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The name “George Soros” conjures images of two things: money and political power. No doubt about it, this enigmatic figure has been able to use his billions of dollars to influence the American electoral process. He has figured prominently in the elections of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, among many others in the federal government.

Now, with Donald Trump leading a resurgent Republican campaign for the White House, Soros has begun a drive to reach out to Latino voters. The objective is to ensure that this powerful minority voting bloc will turn out at the polls for Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Who is George Soros?
Hungarian-born George Soros arrived in America in 1956. He is an immigrant who can empathize with the plight of Latinos in the country. The billionaire has expressed anger over anti-immigrant stances taken by Trump and wants to use his money to keep the real estate mogul out of the Oval Office.

Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history, having made up to a billion dollars in one day. He no longer controls the operations of his Quantum Fund but remains influential in decision making.
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The Latino Outreach Plan
Known as the Latino Victory Project, this $15 million outreach plan wants to ensure the largest turnout ever among the community. Soros has a chance of achieving this result. Donald Trump has been especially harsh on Latinos in his rhetoric, often mentioning crime when referencing the group.

Nevertheless, there has been less enthusiasm within the Democratic Party this year than has been witnessed among Republicans. Moreover, the media follows Tump around, awaiting his seemingly daily dose of over-the-top commentary.

The Victory Project wants to mobilize Latinos against Trump to propel Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, onto a win in November. Soros hopes they can persuade 400,000, new Latino voters to cast ballots for Clinton. Not to be outdone, conservative billionaires, the Koch brothers, have spent $10 million on the Libre Initiative, aimed at getting Latinos to back the Republican Party in 2016.

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