aging.

Jason Hope went ahead to say that the advancement in technology is not only essential, but it is the future itself. Jason believes in IoT that is Internet of Things. The networking of objects physically like building, vehicles as well as other items through the use of software that allow the elements to communicate between each other. On this regard, Jason Hope has written a couple of articles giving his opinion on IoT as well as his belief that it is the way to the future. He believes that in future, IoT will be an inter-working network for driving things such as smart homes, smart cities, smart grid, and intelligent vehicles and that they would improve the way of life.

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