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Ross Abelow is a practicing lawyer working out of New York City with an extensive amount of experience in the field. Abelow is a specialist in family law, matrimonial properties, and commercial litigation as well as other law related subjects. He graduated and earned his degrees from the New York University, followed by the Brooklyn College of Law. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Abelow is a top licensed lawyer.

Not only his Ross Abelow a matrimonial and family lawyer, but he is an entertainment lawyer as well. Ross is quite active on many blogs for writing, including his own blog, and many other forms of social media to advocate different legal matters and rights. He is also a operating partner at Abelow and Cassandro LLP.

Ross Abelow likes to get involved in community services when he is not busy practicing the law. In an effort to help various animal shelters within the city, Abelow recently started a GoFundMe campaign to support the cause. This project’s goal was to raise money in order to help shelters provide aid to the numerous animals left without shelter during the cold season. The primary cause for so many animals being homeless in New York City is because the shelters are all running at maximum capacity already. The few that have space are not properly equipped to handle taking in anymore, which leads to starving and sick animals on the streets.

The goal of the campaign was to bring many people together from all over the New York area and donate as much as possible to help animal shelters foster more animals. The campaign was started in early January and had a humble goal of $5000. This money would be used for food, medicine, blankets, and more for any unfortunate animals.

Those who are in town and are in need of a lawyer for setting up entertainment deals or setting up a company, Ross Abelow is the man to go to in the big city. His clients regularly benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience in law relating to families, divorce, and settlements. Ross knows the in’s and out’s of proper court procedure and settlement between both parties. Apart from his court representations, Ross also takes time to advice clients on many legal matters.

For those who are interested in the campaign, anyone can take part in it or similar campaigns online. Contributions are always highly appreciated for these worthy causes.

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  1. Amara Jayden says:

    While in some areas there is still struggles to have shelter and basic needs for the human beings that live in this world some pets are living better. Though best resume service 2017 shows some profile of people who make some extraordinary contribution to save the lives of dogs and pets but this is not to judge them. It should be a way to inspire the activist to do more in helping people all around the world to live decent lives.

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