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WEN by Chaz Dean is a world famous hair care line used by many women the world over. Its well-known and successful infomercials popularly depict gorgeous women tossing around even more gorgeous hair made so after using Wen products. As reported by Bustle, one young hair care user was skeptical and very critical of the infomercials. She doubted that any hair care product could actually produce such glamorous results. So she decided to see if the Wen line was as successful as it claimed. She was even more sure that it would not work for her head of fine, thin hair. 

WEN has a whole host of different products that are said to work with different kinds of hair. He is hair is fine and thin, so she went with a product aimed at that kind of hair. She was also prepared for some strange side effects since that was said to occasionally occur. In the end, she was delightfully surprised. While not as unrealistically gorgeous as the hair in the facebook infomercials, the product actually had a wonderfully positive effect on her hair, giving it an unprecedented moisture, bounce, and shine. You can read the full article and view her results here.

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  1. Natalie Jamal says:

    Managing some of the seemingly basic problems and challenges in the hair care industry is one of the reason WEN is so special. Basically, custom writing service can do the tricks in business research and development but there is need to have more innovative ways to have solutions for many people. What people need most is to create time for themselves and have the product that offers that.

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